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Soul Connections Part II:
Clearing Out the Past to Love in the Present

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Back by overwhelming demand, Soul Connections II is now available to the general public for download. This event aired live on May 20th, 2010 - 6pm PST/9pm EST and has been recorded in MP3 format so you can listen at your leisure!

Following on the heels of Robert's powerful 'Soul Connections' online workshop comes the next step in cultivating intimacy with yourself and others in your life! This is an online event not to be missed, especially if you're:

  • wanting to break out of co-dependent patterns with others 
  • struggling with ending a relationship 
  • moving on from a relationship that just ended 
  • needing to remodel your marriage 
  • trying to understand the deeper reasons why certain archetypal patterns do your dating and relating  

Join Robert for this groundbreaking follow-up as he ventures further into the heart of a new intimacy paradigm that asks you forge 'soul connections' with others as part of your evolutionary purpose in this life. You'll discover the role intuition plays in our dating and relating, and what it really takes to love unconditionally and support the soul contracts you've made with others.

As Robert maps out in further detail the emerging relationship terrain that is the by-product of our spiritual evolution and personal empowerment, you'll be guided to release your past and love in the present!  

Whether you're single and looking for guidance on dating, wanting to cultivate more intimacy in your current relationships, or wanting guidance as to whether your relationship should end and how - this online event will teach you that letting go of the past is always a necessity to opening up the possibilities of the present and future. Through Robert's guidance during this interactive online event you'll be empowered to open yourself to the love your life was destined for! 

This jam packed online workshop will include: 

  • A guided meditation to help you identify which archetypes do your dating and relating and why  
  • How you may be replicating your past in the ways you love in the present 
  • What it really takes to forgive someone and stay open to love 
  • How to identify when you are being guided into an 'edge' in yourself via a relationship vs. being guided to leave  
  • Identifying your issues of control vs. trust 
  • What causes you to default into old ways of relating 
  • How to move through resentment and bitterness 
  • Break out session on healing co-dependency in your relationships 
  • Wanting intimacy vs. being willing to do the work of creating it 
  • Recovering from betrayal 
  • Role of intuition in your dating and relating 
  • How to invoke help from the Universe via soul prayers in your dating and relationship challenges 
  • Sexuality and Intimacy - experiencing true Eros 
  • How to employ 5 essential tools to transform your relationship Fate into Destiny 
  • Casual sex: friend or foe? 
  • The gift of heartbreak 

And of course there will be much more!

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