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Before we get down to some serious business, I wanted to let everyone know that we are launching a big two-week 50% off sale! See below the various courses, products, and downloads that are included. Some courses are discounted lower than ever! The sale will only last two weeks so don't miss out!

Additionally I've launched a new category called 'The best of Soul Connexions Radio Series'! For quite some time folks have wanted me create a commercial free annual set of the best shows each year. So I've resurrected in download format 'The Best of Dialogue with Destiny 2009' - which is what my radio show was originally called. That too is 50% off! Check it out!  The Best of 2010 is next, stay tuned!

Speaking of radio shows, though I'd like to think that all of my radio shows are rock star (ha!), every so often I do a show that I know carries a message that's a game changer for many people. And by 'game changer' I mean LIFE CHANGER.

Not all of my shows are available for free as I have to make a living and feel it's essential to put a financial value on my work and give you the opportunity to put a financial value on the part of yourself that responds to my work. Truly one of the most powerful ways we can use money is to 'earth' what we value most and what's more valuable than your own empowerment? I find it curious that many folks will spend $14 at the cinema, but not on something that could actually change their lives, you know? Just sayin'...

That said, once in a while I feel called to give everyone a download for free because I know it will change for your life and hopefully encourage you to begin valuing your own transformation more on all levels. On June 20th I did a radio show called 'Understanding the Soul Contract of a Light Worker' that received the highest response of my shows done this year.  It is without a doubt a life changer.

I was inspired to do this show because after over a decade of intuitively reading the soul contracts of folks, it's become very apparent to me that we are way too casual in the use of the term/archetype 'Light Worker'.  In fact, I have found it's often used to inflate a wounded ego, not decode one's true destiny.

Not only has that diminished the sacredness of the archetype and calling, it's also left those who actually have that archetype lost, ashamed, and bereft of a true understanding of what the life path of a 'Light Worker' really is like and what it demands of them.

As my gift to you, I offer this download free of charge. Please search your own heart as to how you may take this gift and pay it forward, backward, and all around. Certainly share this show/download with anyone you feel might benefit. I know that many of you who follow my work do in fact HAVE the Soul Contract of a Light Worker. So as you listen to this show and you feel something move in the depths of your soul, let the movement happen...and know that you have a purpose, are loved, and are meant to be here.  : )


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, Life Strategist and Soul Contract Reader

PS - Enjoy the sale too!

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Understanding The Soul Contract of a 'Light Worker'
(This show originally aired live on June 20th)

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Do you have the soul contract of the 'Light Worker'? How do you know? What is the real calling of someone that has this archetype? Find out why Robert feels this term is used way too casually in spirituality and self-help without a real understanding of what this pattern actually asks of you. Discover the other archetypes most associated with this aspect of purpose on this keeping it real show! To find out whether the 'Light Worker' is part of your purpose and how it plays out in your life - be sure to download and listen to this amazing show!

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