Mercury Retrograde Video Forecast!
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The Mercury Retrograde that began on June 7th is now in FULL SWING peeps! And my dear friend and colleague Colette Baron-Reid have got you covered! You MUST see the amazing 20 minute video we put together on this cycle. It'll blow your mind. From the crazy amount of content to the fantastic graphics - we've truly outdone ourselves! Watch this awesome video by simply clicking on the video icon below! 

Also, if you haven't already downloaded the brand new 4-Hour Audio Series I've put together, you can read more about that and get it below the video! You won't want to miss this Archetypal Astrology Podcast: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini - Healing the Split between your Mind and Heart. It has a 9 PAGE PDF GUIDE with FUTURE CAST to accompany the 4 Hours of Audio Guidance! 

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Coach, Counselor, and Strategist

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini
Healing the Split between Your Heart and Mind!
(June 5th - July 1st, 2014)

Mercury Retrograde

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Are you confused or torn about the current Life choices you need to make?

Does your Mind seem to say one thing and your Heart another?

Do feel overwhelmed by the enormous uncertainty in your Life right now?

Has your intuition taken a hike and left you feeling stranded?

Do you feel like you're stuck in 'either/or' options in your life with no way out?

What do you do when the 'Shame' hits the fan?

Are you ready to discover and live the next level of your Soul Contract's potential? 
Find out how as Robert guides you through the latest Mercury Retrograde in this illuminating podcast!

If you want to know what this current archetypal cycle has in store for you and what strategies you'll need to align with it in a conscious and empowered way, then look no further! Get ready to use the power of Soul Contract Astrological Alchemy and timing in your life with Robert's latest groundbreaking insights!

During this over 4-hour / 3-part podcast Robert covers in enormous depth the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and Gemini energy and how to work with its animation in your life during this cycle! All of this is done 'Ohotto' style illuminating why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful Retrograde per your Soul Contract. With his classic words of wisdom on how to use the energy and timing of this powerful archetypal process, Robert will gift you with insights that empower, transform, and stay with you for the rest of your life.

And for the first time this Mercury Retrograde Series comes with an accompanying 9 Page PDF Guide with FUTURE CAST!

  • How the current Mercury Retrograde is offering you the opportunity to heal the split between your Mind and Heart. 
  • Why the Archetype of 'Duality' is being animated in your Life!
  • What it means to (and why you must) master your 'Circuit of Perception: Mind >> Heart >> Mind
  • How to use your Heart to locate your Life Path! 
  • What it takes to open your intuition and receive clear guidance 
    The way your mind creates duality and how that messes you up -- And the key to stopping it!
  • Radical 'Ohotto Style' questions to ask yourself and exercises to help unlock your Mercury Retrograde Message!
  • Why we want to 'name' things too quickly and why you shouldn't during this cycle!
  • What to do when you're confronted with duality
  • What it means to see others with your Heart and why you should
  • How this cycle offers a final message from the 'Retrograde Relay we've been in for 9 months and what it is!
  • The way your under 'Soul Contract' to serve the World's Destiny right now!
  • How the Co-dependent, Child, Student, Apprentice, Perfectionist, Addict, Mystic, and Guide Archetypes are involved in this retrograde cycle!
  • How to identify the 'True Friends' in your life
  • Can duality exist in your heart?
  • How this MR cycle connects to the previous MRs of 2013/14 
  • FUTURE CAST: A new calendar addition of exact dates and timing for this cycle and how to use them as well as specific days to watch out for!
  • The difference between the nourishing messiness of others and the messiness that messes you up! 
  • Why Home isn't where the Heart is - Home must be your Heart for the next level of your potential to flourish
  • How to make your Heart your Home!
  • How Intuition, the Heart, and the Mind can work together to receive clear guidance for your Life.
  • Ways to use this cycle to unlock the Highest Potential of your Soul Contract!
  • Why Friday June 13th is an 'red-alert' day!
  • For the first time ever this Audio Series comes with a 9 PAGE PDF GUIDE to help you keep the Trickster at bay during this powerful cycle and help you identify important dates! 
...and so much more is packed into this 4 hour/3 part audio series! Get ready for some Rock Star Cosmic Coaching!!

No one does Astrology like Robert Ohotto, find out why in this life changing audio series download!

The download for this course will come in a 'zip' file which contains 3 audio tracks in mp3 format comprising the audio series. After you download the 'zip file' you must 'unzip' it before you can listen to the audio. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO YOUR PHONE OR TABLET UNLESS YOU HAVE AN APP THAT UNZIPS FILES ON YOUR DEVICE - your computer only.


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