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Soul Connections III - Creating Intimacy through
Healthy Vulnerability and Boundaries

This event aired live on November 10, 7pm - 10pm MST

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Central to the core experience of being alive is a deep need we all share for love. And while we may define and experience love in different ways, we ideally want to relate to love as an archetypal healing force that flows to us through our relationships, helping us feel connected and safe.

Yet the truth is that many of us feel unsafe and disconnected in our most significant relationships as our boundaries get violated over and over again, leaving us exasperated and asking, "Why does this keep happening?"

It often never occurs to us that on some unconscious level we are replicating the early childhood wounding of our ego in many of our relationships, leaving our very souls in a state of unhealthy exposure that doesn't foster true intimacy. Instead, we experience an emotional radioactive toxicity that we have come to define as love.

To defend ourselves we then erect an impenetrable wall around our hearts only to realize that now nothing can get in. Additionally, we also are unable to give love freely and let anything out. Effectively we've once again disconnected ourselves from the love we most want!

In reaction to shutting ourselves off in this way, we then tear down all of our defenses and engage in a 'reckless vulnerability' that allows the same violations to occur again—often in even more extreme ways! If you're tired of this endless cycle of disconnection and toxic exposure, Soul Connections III is for you.

Join intuitive Robert Ohotto for this live online event as he maps out the path to balance and shows you how you can have both vulnerability and boundaries! Discover how to break your own cycle of reckless vulnerability so that you can finally have the love and intimacy you most want in your life!

During this three hour live online event you'll learn about:

  • Intuition, Safety, and Vulnerability
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Healthy compassion
  • Why you compromise your boundaries
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining them
  • Boundaries within Healthy Sexuality
  • Vulnerability as the heart of intimacy
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Vulnerability in Relationships
  • Safety and your Child Archetype
  • Boundaries as a Personal Honor Code
  • Recognizing your Inner Alarm System
  • Identifying your 'post-esteem anger' and how to release it
  • Vulnerability and the Power of the Soul
  • How managing your boundaries and vulnerability affects your Destiny
  • How to see a relationship archetypally as a Soul Contract
  • Why your esteem -template determines how you manage your boundaries

And much more!

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