Destiny and the Necessity of 
Having a Healthy Ego! 
Hello All!
Finally, the Mars Retrograde is OVER! And though I'd like to say that the Retrograde Relay we've been in the past 6 months is over, I can't just yet! We are currently setting up for the final leg which will be a Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini that begins on June 7th. More on that in an upcoming newsletter!
For now and the in the next newsletter I wanted to write about something that I've seen flourishing in Self-Help and Spirituality ever since I've been a teacher in this field: The Shaming of the Ego. Yep, every where you turn it seems some teacher or other is telling you that you've got to 'eradicate' your Ego -- especially if you want to live in some promised 'New Earth' or be worthy of your Destiny.
After all the intuitive readings I've done on the Soul Contracts/Life Purposes of thousands of folks, I'm here to tell you that to live a Destiny on Planet Earth via the Human Psyche YOU NEED AN EGO. In fact, getting rid of the Ego is not only impossible, but dangerous for those who try. Further more it's only the 'wounded ego', rank with shame, that feels the need to try and get rid of itself or announce that it has! I'm going to be speaking in depth to this epidemic in my next newsletter which will tackle the 'Hidden Shame' in Spirituality, Metaphysics, and Self-Help. (Already working on this newsletter and VERY excited! ETA: next week!) 
For now, I feel inspired to share with you a 90 minute video lesson from my online course 'Discovering Your Destiny in the Shadow'. This free lesson speaks to how we are each under 'soul contract' to incarnate into the human ego in four primary, necessary, and essential ways. It also will teach you the fundamental way to empower your Ego so that you can truly rock out your Destiny! 
It's only available for free viewing until May 31st, so don't miss out. Just click the video below and press play once on the landing page! Additionally, I've also made the entire Discovering Your Destiny in the Shadow course available for 50% off until May 31st! 
Be back next week with one of my most insightful newsletters yet! In the meantime, LOVE YOURSELF, even your EGO. ; )

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, Life Strategist, and Archetypal Astrologer

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