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Soul Connections:
Cultivating Intimacy within a New Relationship Paradigm

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Back by overwhelming demand, Soul Connections I is now available to the general public for download. This event aired live on February 11th, 2010 - 6pm PST/9pm EST and has been recorded in Mp3 so you can listen at your leisure!

For more than three incredible hours, Robert cracked open the old myths of dating and intimacy by sharing his wit and wisdom during a powerful life-changing online event! If you’d like to download the Mp3 files for this event, login in the top right section of this page by entering your email as your Username and the six-digit order number found near the top of your purchase receipt as your password. This material will be available within 48 hours of the seminar, and will remain on the site for two weeks after posting.

This event aired live on February 11th, 2010 - 6pm PST/9pm EST

It’s no accident that certain people come into our lives. In fact, we’ve made soul agreements to meet them before we were born as part of a Divine design! So why do we often feel that the intimacy in our lives is anything but Divine? Why does dating sometimes feel like a crapshoot that leaves us feeling so crappy? Why do our committed relationships and marriages often feel so claustrophobic and disconnected?

Experience the powerful workshop all over again as Robert maps out the emerging relationship terrain via the by-product of our spiritual evolution and personal empowerment. Find out what is really required to authentically connect and establish ‘soul’ intimacy with others in your life. Download these files and listen to this intense online event at your own pace!

Whether you’re single and looking for guidance on how to date, wanting to cultivate more intimacy in your current relationships, or wanting guidance as to if your relationship should end – this is the workshop for you! Through Robert’s guidance during this interactive online event you’ll be empowered to open yourself to the love your life was destined for.

Robert will offer insight into the following areas:

  • Soul Contracts and Dating
  • Understanding the Marriage Archetype
  • Moving from Co-Dependency to Interdependency
  • Knowing if you’re being guided by your Ego or your Soul in dating and relating
  • Attracting a Partner not a Project
  • Defining Power vs. Powerlessness in Relationships
  • Which Archetype does your dating? Which does your loving?
  • Falling in love vs. falling into illusion
  • Discernment vs. Judgment in Dating and Relating
  • How to Stay ‘Awake’ in your Dating and Relationships
  • Sexuality and Intimacy
  • Seeking a Mate using Astrology and Tools of Typology
  • How to choose love over fear – exploring your ‘edges’ in relationships
  • Cultural Spells and Relationship Models
  • Developing the courage to stay when you want to run
  • Defining what you want vs. attracting what you get
  • Shadow Dancing, Projection, and Being Mirrored
  • Being with someone for who they are instead who they could become
  • Stripping away projected images, pretense, and roles
  • Controlling vs. Trust in Relationships
  • Understanding relationships as a verb not a noun
  • Compassion, Self-Care, and Boundaries in Relationships
  • How to cultivate Self-Love while experiencing disappointment and rejection
  • How to have a Sacred Divorce or Break-up
  • Internet Dating – Friend or Foe?


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