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This event aired live on Wednesday, July 7, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

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On July 7th Robert returned with more than 5 hours of provocative insight as he explored the human chakra system and its role in shaping Destiny. Now this powerful course is available for immediate download!

As Robert explained during this compelling seminar, many of us have unconsciously handed our chakras over to others, and in the process, have unwittingly relinquished our power to co-create with the universe in our own lives. Find out how to identify who owns your chakras and how to get them back!

You may ask Who cares who owns my chakras? Can someone or something really own them? What are chakras anyway? Indeed, others can psychically possess various aspects of your power as symbolized by the chakras, so find out why you should care. Because when other people own your power, your capacity to live the perfume version of your Destiny can be reduced to mere eau de toilette. That's right people...stinky low grade cologne!

What are chakras?
The word 'chakra' comes from Sanskrit and means 'wheel'. In esoteric literature and eastern teachings, they are conceived of as wheel-like vortices that exist in the etheric body which interacts very closely with the physical body. Each chakra is considered a focal point of power in the human energy system, and in Robert’s view, they each represent an aspect of the psyche.

Although various teachings offer conflicting accounts of how many chakras exist within the etheric body, Robert introduced a 9-chakra system as a means for mapping power and purpose—along with archetypes. Discover how the Soul's contract incarnates not only into the psyche, but into the body of your mundane life, as well.

This seminar includes the following:

  • Your Soul’s schedule and the chakras
  • Identifying blocks within the energy body
  • Cultural spells and the chakra system
  • Addressing limitations to living your purpose
  • Levels of incarnation within the chakras
  • Familial patterns and chakra blocks
  • Roles of safety and self-confidence in creating Destiny
  • Importance of authentic vision, choice, and courage to change
  • Direct routes (and detours) of manifestation via the chakras
  • Archetypal forces within the energy system
  • Consequences of inadequately possessing a chakra
  • Stages of empowerment in the chakras
  • Activating the flowchart of Destiny in the chakras
  • PLUS two guided meditations

Through extensive lecture material, guided meditations, and a hefty Q&A period, Robert will not only teach you how to know if someone else owns your chakras, he’ll show you how to get them back, too! Once you regain your power, you invite blocked aspects of your Destiny to flow freely into the embodiment of your highest potential.

Reclaim your chakras and your destiny—Ohotto style!

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