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Personal Customized Astrological Reports

Thanks to advancements in technology and computer software I have been afforded a new capacity to be of greater service to clients, especially those looking for affordable ways to receive guidance for their life via astrology. To that end I am now offering an array of personal customized astrological reports; each designed to be specific to you and your own birth chart. And though there is no substitution for a live consultation with a competent intuitive astrologer, as a computerized report cannot intuitively assess your life; the computerized astrological reports offered on Ohotto.com nonetheless deliver profound, reliable, vast, and usable amounts of information to those seeking guidance into their life’s purpose and year ahead.

I have personally edited and scripted the various reports offered on Ohotto.com to best serve what I feel will meet your needs based on my years of experience as an intuitive astrologer. In addition, as I discover more and more insights, I am constantly updating these reports and consider each of them to be evolving and living guidance systems that continue to grow in their capacity to help you personally with each update, much as I grow to help each client I work with over the phone.
They are beautifully printed, bound, include a copy of your natal chart, and filled with pages and pages of poignant guidance. I hope you find them as powerful and practically useful as countless others have! Please read over the descriptions of each report to identify which might be right for you and be sure to keep checking back for more as I am constantly adding more and more reports to serve your needs. 

I have also found that these reports make great gifts to give to other people who might benefit from a bit of astrological guidance. Enjoy!