Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra!
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Hey ALL! 

I have a lot of good stuff for you in this newsletter, brace yourself and take it in! First, if you missed the last Newsletter Exclusive Download of my rock star radio show on 'How to Stop Taking Reckless Risks' I've included that below. I'll be back soon with another download on 'The Biggest Block to Intuition: The Trickster Archetype'. 

Second, we have only 2 spots left for my upcoming workshop in Boulder 'From the Dark Night to Rebirth - Starting Over from Soul.' I will be teaching participants the necessary skill set it takes to get through a Dark Night of the Ego, and then start over from Soul. This essential guidance can be applied for the rest of your life as we will go through more than one Dark Night per our Soul Contract. There's also a special 'Soul Contract Astrology' Day you can attend where I'll be covering Saturn in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces, and the Dark Night/Rebirth processes of Chiron-Uranus-Neptune-and Pluto. Click on link below to learn more! 

Third, we have a massive crossroads upon us as we enter into the energy of the next Eclipse this Saturday April 4th! I don't know about you, but I've felt like my psyche has been in an energetic storm the past couple weeks; a storm that was set off by the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces we had on March 20th. We also happen to literally be in a Solar Flare Storm that wiped out my internet for two days! The symbolism of all this is so powerful: gravitational and electromagnetic fields are shifting and opening the Earth's biosphere and psyche so we can be gifted with intuitive downloads of evolutionary instruction. 

That said, Saturday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra brings with it a crossroads that is the by-product of the shifts initiated 4 months ago when Jupiter went Retrograde in Leo (If you haven't taken my Jupiter Retrograde in Leo Audio Series now is the time, and if you have I suggest reviewing its content!) Make no mistake, how you work with the cosmic instruction of these energies can be a game changer for you!!!

Though the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra occurs on April 4th, the energy will linger for a solid week. What will it activate for you? What does this Full Moon mean for your Relationships (oh yes, it's on!)? Why do we need to look at our Esteem and the 'Reciprocity of Relationship'? What opportunities might this Eclipse bring your way? What challenges? Find out how this 'Blood Moon' brings with it a major crossroads that sets up the next 6 months of your life and discover what it all means in my latest WakeUpWednesday VLOG - Soul Contract Astrology Edition! Click on the video below and go for it! And I look forward to seeing some of you in Boulder as we'll go even deeper into the shifts! 

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra VLOG! 


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Soul Contract Astrologerâ„¢

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