Surrender and the Principle of Counter-Intent
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Hey Everyone!

First of all, thanks for all the incredible feedback given regarding my last newsletter on 'The Gifts of Rejection'. I'm so glad that it spoke to so many of you and helped in whatever way it could during the last Mercury Retrograde (which ends its alchemy August 3rd!). Speaking of which I wanted to take this opportunity to check in with you! How are you...really? What a cycle eh?!

As we move on into the next steps of what wants to happen next in our lives I keep getting called by a powerful grace that I'm quite certain is moving in your lives as well: the grace of surrender. Certainly any cycle that causes us to go within for a spell conjures up the need to surrender, but how can surrender be a practice put into place in our daily lives? Why should we cultivate it? What happens when we don't? How does a lack of surrender activate the Principle of Counter-Intent? Where do we need to exert self-effort vs. surrender to the Universe?

These powerful questions intrigued me to do a podcast for purchase via my 'Radio Show Fund' that might interest you called 'Surrender and the Principle of Counter-Intent.' The Radio Fund Shows are podcasts I pre-record and then allow folks to purchase via a sliding scale to support the expense of producing the free broadcasts and downloads of Soul Connexions Radio.

The description is found below with a link to buy the 90-minute download if it speaks to you! Additionally I'm including in this newsletter a list of my upcoming shows! Check them out and make sure to mark your calendar so you can tune into the topics that most interest you!
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Providing you with radio shows that inspire and transform your life is something that gives me great pleasure. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this endeavor over the years, I hope to keep the shows comin'! For now check out this rock star show which has already generated TONS of positive feed back on my Facebook Fan page and, and is guaranteed to change your life! Back soon with more insights, news, and a free download - stay tuned. : )

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, and Life Strategist

PS - I have added some new limited consultation dates for August if you're interested in working with me personally, see below!

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Surrender and The Principle of Counter-Intent

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When should we take action and when should we surrender? How do we know? What happens when we take action when we should surrender? You won't want to miss the life changing insights offered through this Radio Fund Show! For the first time Robert teaches how to intuitively discern when we should use action and intention so you can avoid activating the 'Principle of Counter-Intent'!

-The Three Parts of you that create your Intentions and how to identify what part is creating them
-What Intentions really are
-How to recognize when an Intention comes online in your system
-What role does Free Will play in your life?
-How we activate the Principle of Counter-Intention
-Why Law of Attraction philosophy has gotten the idea of 'counter-intention' wrong
-Why the Priniciple of Counter-Intention can push away what you want
-What happens when we step outside of our Soul Contract and attempt to engage Archetypes not destined for us
-Why surrender is essential in neutralizing the Principle of Counter-Intent
-How the Universe can still bring you something your destined for in spite of the Principle of Counter-Intent being activated
-How and why we summon miracles into our life through the power of surrender
-Why we are scared to surrender to the Divine, how to release the fear
-How the Principle of Counter-Intent blocks your intuition
...And so much more!

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Soul Connexions Radio

Monday August 5th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Do You Need a Guidance Detox?

Are you feeling like you can't make sense of the intuitive guidance you keep getting for your life? Does it seem like the whispers you keep hearing from Heaven keep contradicting each other? Are you unsure of your next step? If you said 'yes' to any of these questions you may need a 'guidance detox'! Tune into this 'guiding' show as Robert explains why sometimes we need to detox our psychic guidance system so we can clearly listen to our intuition again. Find out if you need a guidance detox and how to do it! To speak to Robert about your guidance issues dial 818.495.6927!
Thursday August 8th, 11am PT/2pm ET
Healing Your Life Through Anger!

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Monday August 12th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
What does it Really Take to Get the Love You Want?

Do you want more love in your life? Are you single and feeling lonely, yet want to open up to love?  Or married/partnered and feeling lonely?! When it comes to dating/relating do you seem to emotionally freak out just as things start to get deep, or does the other person you're with? Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns in intimacy or attracting the same type of person? Ready to get your LOVE on?! Join Robert as he returns to his groundbreaking 'Soul Connections' relationship series and discusses new revelations from his latest installment, 'Soul Connections IV'!! Yep, Robert's back at it again with brand new insights guaranteed to rock your love life and help you get the love you most want! Don't miss this call to LOVE!

Thursday August 22nd, 11am PT/2pm ET
What does it mean to 'Choose Love Over Fear'?

So often we hear that we should 'choose love over fear' - but what does that even mean? And what if the issue is we don't have a choice at all in various areas of our lives, rather default to conditioned responses? What does choosing love over fear look like when you're dealing with an addict, narcissist, cheating spouse, tragic event, self-sabotage, or financial challenges? And what about 'healthy fear'? Get ready to find out as Robert keeps it ultra real on this provocative show and takes on some of the most common ways this slogan is thrown around!!  Find out why you might want to drop this approach like a hot potatoe! To speak to Robert about your love/fear process, be sure to dial 818.495. 6927!

Monday August 26th, 6pm PT/9pm ET  
Robert's View on Past Lives, Deja Vu, Channeling, and More!

What is Deja Vu? How does 'channeling' really work and can it be trusted? What about 'Past Lives'...are they real, does regression really reveal them? Get ready as Robert explains his view on these subjects and more! Got something you'd like Robert to talk about? Call in and ask your questions on similar topics and find out what he has to say on this eye opening fun show! To speak to Robert dial 818.495.6927!

Thursday August 29th, 11am PT/2pm ET
The Power of Living a Congruent Life

What does it mean to live a 'congruent' life? Congruent to what exactly, your shame? How does living a congruent life empower you? Tune into this as Robert discusses what congruency truly is and how to cultivate in your life in shame free ways that shift and empower you! To speak to Robert dial about your congruency dilemmas 818.495.6927!

Monday September 2nd, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Intuitive Readings, Questions, and Coaching Only!

Be sure to check out this show with an open format during which Robert answers all of your questions and gives live intuitive readings/advice to callers. No topic is off limits! He'll also talk about what's currently on his mind, answer your Facebook questions, and preview the upcoming shows he has planned. Tune in as the synchronicity of this show is sure to speak to you! To speak to Robert dial 818.495.6927!

Thursday September 5th, 11am PT/2pm ET
Robert's Surprise Show Topic!

Robert's back with a new kind of show! What will this show be about? You'll have to check Robert's Facebook Fan Page the day of the show to find out - or simply tune in live to hear whatever is on Robert's mind! Tune in as the synchronicity of this show topic is sure to be quite timely! Ask Robert a question live about your Life's Purpose, how to heal an issue, or how to best co-create your life by dialing 818.495.6927!!

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