What is the Soul?
(Find Out the Surprising Answer through my NEW VLOG!)

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What is the Soul? 

Beyond all the words we always hear (immortal, omniscient, multi-sensory, Divine, peace, love, etc) what exactly is the Soul? How can you come to recognize your own? In my work I've found it interesting that as much as folks often say they want to know their Soul, in truth they really don't...Find out why in my new 'Wake Up Wednesday' VLOG during which I answer one of the most profound and heartbreaking questions I've ever been asked: What is the Soul and why can't I seem to know mine? 

Get your tissues ready...the answers are going to surprise you and summon your heart. Click the video below and ENJOY! 

What is the Soul and How Can You Know Yours? 

Click on Video Above and Enjoy!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Soul Contract Astrologerâ„¢

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