The Life Changing Detox 
You Must Do ASAP! 
Happy May Day Everyone!
First of all, I'm ecstatic that many of you enjoyed the video Colette Baron-Reid and I did that I sent you a couple weeks ago forecasting the Archetypal Energies going on right now! I'm thinking a lil video with Astrological Archetypal Cycle forecasts from time to time might become a regular thing given the amazing response. 
Speaking of which, this Mars Retrograde is taking no prisoners! I've had my ass KICKED, and kicked some more. Too many tech issues to mention, 3 days of lost video footage, brand new studio computer crashes while I'm live on-air 4 times, basement flooding, and that's just a bit of what's happened to me the past month! There are still 3 weeks of Mars Retro in Libra left, yikes! I think I best listen to my own audio series on it asap, LOL! 
For now, all of this crazy brought to mind a detox I created two years ago when I had back to back shoulder surgeries. If you're feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, bitchy, over it all, depressed, and wondering what you can do to feel better stat! -- this detox has your name written all over it! Watch my latest 'Weekly Dose of Truth' YouTube video below to find out if my special detox is right for you and how to do it!! 
While the video is funny, I seriously do feel that this detox can work wonders in your life. So check it out and give it a shot! I'm doing it right now...and through it realizing once again what matters most in my life. I know you will too! Definitely share this detox with others you know will benefit - there's nothing else like it out there! 
Let me know how it goes!
Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, Life Strategist, and Archetypal Astrologer

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This Week's Dose: 
The Detox that Will Change Your Life! 
My Thoughts on the Wise Use of Anger from my Mars Retrograde in Libra Series:
"Anger is always speaking on the behalf of something essential that is being denied; Like a need for boundaries and love...
Anger wants more from you than 'discharging' it by beating a pillow... 
Anger wants you to feel IT and discover what in you 
sent Anger as a Messenger. 
The advocacy of anger is CHANGE.  
Feel the anger. 
Embrace the change. 
Let Anger help you take the action necessary for the change..."


Transforming from Victim to Love Rebel!

(March 1st - May 19th, 2014)

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