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A Personal Forecast: TimeLine

This report is my personal favorite! It is designed to give you a yearly forecast of your own personal planetary cycles based on the transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Transits are the movements and positions of the planets in the sky and the aspects they make (angular relationships) to your natal chart and planetary placements. Through the law of synchronicity, transits indicate the current changes we find ourselves in and are scheduled to experience per our soul’s schedule (a timeline created before we incarnated of events, growth, and creative renewal) during the designated timeline for the report. This 50 page report includes a copy of your birth chart with a legend to decode the symbols, while delivering:

  • A yearly forecast starting on the date the report is ordered and extending out one year from that date.
  • An analysis of the starting position of the planets and the signs they are in per your birth chart
  • An analysis of the starting positions of the planets per your progressed chart (the progressed birth chart is a symbolic, accurate, and powerful method of slowly advancing the natal birth chart that brings to the surface more unconscious factors of your development which are highly personalized aspects of your purpose and soul’s schedule)
  • A highlight synopsis for the entire year that outlines the major upcoming changes for the year
  • A highlight synopsis for each month, beginning with your start month, which outlines the major themes and upcoming changes for each month.
  • A detailed report for each month’s transits and progressions that lists the specific dates when planetary movements mirror in synchronicity major life themes and changes.
  • A comprehensive graph that outlines the major planetary transits and progressions for the year.

If you are looking for a report that will give you a detailed timeline for your life events and the best way to use the energy of your personal planetary cycles, this is the report for you!  To be sure, this report is the ultimate aid in the timing and planning of events and makes a great addition to the Personal Birth Chart Report.