Psychic Hygiene 101: 
How to Detox from a Psychic Virus!

Hey Everyone!

Is there such a thing as a 'psychic virus'? It is possible that you catch them all the time? If you catch one, how do you dismantle one in your system and detox it? For that matter what does it take to have good psychic hygiene and keep your psychic immune system strong such you don't catch them in the first place?! How do you know if you've caught a 'psychic flu'? Is there a 'psychic vitamin C' you can take to strengthen psychic immunity? 


Intriguing questions right? After 15 years working as a professional intuitive full time I can definitely say that YES psychic viruses exist without a doubt. I've caught them before and so have you.


Unfortunately much ado is made about psychic hygiene from a very woo-woo perspective, such that the true essentials in psychic health are completely missed. Furthermore, after reading thousands of folks I've found that there are certain peeps that are more susceptible to catching a psychic virus than others. Could you be one of them? What makes you susceptible? What are the real ways we can 'clear' our energetic, psychological, emotional, mental, and physical fields and become immune to 'psychic attacks', hauntings, spell casting, etc? What's the best way to clear your home of bad juju?


For answers to these questions and a full guide on psychic hygiene be sure to check out my new Radio Fund Audio Guide! This rock star 90 minute audio guide comes with an additional PDF written transcript guide too! This audio is offered in a 'select a price' format as a fundraiser for the production of my free radio show broadcasts and podcast downloads on iTunes.


This guide on psychic hygiene offers my sharpest practical insights on how to manage your psychic, psychological, emotional, and mental field; leaving you empowered with a robust psychic immune system of defense! Get ready to clear away the debris and stay connected to yourself! If you're hyper-sensitive and find yourself affected by others funk all the time you can't afford to miss this powerful teaching guide! 




-What it's essential to take the woo woo out of psychic hygiene!

-What psychic viruses are and how they work 

-Why some of us are wired to catch a psychic virus and how to recognize if that's you!

-What 'psychic attacks, hauntings, bad juju, spell casting, cursing, and energetic imprinting' really are and how to deal with them!

-Identifying what opens you up to being infected by a psychic virus

-What healers and empaths need to know most to maintain psychic immunity

-How to work with negative energy from a conscious and centered place

-Why bad psychic hygiene begins in childhood

-What are the ingredients that lead to catching the 'psychic flu'?

-The best psychic 'Vitamin C' you can take!

-The new psychic viruses that have been born out of our technology

-Does smudging with sage and incense really work? 

-What to do if you catch a psychic virus and how to detox it out of your system!

-The proper use of rituals, gem stones, and crystals in maintaining psychic immunity

-How to truly clear your home of bad energy

...And so much more! 


To purchase this amazing guide to psychic hygiene click on the icon or link below and don't forget to download both the audio and PDF guide once you get your link post purchase!   

Psychic Hygiene 101: How to Detox from a Psychic Virus! 



I'll be back next week to talk about the current cycles of Fate and Destiny per the Mars Retrograde in Libra that just began. And of course there will be an audio series guide on this Mars cycle for those of you who follow that branch of my work! 
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Thursday March 6th, 11am PT/2pm ET (Live or Archive)

How to use Boundaries to Build Trust


What does it take to build trust with someone? What about trust with yourself? Why is blind trust dangerous? When it comes to building trust with others find out why boundaries are essential and how you can use them in ways only Ohotto can teach you! Don't miss this LIVE or ARCHIVE show that can only be heard for free LIVE before it goes into the over 300 show exclusive archives on! Not an archive member? You can buy the download under 'Radio Show Downloads in the store for up to a month!



Monday March 10th, 6pm PT/9pm ET

How to Create and Use the Energy of Abundance


When we think of abundance we often fail to realize that it's actually an ENERGY! Not something to go and get or 'manifest'. Beyond all the BS 'Law of Attraction' philosophies that clearly don't work; how can we truly create this energy in our lives? And once you create this amazing energy, how do you bring it into your creativity, relationships, and work in ways that work? Get ready as Robert keeps it too real and goes to the heart of what 'abundance' really is while giving you practical strategies on how to create it in your life! Abundance, get ready to be redefined! To have Robert intuitively read how you can bring more abundance into your life call him at 818.495.6927!


Thursday March 13th, 11am PT/2pm ET  (Live or Archive)

How to Live in the Vulnerability of Joy


What does it mean to live in JOY? What exactly is 'joy'? Why is living in joy vulnerable? Is it possible that you sabotage your joy unconsciously? Why would you do that? Tune into this enlightening show as Robert discusses the energy of joy and explains how to cultivate more of it in your life! Don't miss this LIVE or ARCHIVE show that can only be heard for free LIVE before it goes into the over 300 show exclusive archives on! Not an archive member? You can buy the download under 'Radio Show Downloads in the store for up to a month!




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