Getting Out of a Negative Funk 
The Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Mid-Point!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the midpoint of the current Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - only about two weeks left - woohoo! Yes, here we are yet again...

Mercury is Retrograde February 6th - 28th in case you missed my last newsletter. I put together a 3-Hour audio guide on how to work with and weather this storm which you can check out below. If the Trickster has been kicking your ass or if you've been feeling like you have collapsed into a funky negative place. I highly recommend it! 

Speaking of negative funks, I've been thinking a lot about this phenomenon lately and just did a radio show on it that is now in my exclusive radio show archive. Negative states of collapse seem to be part of a Mercury Retrograde alchemy no matter what sign it's in, but are also just simply part of being alive. 

Nonetheless, I thought a little discussion on them would be very apropos for this time as I've seen many folks of late, including myself, descending down into them! 

What is a collapsed funky ass negative state exactly? It's that negative bottom we've all visited and know too well. You know that place where 'my life sucks...I'll never be one really loves me...why bother? one understands me...the Universe doesn't give sh*t about me...I don't give a sh*t about much either!...poor me...why me, why not me?!

Ok, I think you get what I mean by a 'collapsed negative state'. You've simply bottomed out into a place of doom and gloom perception you can't pull yourself out of, right?! You been feeling any of that lately? Well, you're not alone!

How Do We Get Into a Negative Funk?

Have you ever stopped to wonder at the bottom of this crash and burn how you got there in the first place? I have found that back-tracking how you got there may just hold the key as to how to get out and also offers up the tools on how to avoid another spiral down that icy cold mountain (can you tell I'm watching the Olympics?!) 

That said, bring your negative states to this newsletter - how'd you get here? The main culprit I've seen that makes us vulnerable to falling down into this place is something we can all lose footing with when overwhelmed by Life and its busyness: Consistent Healthy Self-Care.

Think about it, we begin our downward descent the moment we make self-care 'optional'. When we do this we lose our center, boundaries, and intuitive knowing. Sooner or later we get triggered by something and then it's off to the downhill races...and this race is a quick descent down with skis flailing about right smack into a negative funk! 

Now did you notice I just said 'triggered'? Yep, part of what sets us down the mountain out of our lack of self-care is a trigger. So what are yours? Not only that -- what do you use to manage them? How about an addiction? Which in turn just accelerates the decent down into negative collapse via shame! 

How Do We Get Out of a Negative Funk? 

So once at the bottom how do you get out? The first and most important step is KINDNESS! Yes yes yes! Be kind to yourself. Don't trial, judge, and jury yourself for falling down baby!

And only then be willing to engage in a compassionate technical inventory of your faulty self-care, triggers, and spiral down...of course there is much more to this that I covered in depth on my radio show, including the necessity of an engaged living spirituality... 

If you'd like a to deeper understand this phenomenon, learn how to track it for yourself, and find out how to best shift out but aren't an exclusive archive member you can download the show here via this icon. It will be available for the next month:
Speaking of Radio Shows - got some good ones coming up! Here's just a few that are ahead. With the exception of 'Radio Fund Shows' all my Monday shows are free for download on iTunes and Feedburner - get subscribed if you aren't already! Thursday's shows are free LIVE but then only available in the exclusive archive on Here's what's coming up for the rest of February!

Thursday February 20th, 11am PT/2pm ET

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Are you compassionate with yourself and others only when it's convenient/easy? Are you able to be compassionate when you're tired, worn out, depressed, angry, or fed up? What happens to your compassion when your perfectionism gets all up in it? Tune into this show as Robert gives coaching and instruction on how to be compassionate with yourself NO MATTER WHAT! You won't want to miss this heart opening show guaranteed to bring more love into your life!


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Ohotto's Coming to YouTube in March!!

Stay tuned as I'll soon be launching my upcoming YouTube series which will be tons of fun! Get ready for a weekly dose of empowerment, coaching, and guidance! I'll also be back within two weeks or so with some more thoughts and a list of upcoming radio shows for March!! 

For now see if the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius podcast speaks to you - been getting TONS of amazing feedback already, thanks y'all and so glad I can help you hear your Mercury Retrograde Message! : )

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Coach, Counselor, and Strategist

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