Healing Your Emotional Roots - Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Happy Solstice Everyone!

I hope that you are enjoying the longest day of light in the Northern Hemisphere and movement toward more light in the Southern Hemisphere!

We are currently in the 'set up' phase of the next Mercury Retrograde (in Cancer this time!) and I'm stunned by how poignantly this archetypal cycle is animating the lives of everyone. The Mercury Retrograde begins officially June 26th and lasts until July 20th making it an exceptionally long cycle this time (nearly a month!).

As 'Messenger of the Gods' it seems very fitting that this cycle would be so long as the Gods of Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter, and even the Sun/Apollo are all going to be in Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer during this Mercury Retrograde. This means a major shift is working itself out in our lives on an emotional level both personally and collectively.

So many themes are already surfacing and going to surface centering around our childhood, family, past, emotional sense of disconnection from ourselves and the Divine, reactive unconscious defense strategies that keep running our lives into a lonely place, need to find emotional community - and so much more.

One could look at the world and one's life and see nothing but lonely heartbreak, but I sense it's all preparation for a 'heart break-through'! However, I find myself, like many of you, in a curiously painful place regarding many of the aforementioned themes - all well animated in my own life. And all of which inspired my newest audio series to serve as guide and companion for you during this challenging yet amazing time of shift: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer - Healing Your Emotional Roots!

This series is over 3.5 hours long and is broken into three audio tracks that will download in a zip file. Once you've downloaded it and unzipped the file your journey begins. It's a powerful powerful powerful series. I guarantee it will change your life in ways you never saw coming and truly serve as the ultimate way for you to receive your own 'Mercury Retrograde Message' from this current cycle. Please look over the detail description below and see if it speaks to you.

Whether you purchase this audio series or not, I highly encourage you to SLOW DOWN and touch base with your emotional self over the next 6 weeks. All Mercury Retrogrades ask, if not coerce, us to disorganize our lives in some way (this time in a Cancer way!) so that we can reorganize ourselves around our Highest Potential.

With much love and support I'm holding a positive intention for you that this cycle and process go as smoothly as possible, as what was unconscious is made conscious - and that in turn changes your Destiny. Be back next week to talk about how to use rejection to transform your life, until then...

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist, Coach, Counselor, and Archetypal Astrologer

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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Discovering destiny in the shadow
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Healing Your Emotional Roots to Recreate 'Home' 
in Your Life
(June 26th-July 20th, 2013)  

Why do all emotional roads lead to the vulnerability of abandonment and how can we walk them?
How can you recreate a new sense of family and 'home' for yourself? 

What's a Soul Longing vs. Shadow Need?   
Why is it essential to claim your 'Emotional Origin Story'?

How can you shift 'Cancer' based emotionally driven defenses and connect to others in without abandoning yourself? 
How does the Mercury Retrograde bring an emotional disorganization phase so you can emotionally reorganize around nourishment?

What is the 'Lonely Cancer Cycle' we are stuck in and how do we break out of it? 
Find out as Robert guides you through the latest and most profound Mercury Retrograde yet! So powerful it took Robert over 3.5 hours to cover it all!

If you want to know what this current archetypal cycle has in store for you and what strategies you'll need to align with it in a conscious and empowered way, then look no further! Get ready to use the power of astrological alchemy and timing in your life with Robert's latest groundbreaking insights!

During this three-part 225 minute podcast Robert covers in enormous depth the Cancer pattern and how it's connected to other current active archetypal cycles. All of this is done 'Ohotto' style illuminating why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful Mercury Retrograde. With his classic words of wisdom on how to use the energy and timing of this powerful archetypal process, Robert will gift you with insights that empower, transform, and stay with you for the rest of your life.


-How the archetype of Cancer symbolizes the personal unconscious and emotional base of our ego development
-Why it's essential to understand/redefine the archetypes of 'Home' and 'Family' during this cycle
-How the MR in Cancer connects to the larger archetypal cycles of other planets
-Exact dates and timing of this cycle and how to use them
-The importance of connecting with your emotional sense of origin in this life
-How emotional legacies are passed down via the family line and drive self-sabotaging patterns
-Exploring and shifting your 'Cancer' themed defense strategies that keep from establishing emotional connections in your life
-How the current Mercury Retrograde brings a 'disorganization' phase to undo reactive emotional patterning so that 'reorganization' can happen around emotional needs getting met
-Essential homework to engage after each session of the audio series to help you use the power of this cycle
-How to release emotional burdens
-The difference between a 'Longing' and a 'Shadow Need'
-Where Shadow Needs come from and how bring them into the light
-Understanding and redefining 'childhood' from an archetypal perspective that helps you heal
-Why this Mercury Retrograde demands remembering your past and emotionally owning your 'Origin Story'
-The price of not emotionally connecting to our human 'Origin Story'
-Embracing the personal level of emotional experience so our authentic needs get met
-The difference between differentiating and disassociating from our past
-The danger of emotionally disassociating from our past
-How we psychically inherit the unmet needs of our parents
-Using the Child Archetype to identify and track the pain of our parents
-Claiming your Origin Story!
-Why this Mercury Retrograde is taking us back to our emotional roots
-Multiple exercises and emotionally provocative questions to facilitate a dialogue with your Soul's Longings
-Engaging a new understanding of 'Home, Tribe, and Family'
-What it means to create your own sense of 'Home' in your life
-Why all roads lead to the vulnerability of abandonment
-How to break the 'Lonely Cancer Emotional Circuit'
-What emotionally engaging Spirituality really means
-The shift of Tribe as Community
-Emotional Nourishment vs. Emotional Dependency
-Surrendering to the wisdom of your Soul Contract
-How to be unconditionally emotionally present for yourself
-Ways to find nourishing connections with everyone
-How nourishment comes from living in the center of your deepest values
-Why it's essential to embrace the dual truth of your true origins
-How not being home for yourself has shaped your loving of others
-Why this Mercury Retrograde asks you to evaluate if you are only there for yourself when it's convenient
-Deep exploration of your Child Archetype and how to self-parent
-Moving beyond self-abandonment
-Transforming Family Fate
-How to engage the Cosmic/Divine intention of this Retrograde process and work with it to uncover your own 'Mercury Retrograde Message'!

...And so much more is packed into this audio series for just $19.99! Get ready to have your heart burst wide open!
No one does Astrology like Robert Ohotto, find out why in this life changing podcast!  

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The audio for this product will come in a 'zip' file which contains part 1, 2, and 3 of the series. After you download the 'zip file' you must 'unzip' it before you can listen to the audio. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO YOUR PHONE OR TABLET - your computer only.

iPad/iPod users: You must first download the zip file to your computer, unzip it, and then import the audio files into iTunes if you want them to play or be seen on your iPhone or iPad. There's no way to work around this because Apple products are designed to be insular with the iTunes store.

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