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Solar Return Report: Your Personal New Year

The symbol of the Sun in astrology represents the core pattern coordinates your creative self-development in this life. In the same way that the literal Sun in our solar system is responsible for all life as we know it on Earth, as everything on our planet is a transfiguration of solar energy—including the computer you read this on!—the astrological Sun sign of your birth is the primary grounding gravitational force and vitalizing agent of your purpose.
Every year the Sun will literally return to the exact alignment with the Earth that occurred right when you were born, while symbolically bringing you into a realignment and renaissance regarding your soul’s purpose. The chart that is erected for this sacred annual event is called a Solar Return chart and constitutes the blueprint for the solar work that must be done in the year ahead for you to fulfill your life’s contract for the up coming year.  It offers a symbolic ‘in the moment’ map of the soul’s intention for that year, elucidating your inner psychic processes and impulses which will externalize and connect you outer events. Your ‘solar work’ is that of separating yourself from your past and the collective identity you birthed into, in order to source and express of your soul in unique creative ways that are completely your own. Your Solar Return thus symbolizes a revitalizing of this process by remembering the intention that brought you to the Earth in the first place on the day you were born.

I first began working with Solar Returns nearly 12 years ago by casting my own charts and watching the year unfold, and was astounded at how accurate a Solar Return chart reading could be in mapping out the energies of the year and various events. That said, this 50 page report is an exceptional way to forecast and outline the year ahead based on where you are when the Sun realigns to the degree in the zodiac in which it was when you were born, that often, though not always due to variations in our calendar system, corresponds with your exact birthday. The report then walks you through the Sun’s transit of this chart, highlighting that life issues and themes for that particular year with specific dates for the year in which certain events will constellate.

Your personal Solar Return Report will:

  • Include the Solar Return chart based on where you want it cast for.
  • Provide and introduction to what the solar return chart is and how to use it.
  • Offer an interpretive report of the solar return chart itself
  • Highlight the bigger picture of the year ahead via aspects of the solar return chart to your natal chart, while delivering a specific breakdown of the year via various techniques used to progress the solar return chart – moving it forward like a clock that signals the timing of various events.
  • Give a detailed forecast of the year ahead, outlining specific dates for the year in which certain energies and changes will be present.

Over time I have become quite keen on the use of Solar Returns as an accurate predictive tool and was of assessing my annual cycle of solar renewal. These are often called “Birthday Reports” and also make great birthday gifts might I add!

Ordering a Solar Return Report

A Solar Return chart is cast based on the moment when the Sun returns to the exact degree, minute, and second as when you were born in terms of the 360 degree circle of the Western Tropical Zodiac. The moment when this celestial event occurs can be any time within twenty-four hours of your natal birth time – on either side. Thus your Solar Return chart will show the same Sun degree as when you were born, but all the factors of your birth chart will be different (i.e. the other planets will be in a different degree, sign and house.)
Furthermore, the chart cast for this precise moment of the Sun’s return will be dependent on the location. There are three different options when erecting a Solar Return chart that will each affect the report you order. They are:

  1. Casting the Solar Return chart using your current place of primary residence. This is the option that I personally recommend most as it allows the report to focus the information on how to live out your purpose per your everyday life in your living environment which includes: your work, relationships, home, family, etc.
  2. Casting the Solar Return chart using your original birthplace. If you happen to live there then this is a Solar Return in the truest sense! But most of us do not live where we were born. Nonetheless, this would be my second choice in erecting a Solar Return chart.
  3. Casting the Solar Return based on the location of where you experienced your birthday. Many people will engage in intense research to determine which locations on their birthday will give them the best chart. At best this might offer the most beneficial structure in which the return unfolds, but it’s my sense that such measures can become elaborate efforts of running from one’s Fate, instead of working intelligently with it.