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Your Personal Birth Chart Report

The Personal Birth Chart Report is 35 page report that describes in great detail your own astrological natal chart. The report begins with a brief introduction to my philosophy of astrology and how to best use the report. The report then assesses:

  • The rising sign of your chart
  • The planetary placements within your birth chart of:
    • The Sun
    • The Moon
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Mars
    • Jupiter
    • Saturn
    • Uranus
    • Neptune
    • Pluto
  • How your natal planets all aspect/relate to each other and create the wiring of your psyche, giving rise to aspects of your personality
  • Your challenges, focus, talents, and abilities by looking at other elements and aspects of birth chart dynamics
  • Landscape??
  • The ways in which you assimilate and process change in your life
  • The patterns which constitute your inner archetypal perspective on life and its outward expression
  • The major cycles/transits happening now in your life
  • The Twelve Houses of your birth chart and the four primary ways you are meant to incarnate into life.
This comprehensive report is designed to give you an integrated overview of your life’s contract, challenges, and how to use them. Included is a copy of your birth chart with a legend to help decode the symbols of the chart. I highly recommend this report if you are new to astrology and are looking for a comprehensive overview of your birth chart.