Change Your Karma-Change Your Life
The Boulder Flood of September 2013

Hey Everyone!

It's been a long time since I've connected with you through this newsletter.  To say a lot has happened since my last newsletter would be an understatement. Two months ago, based on questions a few folks had asked on my radio show, I decided I would do a little podcast on 'Karma'. I've always felt that our cultural idea of this force was very shame based and punitive, something I wrote about in my book Transforming Fate into Destiny. As my understanding of it had grown in recent years I felt it was time to expand my teachings on this profound force running through our lives.

About 5 weeks ago I was gathering my thoughts and organizing my ideas for a podcast on Karma when something devastating happened: we experienced a catastrophic flood in Boulder where I live. Before I knew it I was living life on high alert without power, heat, and water -- trapped in my house by mudslides and roads that had become rivers. As the rain poured down foothills collapsed around me, neighbors of mine lost their cars and homes, and each day I wondered if my house and property would be next. Luckily I was spared.

When a natural disaster of this magnitude happens one is swept up into karmic forces far greater than the ego-mind and consequences of personal choices. It's at that moment that so much begins to fall away and a new clarity about the nature of 'God' and Life is born. As I was living moment to moment, helping neighbors, getting to know the rescue workers, and watching grace unfold through our common struggle to survive - clarity did indeed find me.

And once the flood was over, out of that clarity, what was going to be a one-hour podcast turned into a profound 14-hour audio course that spilled forth from my newly awakened soul. That said, I have just finished what I consider the most insightful and meaningful audio series I've ever done: Change Your Karma/Change Your Life!

This body of work, catalyzed by my Boulder Flood experience, is born out of the thousands of soul contract/karmic readings I've done over the past 15 years. It is also sourced from the various revelations afforded me by awakening through my own human struggles.  

Throughout my life and intuitive work with clients I've discovered that Karma is a complex and powerful force of Destiny. And certainly not nearly as simple as a reward/punishment system, especially on the level of 'Soul Contract'.

We'd like to think of it this way because then it seems like we can control Karma. We think 'If I'm good then bad things won't happen'. At our core most of us still want to believe that if we make our 'Gods' happy then they'll answer all our prayers, even our shame based wounded ego prayers that hold our souls hostage.

Yet no matter how 'good' we are, floods still come and wipe us out, a gunman still goes into a school and murders children, planes still crash into towers, and 'innocent' children still die of leukemia. We then assume that 'victims' of tragedy are working off bad Karma from past lifetimes or attracting Karma via negative thinking. My work has time and time again taught me that this is not so - not even close. I've also seen that this kind of illusory perspective on Karma shuts our hearts down to the human suffering of others, further landing us in shame and disconnecting us from each other and ourselves.

While there is indeed a choice/consequence principle alive in our life, that's actually not exactly what Karma is per se, rather just one surface aspect of it. Nor is Karma a punishment/redemption system that transmigrates from lifetime to lifetime until we achieve 'enlightenment'. Much of our beliefs about Karma are rank with shame. And just like many of you, I have been mired in my own struggles with 'Sharma' - my new name for 'shame based Karma'!

Having worked in the field of Spirituality and Self-Help all these years I've seen so many folks suffer from a complete misunderstanding of what Karma really is - such that they unconsciously perpetuate their own suffering. This is what compelled me to create 14 hours of content around this subject.

And while us 'more awakened folk' may consciously shun the idea that an 'Eye for an Eye' formula of justice runs the world, the truth is that many of us unconsciously still pray to Metaphysical Gods and a Universe that we feel will punish us with 100 more lifetimes of suffering until we finally 'get it right'. Not to mention as soon as something 'bad' happens we immediately assume we did something to deserve it and the shame based victim witch-hunt begins -- which usually begins by assigning blame for upon ourselves for all our negative thinking! In doing so naively making Karma solely a mental force. Aren't you ready to be done with all this Sharma?!    

That said, from the depths of my soul I know that I was called to midwife this audio course into the world. I believe this course is truly for those who are ready to awaken to a new shame free understanding of this cosmic force and use it to create the lives they are most longing for.

So what is Karma if not simply a 'cause and effect' principle or an assignment of suffering lifetimes to burn it off? What is Karma if not 'Sharma'? What are our 'Karmic Ties' to challenging people in our lives all about? Is there a difference between 'Soul Contract Karma' and 'Human Karma'?  How does Group Karma influence our Destiny and can it literally wire our brain? Can we change our Karma?

YES - we can indeed change our Karma. But we must first de-shame it so we may understand the nature of its complexity as operating in many different ways on many different levels in an unfathomably vast Universe of different incarnate experiences for the Soul. Only then can we work with its power through accessing our Soul's Karmic Compass to guide us within our power of choice this lifetime.

I do hope you'll look over the following course description and make a choice to engage the powerful insights and alchemy I've put together for you. This course is full of client stories, lesson work, a guided meditation, and personal testimony. 

Find out why after the Boulder Flood I realized we have been asking ourselves the shame based questions all this time regarding our Karma. Indeed, for our lives to change it's time to start asking different ones. Only then can our Karma reveal itself more fully and nourish our lives. This content in this course took all 41 years of my life to birth. I hope it serves you well. 
I'll be back next week to talk about the current Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio that's setting up - who's content is deeply present in this series. Which is why I'm incentivizing you to get this asap with 25% off the course for the first 150 orders received! This is the perfect course for the upcoming MR. Don't miss out!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Guide, Teacher, and Karma Healer

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Change Your Karma

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What is Karma and why have we misunderstood how it really
works all this time?

How can we settle 'Karmic Debt' for good?
What does it take to break a negative Karmic Tie with someone?
How does Group Karma wire your brain?
Are you facing Karma in your life or a 'Creative Obstacle'?
How do Past Lives and Karma really work?
What's the difference between mental, emotional, pychological, psycho-spiritual and soul Karma?
How can you inoculate yourself against the effects of Group Karma?
What does it mean to break a Karmic Tie with an Archetype?
What is 'Soul Contract Karma'?
What's the difference between 'Reactive Karma and Conscious Karma'?
How can you change your Karma?

Find out the answers to these powerful questions as Robert intutively guides you deep into the mystery and complexity of Karma in this profound 14 hour audio course!

Cultivated from 15 years of intuitively reading the Soul Contracts and Karma of thousands of clients, Robert brings to you this powerful and transformative audio course! Through powerful never before taught insights you'll be empowered to create the life you are most longing for while healing the shame that has previously distorted your perception of how Karma really works in your life.

No one has EVER spoken about Karma the way Robert does in this truly groundbreaking and life changing series!! His insights will astound you, leave you breathless, and open your heart.

During this 14 hour journey Robert covers in enormous depth via 6 Lessons how Karma shapes our lives from the Soul Contract/Life Blueprint level to the mundane cause and effect world we live in. All of this is done 'Ohotto' style, of course, using personal and client stories to further illuminate why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful force on all levels and free of shame.

This course includes supportive 'Lesson Work' provided in an accompanying PDF, assigned journaling exercises, and a guided meditation. All to help you discover how you can harness your power of conscious choice and completely reshape your Destiny!

The insights you'll gain from this course are like nothing you've ever heard before and will forever transform and empower you. Find out why Robert believes this course was something he was put on the planet to teach!
Frankly, there are barely words to describe this amazing audio course, but we'll try via the lesson descriptions below:

Lesson One:

*    What is Karma and how have we culturally misinterpreted it?
*    Can we change our Karma?
*    Defining Karma through Religion, Metaphysics, and Spirituality
*    How Karma connects to Shame
*    Karma and Fate
*    Why we must 'de-shame' Karma
*    Redefining Karma for a New Era
*    Shilpa's story of Karma
*    Lesson One Work

Lesson Two:

*    How does Karma serve as a Teacher?
*    Karma vs. Hyper-responsibility
*    The journey from moving from unconscious to conscious choice
*    'Soul Contract Karma' vs. 'Human Karma'
*    How we mature into our Karma and are protected by 'Higher Forces'
*    Learn a complete 'Karma Tracking System' to identify your Karma!
*    Understanding how your 'Shame Filter' creates Karma
*    The difference between mental, emotional, psychological, psycho-spiritual, and soul Karma
*    Enlightenment and Karma
*    How does Karma work with the 'Law of Attraction'?
*    The Subconscious Mind and Karma
*    How your esteem connects to Karma
*    Tracking and flagging your shame based Karma
*    How the Astrological Archetype of Scorpio relates to Karma via four stages of Karmic Evolution
*    The difference between 'Reactive Karma' and 'Conscious Karma'
*    How shame based teaching on Karma show up in the field of Spirituality and Self-Help and how you can spot them!
*    What are 'Shadow Loyalties' and how do they create your Karma?
*    Introduction to Karma and Archetypes
*    Lesson Two Work

Lesson Three:

*    Karma, Shame, and the Victim
*    Answering the question, 'Why is this happening to me?'
*    How Karma and Synchronicity work together
*    Deeply understanding the Victim Archetype
*    Soul Contracts, Karma, and the Bodhisattva Archetype
*    The Boulder Flood/Prisoners as Rescuers
*    Understanding the Karma of a 'Light Worker'
*    Is it Karma or a 'Creative Obstacle'
*    Working with the Karma of the 'Scapegoat Archetype'
*    Identifying your Esteem-System
*    Lesson Three Work

Lesson Four:

*    Karma and Your Relationships
*    What a 'Karmic Tie' is and how to recognize yours
*    Your Past Lives and Karmic Ties
*    How to settle a Karmic Debt for good
*    Soul Contracts, Soul Groups, and Karma
*    How to identify who's in your Soul Group
*    Scott's story of Relationship Karma'
*    How to break your negative Karmic Ties
*    The Karma of the Unrequited Lover Archetype
*    Why you keep engaging the same karmic patterns in relationships and how to stop!
*    How to break a 'Karmic Tie' with an Archetype
*    What are your 'Rogue Archetypes'?
*    Lesson Four Work

Lesson Five:

*    How Group Karma affects you and creates your Karma
*    Do you know your Group's Shadow?
*    How Karma is created at a group level
*    The Karma of catastrophic events/decoding the Karma of 9/11
*    Rick Rescorla's Soul Contract
*    Identifying Group Archetypes
*    Evaluating your Group's Esteem-System
*    How 'Shadow Work' inoculates you against Group Karma
*    Group Karma and the Victim Archetype
*    How Group Karma wires your brain
*    Reactive Karma vs. Conscious Karma at the group level
*    Learn a Shame/Karma Tracking System for Group Karma!
*    The karmic nature of Humanity's evolution
*    Karma and the emergence of a new 'tribalism' with the Aquarian Age
*    The Earth's Karma and You!
*    Guided Meditation - Meeting Your Karma

Lesson Six:

*    Can Divine Intervention neutralize your Karma?
*    Why does a 'Loving God' let bad things happen?
*    Can prayer change your Karma?
*    Making mistakes and trying again
*    Karma as teacher of Self-Responsibility
*    How to engage shame free accountability and change your Karma!
*    Karma and cultivating Wisdom
*    You are God/You are Grace
*    Karma and using the Power of Positivism
*    Making choices that are 'True' vs. Right/Wrong
*    How to recognize 'Karmic Test Points' and what they serve
*    Karma and Worthiness
*    Embracing your wounded ego to summon your soul
*    Your Soul's Karmic Compass and how to use it
*    The Karma of Connection

...And so much more is covered in this transformative Audio Course! Buy now so you don't miss your change to receive 25% Off!

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The download for this course will come in a 'zip' file which contains 9 audio tracks in mp3 format comprising the course audio and a PDF file of the 'Lesson Work'. After you download the 'zip file' you must 'unzip' it before you can listen to the audio. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO YOUR PHONE OR TABLET - your computer only.

iPad/iPod users: You must first download the zip file to your computer, unzip it, and then import the audio files into iTunes if you want them to play or be seen on your iPhone or iPad. There's no way to work around this because Apple products are designed to be insular with the iTunes store.  



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