Healing the Duality of the Addicted Ego and Mystical Soul - Mercury Retrograde in Pisces...

Hey Everyone!

There is a new mystical energy a foot as we set up for the next Mercury Retrograde (February 23rd-March 17th) and I wanted to reach out to all of you and share with you some thoughts...

Here in Boulder last weekend I went to see a documentary film at the Boulder International Film Festival that shook me to my core, 'Beyond Right and Wrong - Stories of Justice and Forgiveness'. The film chronicles three different groups of people from different parts of the world - each having to find forgiveness, meaning, and redemption in their lives after having endured horrific experiences of loss in Rwanda, Israel/Palestine, and Ireland.

The synchronicity of seeing this film just as I was getting ready to record my latest Archetypal Astrology podcast on 'Mercury Retrograde in Pisces' later that night was uncanny, as all synchronicities are.  I highly encourage you to see this film when it becomes available, but moreover to explore the themes of forgiveness, unconditional love, and letting go in your own life over the next 6 weeks.

The intuitive in me has been tracking for the past couple weeks that we indeed are at a very important shift now that asks us to sacrifice what is getting in the way of our lives moving forward. Most of us think of 'sacrifice' as something we do for 'Lent' by giving up chocolate, wine, or red meat - as giving up something we actually like and want.

But that's not really sacrifice at all. The truest essence of sacrifice (which means to make sacred) is really about giving up things that are getting in the way of the next expression of our Soul's Contract/Life Purpose on Earth.

And what is a more crucial part of 'sacrifice' than giving up our need to be 'right' or vindicated for wrongs done to us, no matter how big or small? What is more crucial than giving up the ways we continue to harm, shame, and hold ourselves hostage to our past mistakes? What is more crucial than FORGIVENESS? Of ourselves and others...

This movie conjured in me a 'Soul Shift' that only those bearing their Souls to each other can. And it reminded me that only our Soul can call forth the Soul in someone else.  And that without forgiveness the alchemy of 'Soul Conjuring' is not possible, which is essential to being freed out of one cycle and allowed to transition into another.  

This movie also reminded me that forgiveness, like acceptance, is a process. Not usually something achieved immediately overnight, but after much Soul Searching and feeling many different emotions - after spending much time with the Victim inside of us until we finally release its wound to the Gods, which can often take years to do.  

Take some time and reflect on these themes as they are present in your life right now...who do you need to forgive? Are you really ready to move on? What now needs to be 'sacrificed' that's getting in the way of your Highest Potential unfolding...?

I explore these and many more poignant and powerful themes in my latest Archetypal Astrology podcast 'Mercury Retrograde in Pisces - Healing the Duality of the Addicted Ego and Mystical Soul'.
For me this was such a profound podcast to make that I recorded 2.5 hours of content, something I've never done for a Mercury Retrograde podcast. Please look over the description below and see if it speaks to you. I hope it serves you well as a guide over the next 6 weeks.

From my Soul to yours...Namaste,

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Teacher, Guide, and Counselor

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Healing the Duality of the Addicted Ego and Mystical Soul (February 23rd- March 17th, 2013)

How can we reclaim the alchemy of sacrifice, redemption, and surrender outside of a shame-based perspective?

How are you being called to use the power of sacrifice now in your life?

What creates the dualistic split between Ego and Soul, how can we heal this in ourselves?

How can you transform your addictions into presence?

What does it mean to tell the truth about your victimization?

How can we stop automatically defaulting to a position of low worth in our lives?

Find out as Robert guides you through the latest and most profound Mercury Retrograde yet! So powerful it took Robert 2.5 hours to cover it all!
If you want to know what this current archetypal cycle has in store for you and what strategies you'll need to align with it in a conscious and empowered way, then look no further! Get ready to use the power of astrological alchemy and timing in your life with Robert's latest groundbreaking insights!

During this two-part 150 minute podcast Robert covers in enormous depth the Pisces pattern and how it's connected to other current cycles. All of this is done 'Ohotto' style illuminating why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful Retrograde. With his classic words of wisdom on how to use the energy and timing of this powerful archetypal process, Robert will gift you with insights that empower, transform, and stay with you for the rest of your life.

  • How the archetype of Pisces symbolizes the Ego and Soul and what it means to yoke them together during this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
  • Why it's now essential to tell the truth about your victimization and what this means to your Soul Contract/Life Purpose
  • How the Mercury Retrograde connects to the Saturn in Scorpio Retrograde with its archetypal energy
  • The best way to use the energy of this current Mercury Retrograde in Pisces
  • Why is it essential to redefine the ideas of sacrifice, redemption, and surrender during this Mercury Retrograde?
  • What are the keys to transitioning from addiction to mysticism?
  • Evaluate what in your life now must be 'sacrificed' and redeemed so that you can finally move on to a new cycle
  • Why this Retrograde is about both spiritually ending and beginning a cycle of life that's been years in the making
  • How the archetypes of the Addict, Mystic, Victim, Perfectionist, and Co-dependent are big players during this cycle
  • Deep penetrating questions and perspectives that help you forgive your past and others
  • How to engage the Cosmic/Divine intention of this Retrograde process and work with it to uncover your own Mercury Retrograde message!
  • Why it's essential to reevaluate our concepts of God and our relationship to The Divine during this cycle
  • Explore 'healing' and what can and cannot be healed in your life
  • How to let your 'Soul Decide' by distinguishing Power vs. Powerlessness in your life
  • Explore the 'Victim' archetype in yourself and learn how to stop your victimization
  • Find out why 'Soul-Esteem' is essential during this cycle and is connected to your relationship with The Divine
  • How to align to the energy of this cycle via the power of prayer
  • Essential 'homework' to engage post podcast to help you use the cosmic alchemy of this energy
  • Exact dates and timing of the entire cycle and how to use them 
...and so much more is packed into this MP3 download! Get ready for some Rock Star Cosmic Guidance!!

No one does Astrology like Robert Ohotto; find out why in this life changing podcast/audio series!
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces



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