Reckless vs. Genuine Risks!
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I am currently in my 8th season of Soul Connexions Radio and the shows keep getting better and better, even after eight years! To date I've done 365 shows and counting. That means I have done a show for every day of the year. Kinda crazy! 2015 has brought some changes to how the shows are accessed. You can still tune into Monday night's LIVE show at 6pmPT/9pmET on my website. And many of my Monday shows go to iTunes for a period of time for free download. There will also be a show once a month that comes out exclusively on my newsletter as a free download. And here we are in this newsletter with a free show that will change - your - life! 

Taking risks is a part of life. But too often we only learn after the fact that we've set ourselves on a collision course via a reckless risk. Are you confused by your current ambition, unsure if you are taking risks to compensate for wounded worth vs. risks that come from your authentic power? Do you get spun up into ' I gotta make it happen or I'm screwed'? When are you taking a genuine risk vs. trying to prove something which has led you into the territory of reckless risk - how do you know? What exactly is a genuine soul based risk? What is a reckless risk? Below is a free two-hour jam packed show that I recently did which answers all these questions in ways that I know will really help you! 

Before we get to that I feel compelled to tell you my personal orientation to Soul Connexions Radio. When I first began doing radio in 2007, I instinctively knew that radio was a fantastic medium through which my skills for helping people would flourish. That said, my Radio Shows have never been just idle chatter. My shows have always been content based and packed with cutting edge insights. This is what has made them consistently chart on iTunes and has built my listening audience over the years from the hundreds, to the thousands. Even so, I've never opened my Radio Show to outside advertising because, though I must promote my work to make a living and offer you my gifts, I've had little interest in being a salesman. I'm a teacher, guide, and healer that only promotes work I believe will help you - whether mine or my esteemed colleagues'. 

With this in mind I decided to make all my Thursday shows in 2015 exclusive to the Archive without airing them live as I used to. Thus the only way you can hear them is by purchasing an Exclusive Membership. I've also decided that the time has come to raise the price of the Exclusive Archive significantly. Let me share with you why...

With over 500 hours of content and 365 shows and counting in my Exclusive Archive, it's important for me to put a value on my work, time, and effort - in as much as it's spiritually also just as important for you to put a value on the part of your life my work speaks to and helps. I'm absolutely exhilarated that folks benefit from my free content as I know some simply can't afford many of my other offerings. But if you find value in my work and would like to up your game, while putting a value on having access to ALL my shows as an aide in your empowerment, awakening, healing, and transformation -- I'd like to invite you to become an Exclusive Archive Member on via the link below before the price goes up from $89.95 per year to $119.95 per year. If you're already a member you can purchase now and lock in another year at this rate which will add that year onto your current expiration date. 

Here are some upcoming shows you'll miss if you're not a member:

Moving from Victim to Empowered Empath!

Do you find that you continually take on the emotions and psychic energy of others in ways that victimize you yet can't seem to stop? Is it hard for you to hold your center when a bad juju storm blows your way? Ready to hold your ground? Find out how on this show only found in Robert's Exclusive Radio Archive! Get ready as Ohotto shares powerful insights on how highly sensitive peeps are destined to use their psychic gifts. 

How to use the Gifts of Post-Esteem Anger

What is 'Post-Esteem Anger'? Could you be experiencing it? Why is it a fabulous sign that you are becoming more empowered? How can you use it in a healthy and directional way? Find out on this Archive Exclusive Show! 

Your Soul's Evolution and Shame

If the Soul is already perfect and complete does it 'evolve'? Is the concept of 'Soul Evolution' just a shame-based by-product of our old school religious cultural spells? Find out Robert's riveting insights on this topic through this Archive Exclusive Show! 

The Biggest Block to Clear Intuition: The Trickster Archetype 

What block's your intuition most? What can spin you around, confuse your compass, and lead you into an illusion in a NY Minute? Why it's the Trickster Archetype of course! Find out if the Trickster is already in your hood distorting clarity and how to get clear on this April Fools show!

Soul Contract Parenting

What does it mean to parent your children from a 'Soul Contract' level? How do parenting and healthy self-care go together in a way that answers to your genuine Soul Contract responsibilities as a parent? Find out this and more on this Archive Exclusive show!  

If you like the free show below, just know that there are 364 other shows just like it in the Exclusive Archive! To become an Exclusive Archive Member and get a full years access to ALL the shows I've ever done simply click the icon below. I consider this Archive a Mystical Soul Apothecary. It has a search engine in which you can type your issue and instantly all the shows I've done on that topic are populated for your consideration! You only have 5 days to take advantage of this opportunity. I hope you will. The free show below is just one example of how valuable this collection of my work really is. And when you financially empower me to keep giving my gifts to you, that really means a lot to me. Thank you for being your amazing Rockstar Self, and Enjoy! 


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 Are you confused by your ambition, unsure if you are taking risks to compensate for wounded worth vs. risks that come from your authentic power? Do you get spun up into ' I gotta make it happen or I'm screwed'? When are you taking a genuine risk vs. trying to prove something - how do you know? What is a genuine soul based risk? What is a reckless risk? 

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