Watch a Sneak Peek of Me on 
The History Channel! 
(Plus come see me at Celebrate Your Life in June!)

Hey ALL! 

Check your local TV listings as I'm on The History Channel this Saturday May 16th on the show 'The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved - Predicting the Future'! I will be talking about my favorite subject "ASTROLOGY". I was just featured today in the New York Post by their TV Editor Michael Starr and because of that with that you can now see a sneak peek via the video clip below! 

Speaking of Astrology, Mercury will go Retrograde in Gemini on Monday the 18th, I'm currently working on the audio series for this! Look for that in my next newsletter. 

Also don't forget that I will be in Chicago at Celebrate Your Life speaking about 'Soul Contract Astrology' as your new GPS of Destiny and Love on June 13th and 14th! Please see the info below for a more in depth description. It's going to be an amazing weekend, come and meet like minded peeps while you check out my workshop and those of other rock star authors including Caroline Myss, Colette Baron-Reid, and John Holland!

Enjoy the clip below. I hope you'll be watching this Saturday! 

Click Video to Watch Robert's bring his 
Astrological Game on The History Channel!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and founder of Soul Contract Astrology™


Click Here to Come See Robert in Chicago!>>> 
-Have you been using Astrology in a way that's stuck in the Medieval Ages?

-How can you use Astrology to discover your Purpose and unlock your Love Destiny in a New Quantum and Archetypal Era?


-What kind of Astrology does a Co-Creator need to use?

Move over 'Old School Astrology' and welcome the 'New School':

Soul ContractAstrology!

Join world-renowned author of Transforming Fate into Destiny, Intuitive, History Channel expert and founder of Soul Contract Astrology, Robert Ohotto as he teaches you how Astrology really works and how you can use it to understand your 'Soul Contract' - the agreement your Soul made before you were born to live your Destiny!

As you explore how Astrology unlocks the mysteries of your

Soul Contract you'll learn:

  • The primary creative forces that govern your Life's Purpose and how to work with them!
  • How Astrology really works and how you can use it to master your Life!
  • Ways you can use Soul Contract Astrology to reveal your Love Destiny and master your relationships!
  • What your Sun Sign really means and how to use its power!
  • How to work with and not against the timing of your Destiny!

As Robert Ohotto teaches you Astrology for a new era of Co-Creation, you'll be left with astonishing new coordinates of love and purpose! Get ready to leave the 'flat' 2-D world of Astrology behind and open into the holographic 4-D version of your Destiny! All you need to know is your birthday and game on!


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