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Forecast for 2015!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can't think of a better way to begin the New Year than with a Soul Contract Astrology Forecast for the 1st Quarter of 2015! My dear friend and colleague Colette Baron-Reid was gracious enough to have me on her 'show' recently so I could share my thoughts on the dominant cycles of the first few months of this New Year. 

As evidenced by what's happening in the world at large, this New Year is beginning with some challenging energy. From Jupiter Retrograde in Leo and Saturn moving into Sagittarius, to the current set up for the next Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius beginning January 21st (Audio Series on that coming in a few days) - there's a definite heaviness in the air. I know I've been feeling it as my heart breaks for what's happening in France. Find out what it all means and how you can work with these dominant archetypal energies consciously by watching the video below. Colette and I had a powerful discussion guaranteed to ignite many 'aha's!'

In closing for now, please take good care of yourself during the next few months. The cycles are all saying, 'Slow down more, tune in more, let go more.' That said, I hope you enjoy discovering how to best meet 2015 through this video! Please share with your Peeps too. I've been getting amazing feedback on how helpful this video has been. I've also been tons of feedback what a game changer the Jupiter Retrograde in Leo Audio Series has been for folks - you can check that out below too! 

(FYI - For those considering coming to my April Workshop in Boulder, you can get an 'early-bird' discount of 25% off the Main Event until the end of the month. See the info beneath the video and get signed up! We are 3/4ths sold out at this stage.) 

Lots and lots of love to you. Enjoy the video, and Happy New Year! 


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Soul Contract Astrologerâ„¢

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Soul Contract Astrology Forecast for 2015! 

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo
Breaking Free from the Creative-Worthiness Paradox!
(December 8th, 2014 - April 8th, 2015)

What's 'The Creative-Worthiness Paradox' and are you stuck in it? 

Are you ready to create 'Destiny' instead of 'Drama'?

When is it Healthy vs. Toxic to be attached to outcomes?

How is 'Conditional Creativity' dimming you down?

Why is the Archetype/Energy of Leo the Key to your next Opportunities?

How can you change the 'Story' of your Life and the Character you play?

How has your creativity been wounded and how can you heal it?


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How are your wounds destined doorways to your most unique gifts?
What does it mean to make your pain sacred?
Why is 'Shamanic Consciousness' essential to healing and how can you activate it?
Which Archetypes are connected to your Wounded Healer as part of your Soul Contract?

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