Your Soul Contract to Activate Shamanic Consciousness 

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Your Calling to Activate Shamanic Consciousness

We live during incredible times making it both exciting and also challenging to be alive on planet earth. When you look back at history and think about all that has happened and then specifically look at the pace of change during the last 100 years, it truly is astounding to consider how much has transformed and how fast. Just 10 years ago I didn't have a cell phone. And now I have not only a cell phone, but a 'smartphone' that lets me do things my very first computer couldn't have come near, all in the palm of my hand! 

Spiritually what I think is crucial to consider is that these outer advancements reflect back to us a spiritual call to make inner advancements as well. One could say that answering the call to develop 'inner technology' has in fact become a crisis. As the world swirls about us in a quickened sea change, our interiors demand the same. Enter in the Shaman and Wounded Healer Archetypes.

The Shaman Archetype of our collective past originated as the 'walker between worlds' for the tribe. And contrary to the New Age romanticism of the Shaman, one was usually called to Shamanism via a initiatory trauma that brought them to a near death experience. 
Whether that was an illness, fatal wounds from battle, or a rigorous tribal ritual -- the initiation into Shamanism began with crossing over to the world of Spirit and coming back again with a psychic pathway, a conduit, established that allowed the initiate to access the Spirit World on behalf of their Tribe. A Shaman was thus an initiated human being who could walk between worlds and access healing and the Soul Contracts of others, while getting glimpses of the larger Divine Plan. 

Becoming a 'walker between worlds' was a brutal initiation -- and certainly not something that can be accomplished by sweating it out for a weekend on some dude ranch in a faux tipi with hot rocks and some burning sage. Furthermore you had to be 'called' to it, and that call was usually issued through a wounding. This was not something that could be strategized.

Answering Your Call...

We live in a new era, and as such The Shaman Archetype has been changing in both how it calls us now, and how we are meant to work with it per our Soul Contract. Ever since we culturally shifted on many levels post the 1970's into the therapeutic movement, we have been fast tracked to engage The Shaman Archetype as individuals such that we gain access to our greatest gifts in profoundly new ways. Gifts that are also connected to our greatest wounding. 
I call this your 'Sacred Wound'. It is the wound that summons you to the 'Other Side' to heal while helping you realize where true power and healing come from. The Sacred Wound asks you to engage Spirit so you can cultivate 'Soul Medicine' for your healing and turn that into 'Soul Service' for the entire human tribe. 

That said I have learned in both my professional work and personal life our greatest gifts are indeed often connected to our most painful wounds. I am a living example of that. My expertise and wisdom as a teacher, my empathy and care, my capacity to keep it real and relate to you comes from my own painful wounds and darkest of nights of trying to heal them. 

And it may seem strange to say, but I am so grateful for this now and wouldn't have it any other way. When we can arrive at gratitude for our wounds and gifts as being two sides of one coin, then we can finally let go of the Victim entitlement that our lives should have been any other way and reach out to each other with the Sacred Medicine we were each born to give. This is transforming our Fate into Destiny. 

But getting there first requires a willingness to answer your Shamanic Call, and that call is issued when the time has come to finally heal your wounds. You know when you've received the call because something in your life has finally become too painful to outrun, medicate, deny, ignore, or defend against. Nothing else can soothe the wound but surrendering into it...that's how you know you've been called. 

For in this new era of evolution, The Shaman and Wounded Healer Archetypes aren't just reserved exclusively for one person in a Tribe - Tribalism itself as an Archetype has been completely changed. Now many of us are called to engage our Inner Shaman through our psycho-spiritual pain. We are called to Initiation differently, yet just as powerfully as Shamans in the last era were. We are called to the task of making our own pain sacred...

That said, if you feel that the time has finally come to answer your Shamanic Call to make your pain sacred; If you feel you're ready to heal your Victim Consciousness and become a 'Walker Between Worlds; If you're ready for the power of acceptance that leads to cultivating Soul Medicine unleashing your greatest gifts, then I hope you'll consider taking my new audio course Making Your Pain Sacred - Healing through the Shamanic Power of the Wounded Healer. 

You can read more about that below this incredible 12 Hour Audio Course below. If you give yourself the gift of this powerful course now you'll get 30% off, but for 3 Days only! If you read over this course and it 'calls' to you, I encourage you to answer. 

Be back soon with more insights and news! My Soul Contract Hypnosis™ series will be launching soon...stay tuned. And be sure to check out my new radio shows for December. The free download is at the bottom of the newsletter in case you missed it! ENJOY!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach/Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, and Soul Contract Astrologer™

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Why have certain painful things happened to you and how can you heal?
What's the difference between coping with your wounds and healing them?
Are you feeling your pain or someone else's, how do you know?
How are your wounds destined doorways to your most unique gifts?
What does it mean to make your pain sacred?
Why is 'Shamanic Consciousness' essential to healing and how can you activate it?
Which Archetypes are connected to your Wounded Healer as part of your Soul Contract?
Why has the Wounded Healer been summoned in us now as part of a Global transition?

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During this 12 hour journey Robert covers in enormous depth via 10 Sessions the necessary alchemy to transform trauma into triumph. Find out how all of us were born with a 'Sacred Wound' as part of our Soul's journey on the planet. It is in fact the source of the unique medicine we are each born to give this lifetime.


Discover how when we create strategies to block acknowledging and feeling our pain we paradoxically don't heal and, worse yet, we suffer even more. In denying our pain, we experience a deep disconnection from the true medicine that our Sacred Wound was meant to give us: access to our Soul. If you are ready to profoundly shift and heal your life, this course simply cannot be missed!


This course includes an accompanying PDF workbook with helpful diagrams and original course outline, guided meditations, and two powerful guided rituals. All to help you cultivate 'Shamanic Consciousness' while discovering that your wounds are deeply connected to your greatest gifts. 


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Frankly, there are barely words to describe this amazing audio course, but we'll try via the session descriptions below:

Session One:
  • The function of the Sacred Wound 
  • Understanding and indentifying the 6 different types of pain in your life and their healing
  • Pain vs. Suffering
  • Shame and wounding
  • Victim Mentality vs. Humility
Session Two:
  • Pain and Your Soul Contract
  • The Sacred Wound of the World
  • Healing vs. Defending Your Wounds
  • What does it mean to truly Heal?
  • Coping vs. Healing
  • Chiron and The Wounded Healer Archetype
  • The danger in reaching for Highest Potential without knowing your Sacred Wound
Session Three:
  • Managing Woundedness and Spiritual Power
  • Challenging the romanticism of the Shaman Archetype 
  • Locating Yourself in the 4 stages of Shamanic Initiation
  • The Shaman and the Shadow
  • What it means to be a 'Modern Day Shaman'
  • Guided Meditation 
Session Four:
  • The Power of Ritual
  • The Wounded Healer and Your Relationships with Others
  • Are you enabling suffering for others or helping them make their pain sacred?
  • Medicine vs. Poison
  • How to release someone's suffering from your system
  • Has pain become a foundation for your intimacy with others?
  • Shadow Loyalites and suffering
  • Guided Meditation and Ritual on releasing the suffering of others
Session Five:
  • What archetypes in you unconsciously manage the pain in others?
  • Are you projecting your pain onto others?
  • How to meet your own pain and suffering
  • Why making your pain sacred empowers you to be stronger than culture
  • Healing with Compassion vs. Force
  • Guided Meditation on Feeling your Own Pain
Session Six:
  • Identifying the Archetypes connected to your Wounded Healer
  • The Orphan Archetype
  • Ego vs. Instincts
  • Integrating and not shaming the negative side of the mind
  • Guided Meditation for Guidance
Session Seven:
  • How to serve via your uniquenes
  • Knowing your 'Crown of Willows' and 'Ring of Power'
  • Why your Sacred Wound is connected to your genius
  • Guided Meditation and Ritual on claiming your Destiny
Session Eight:
  • Identifying the doors of Destiny meant for you alone
  • Explore the powerful stories of two real life Wounded Healers
Session Nine:
  • Overview of entire course with new layers added in
  • How to hear the call of your calling via the Wounded Healer
  • Living in the radical paradox of making your pain sacred
  • Using gentle discipline to shift your life
  • What to do when the wound takes over the gift
  • Charting the wounds of Archetypal Generations
Session Ten:
  • Homeopathy and the Wounded Healer
  • The healing power of anger
  • Exploring archetypal cycles of shamanic activation

And much more is covered in this powerful life changing course!




The download for this course will come in a 'zip' file which contains 10 audio tracks in mp3 format comprising the course audio and a PDF Workbook. After you download the 'zip file' you must 'unzip' it before you can listen to the audio. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO YOUR PHONE OR TABLET - your computer only unless you have an app to unzip the file and read the PDF Workbook. 


iPad/iPod users: You must first download the zip file to your computer, unzip it, and then import the audio files into iTunes if you want them to play or be seen on your iPhone or iPad - UNLESS you have an app to unzip files. We recommend the free app 'iZip'. There's no way to work around this because Apple products are designed to be insular with the iTunes store.  


File size of this download is approximately 700 MB and it may take up to 10 minutes to download based on your internet connection speed.

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