The Soul Contract -
Spiritual Lessons of 9/11 
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Thank you for all the amazing feedback regarding my last newsletter and its free download 'How to Deal with a Challenging Soul Contract'. I'm back with another newsletter exclusive free download and some more powerful thought provoking content. Before we get into that just a quick note that there are currently only 5 Soul Destinies Home Studies left. I've decided to include the 7 Hour Chiron course for FREE within all that remain. If I offer this program again, it wouldn't be until mid 2015 and this additional free course will not be included because I plan to make it available to everyone as a separate course. I hope you can take advantage of this current opportunity! You can read more about that below as well as the 'Change Your Karma, Change Your Life' course that is 30% off until the end of the month in honor of 9/11. Speaking of which... 

The Soul Contract of 9/11

This year my Thursday radio show slot fell on 9/11, thus last week this synchronicity inspired me to do a powerful radio show called 'Moving from Separation to Oneness - The Soul Contract of 9/11'. The response from that show ranks amongst the highest of all the shows I've ever done during the past 8 years. I've been reading through the comments and profound personal stories of all those who wrote me, many of which have brought me to tears.

Even though 9/11 happened over 13 years ago, I felt compelled to address it from a 'Soul Contract' level of perception as we seem to be cycling back into more and more horrific conflict with the Middle East. Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism are back in full swing inviting the United States back into active war. Additionally, many other countries are currently engaged in wars of their own while sanctions mount and people/freedoms die. Archetypally and energetically something is going down that feels very familiar does it not? 

This begs the questions: What was the Soul Contract of 9/11? What was the Spiritual lesson? Did we 'get' it? Why are we cycling back to this energy? Why was there a massive move to unify against terrorism due to lives lost during 9/11 which led to the pretense of a false war in Iraq, yet Fukushima (which had many more deaths and continues to poison the ocean) barely had the same effect? Why are we so willing to unify when it comes to religious, national, or political tribalism, yet not so much when it comes to our human ecology? 

Massive questions to be sure. And the answers that I explored on my radio show may stun you. As an intuitive who sees life like a hologram and the energy patterns of Earth as interconnected within each individual Soul Contract, I know it's imperative that you see how you are connected to the Soul Contract of 9/11 in very profound and personal ways -- even if you didn't personally lose someone in this tragedy. This wasn't a just a national event folks, karmically, energetically, and archetypally it was both a GLOBAL and personal one for all alive on the planet. And the 'clauses' from the Soul Contract of this event are still very active in your Soul Contract as well as mine. How?...

I hope you are courageous enough to download and listen to perhaps the most controversial and revealing radio show I have ever done. Then I hope you are courageous enough to share the show and explore it's themes with others in your lives through discussion and reflection. The link is below. 

Based on the feedback I've been getting I'm hopeful that maybe NOW we can start to wake up to the deeper evolution being offered within these types of events. Evolution that we came to participate in at the Soul Contract level. That said, here's a story that I received after my 9/11 show that you have to read:

"I listened to your show on 9/11 today and thought of a story you might like to hear. I am in NYC and last april i went to a group reading with a medium here named Thomas John. He is the most accurate medium I have ever seen in that he brings through the full names and situations accurately. In the reading there were ten of us in the group and he was talking to one lady bringing through her loved ones--suddenly he said there is someone having to do with 9/11 who wants to thank you- and then he said the first name of this person. I do not remember what the first name was - the woman gasped and put her hand to her mouth- she then told the story of how on 9/11 she was in brooklyn watching as the buildings burned like so many were that day - a business card that was half burnt fell at her feet and it was the name of a man with that first name and she took the card home and put it on her alter and prayed for him. This man was coming through to thank her for the prayers as it helped him. I realized in witnessing this how connected we are and how even a prayer from a stranger that day affected him, and his soul knew of it which astounded me. Your show made me think of this. This kindness of a simple prayer for him affected him, even though they both never met in this life."
- Julia 

And more feedback:

"I just managed to get caught up on your radio shows from last week. As always, listening to an Intuitive Coaching show is a fabulous experience, full of insights which can serve broadly. I didn't used to make the effort to listen, but, as you've reminded us, they are some of the best shows in your archive. And then your 9/11 show...that really resonated with an energy beyond what you've brought forward before. Usually, your shows are steeped in your personality (which is an awesome thing!), but this one seemed to bring through something beyond you very, very strongly. I know that you have been evolving your ideas around shame and judgement, and you are so wonderful about showing us your struggles with it as well, but the shame and judgement-free tone of the 9/11 show was something way beyond human. Wow. And thanks."
      - Catharine

"I'm crying as I type this because I feel like you vocalized something that someone wanted everyone to hear (including myself because I SO agree)... It's like the public didn't get why those who died, died. And, of course, why would most people go to that soul level of thinking?  So...for whatever it's worth...I think someone "out there" really appreciated your show.  Ugh...tears...I'm glad you went there with the whole challenge of waking up to where we are.  The quiet out there so bothers me."

- Lisa

This is just some of the feedback this show generated. To check out what these folks are talking about simply download the show by clicking on the button/link below. I hope the show speaks to you and summons your soul at the deepest levels as it has already done for so many. My hope is that you won't let that 'soul' recede back into the closet, rather take it to the streets of your life in the way you are called... 

Robert Ohotto
Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, and Life Strategist

Moving from Separation to Oneness-
The Soul Contract of 9/11

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