New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!

Hey ALL! 

Some powerful energies are in the air. We are in the midst of a level 4 of 5 Solar Storm which affects the electromagnetics of the Earth and all of us on it. Additionally this coming Friday March 20th we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29 Degrees Pisces. I couldn't resist putting together a special Soul Contract Astrology VLOG for you on this powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!!! 
It's time to integrate a Pisces Cycle of Lessons so you can 'reset' your Destiny Compass. Your electromagnetic flow is about to get a 'Pisces Reboot' baby! Are you ready to move from illusion to clarity and start over from Soul? Find out what's activated and how you can use it by watching the video below. Enjoy and please share with your friends! 

Click on the Video to Watch Robert's Powerful VLOG 

-The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces!-


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