When is a Soul Contract Over?
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Hey Everyone! 

2015 is bringing many wonderful changes to my work and how I serve all of you through it as a teacher and guide! That said, I wanted to remind those of you on my newsletter about the fantastic free content you can get from my radio show: Soul Connexions Radio. This show broadcasts LIVE every Monday night from my website and as you may know, I send out free downloads via my newsletter from time to time from this show. 

I decided that this year I will send out a free 'Newsletter Exclusive Show' every month! This show can't be found on iTunes (though most of my Monday shows can for a limited time so make sure you subscribe and download them there!). Newsletter Exclusive shows also will not go out as a free download on 'Feedburner' which you can also sign up for on my website. Newsletter Exclusive shows can only be accessed...you guessed it, via my Newsletter! 

To kick off this new feature of the newsletter, below is the first of these downloads and is from my latest 'Intuitive Coaching' show. I LOVE these shows because some of my best insights come through my answers to the callers! I have heard time and time again from many of you how the synchronicity of these messages is astonishingly helpful for you. As usual, I am sure this will be the case so be sure you download the show below and listen! 

To balance out the free content, I am also no longer doing free LIVE broadcasts of my Thursday shows - they are now only available for on-demand listening and download in the Soul Connexions Exclusive Archive found only on Ohotto.com. To kick that off I recently did one of my best shows to date: When Should You Let Go of 'Noble Adversaries'?  Do you get confused as to whether you should stay in a challenging relationship or leave? Do you think you're supposed to stay the course because you have a 'Soul Contract' with someone even though nothing seems to change? This 90 minute show will give you fantastic clarity as to how Soul Contracts work within 'Soul Groups', Family Dynamics, Children, Relationships, Marriages, and more. Most notably I teach you how to consciously recognize when a Soul Contract is over - and what that means. 

If you aren't already an Exclusive Archive Member I do hope you consider joining and give yourself a year's worth of access to some of my most powerful insights. With 355 shows from the past 8 years and counting the current price of $89 for a year's access makes each show about 25 cents. Certainly transforming your life is worth that much! That said there's no better time to join or renew as the price will be going up at the end of February. 

In other news, there are only 15 spots available for my April Workshop in Boulder. And I have extended the 'Early Bird' discount for the main event until February 16th! Find out how to register below. I hope you can make it and look forward to working with you in person! 

My next free Newsletter Exclusive download will be coming out at the end of the month, and next week I have a video surprise that's going to blow your mind! For now enjoy this free download, I hope it speaks to you!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Soul Contract Astrologerâ„¢


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Healing the Rejection of Your Genius

(January 21st - February 11th, 2015)

Are you ready to heal the 'Rejection Story' of your Life?

How can you let go of what others think of you? 

What is your Genius and why do you deny it?

What's the difference having Standards vs. Judgment?

Ready to activate 'Soul Vision' and learn how to use it through this cycle?

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Breaking Free from the Creative-Worthiness Paradox!
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Are you ready to create 'Destiny' instead of 'Drama'?

When is it Healthy vs. Toxic to be attached to outcomes?

How is 'Conditional Creativity' dimming you down?

Why is the Archetype/Energy of Leo the Key to your next Opportunities?

How can you change the 'Story' of your Life and the Character you play?

How has your creativity been wounded and how can you heal it?


Find out as Robert guides you through the current Jupiter Retrograde in Leo in this illuminating 5 Hour Audio Series with a 7 Page PDF Guide!






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