Living Your Purpose within 2013's Cycles of Fate and Destiny

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's my first newsletter of 2013 and I still find myself in a state of closure for 2012 more so than a place of looking ahead at 2013. Hopefully all of you took advantage of the advice of my last newsletter and have spent some time 'consciously ending' 2012 and perhaps purchased my 'Endings' audio workshop to help you do just that.

Taking time to end things is essential, much like tearing expired faulty parts of your life down before building again. Otherwise we build the new on top of something destined to crumble! Provided that you've taken some time to consciously end that which you know is over, it can also be wise to arrive in the moment and peek around the corner to assess what you would indeed like to create/do next!

That said, the other day I read a blog in which someone decreed that they were above the forces of 'astrology' and that we shouldn't pay any mind to this incredibly insightful intuitive tool. In this blogger's defense he clearly doesn't know what 'archetypal intuitive astrology' is or I very much doubt he would have said such a thing.

Nonetheless this got me thinking about the nature in which we co-create our lives and our inability to understand that all of life is cyclical, and that furthermore the cycles of our life are encoded with and directed by archetypal energy. I don't have to convince you of this because you already know it's true.

Understanding The Fated Archetypal Nature of Life Cycles

While you may not understand your life cycles in terms of archetypal forces, you have nevertheless already experienced them! In fact you are experiencing this energy right now. Take a moment and feel into the cycles you are now living...if you could give the energies a name what would you call them?

For example, are you in a cycle of deep self-responsibility, death, birth, or creative renewal? Go a step further; what archetypal energy is part of this? Do you feel 'rebellious', 'mystically called', 'revolutionary', or called to do some 'deep detective work and analysis' on your life? Has the 'addict' or 'co-dependent' in you been revealed? Has the Alchemist shown up on your doorstep? What kind of healing is now needed in your life's cycle - any 'healers' showing up on the scene?

For over two decades now my Life's Work in part has been about the study of and counseling folks in regards to the archetypal forces that animate and direct the unfolding of our life's purpose--our Soul Contract. And just as sure as the forces of gravity are at work in your life whether you understand how they work or not, the energy of archetypal cycles is also at work. This is simply an aspect of Fate that we must honor as part of living a Destined Life here on Planet Earth.

Once you intuitively understand what the archetypal energy is that is currently directing your life, you can then learn how to work with these forces (not against them or in denial of them) and effectively launch your life just as an astrophysicist learns how to launch a rocket into space once she understands the principles of Earth's gravitational field and then deduces the propulsion necessary to get lift off.

These archetypal patterns that are managing reality on Earth are part of the Terms of Earth School. They were in full motion well before any of us arrived on the planet and carry on their creative way once we're gone. Knowing this begs the question; 'Who are we to think that now because we are here the Sun should rise in the West and set in the East just because that might make things easier for us!?'  HA!

Cycles don't always coincide with our Ego's idea of what should unfold next, in fact they seldom do. Yet it is our Soul that has signed up to ride these waves like a surfer on the sea. Take a moment and catch up with that: YOUR SOUL signed up to experience the waves of Earth School and learn how to best ride them - this is in part what defines your Highest Potential!!

We're not here to direct the cycles of life and their archetypal energy via our Ego's agendas, wishes, and victim based demands. Sorry folks, I'm just sayin' with all the love in my heart! And the Gods know that I've tried to do this right along with the rest of you!

What's more, you already know this is true because you're life experience tells you so, does it not? To go against to currents of Life is akin to what the Greeks considered going against the Gods of their time, an act of egoist arrogance that they termed as 'hubris'.

The Gift of Archetypal Astrology and Keeping it Real 

Take a moment and assess your life. Are you coming from a place denial when it comes to the nature of the cycles you are in? How do you know if you are? Have you ever thought about the nature of co-creation this way, in that we can only create within the possibilities of what a particular archetypal cycle offers us in terms of options - both on a personal and collective level? That it's actually 'meant' to be this way?

Luckily there is a tool many of you know I LOVE that can greatly help us understand the cycles of our Soul Contracts and their timing: Archetypal Astrology. One of the brilliant things about Archetypal Astrology is that it is a tool that shows us exactly what the archetypal energy of the cycles currently are, have been, and are going to be. It can point us to how to best work WITH them, within their possibilities so that we are making the best conscious use of our free will. So if it's a 'Winter Cycle' we're in, we go snowboarding instead of trying to plant a garden, etc!

Intuitively Archetypal Astrology is not only a field I've been pioneering for the past 10 years, it's also one of my deepest passions.  It has been an exquisite guide for my own life and has taught me to trust in the timing of Life. It has also challenged me time and time again with my projections of how I think life 'should' be only to find that the Universe and my Soul Contract has a different plan - ouch!

I hope that this article has given you some food for thought. And if you're interested in learning more about Intuitive Archetypal Astrology I'm launching 2013 with a 30% off discount on my Intro to Intuitive Astrology Course Classes - good until the end of January.

Additionally be sure to check out my Archetypal Astrology podcasts when they come out. You don't necessarily need a deep knowledge of astrology to listen and get massive coordinates for your life. I've gotten such incredible feedback on this branch of my work over the past year and continue to hear how it's helped many of you.

That said, thanks to everyone who encouraged me to bring this aspect of my work back and to those of you who've written me such great feedback on these podcasts. I'll keep them coming!

Below is the latest podcast/audio series on Saturn in Scorpio I just launched, a cycle that lasts until 2015.  Read it over and see if it speaks to you! Neptune in Pisces is next, stay tuned...Below that you'll find the Intuitive Astrology Classes. All three are discounted until the end of January, enjoy!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, and Life Strategist

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Emotional Longing, Desire, and Releasing Fate

(October 5th, 2012 - September 15th, 2015)

What is emotionally at the root of your self-sabotage?

Are you working out the karma of your ancestors, how do you know?

How can you transform a compulsion into a healthy desire?

What does it really mean to detox and purge your past?

What's the best way to take responsibility for your emotional malnourishment?

Find out as Robert guides you through the current Saturn in Scorpio cycle in this profound audio series!

If you want to know what the current Saturn in Scorpio archetypal cycle has in store for you and what strategies you'll need to align with it in a conscious and empowered way, then look no further! Get ready to use the power of astrological alchemy and timing in your life with Robert's latest groundbreaking insights!
During this 2 hours and 40 minutes audio series podcast Robert covers in enormous depth the archetype of Saturn as a force in your Soul Contract and as an activator of your current 'Scorpio Task.' Discover how to best work with this energy and why 'Saturn Work' is essential to fulfilling your Destiny. Find out how Saturn assigns us a developmental task through its astrological cycles and what the Saturn in Scorpio task is for you!
All of this is done 'Ohotto' style illuminating why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful archetypal process. For nearly 3 hours Robert delivers insights like never before that will forever transform and empower you. Frankly, there are barely words to describe this amazing audio series, but we'll try!

  • What Saturn is as an archetypal force inside of you
  • How Saturn cycles work in our lives
  • Why this cycle demands mastering the emotional energies of yourself, family, and culture
  • Understanding the eternal dilemma of Ego vs. Soul
  • Examining your own emotional starvation and its source
  • How to emotionally digest the traumas and experiences of your life so that you can truly heal and move on
  • Why we must embrace the energy of Saturn as an essential aspect of Healthy Ego Development
  • The best way to use the energy of this current Saturn in Scorpio cycle which lasts for 2.5 years
  • Engaging the discipline of living authentically
  • How to be unconditionally present to your direct honest emotional response to life
  • Emotionally engaging with life as a source of vitality and creativity
  • Identifying what now must die in your life for emotional renewal
  • The difference between the shadow and empowered aspects of your Saturn energy
  • What it takes to transform shadow Saturn energy into empowered inner authority
  • How healthy desire serves as an intuitive compass of purpose and what happens when it's denied
  • Ways to alchemically transform your compulsions and obsessions
  • What ancestral karma is and why it's part of your Soul Contract
  • How to transform ancestral karma and inherited psychological patterns
  • Why this cycle demands we take responsibility for our emotional longings and needs
  • Identifying what keeps you from being emotionally present to your life
  • How Saturn will speak to you through this cycle and what will happen if you don't listen!
  • Why the archetypes of the Scapegoat, Victim, and Alchemist are related to your ancestral inheritance
  • Deep penetrating questions that help you identify your Saturn Task during this cycle
  • What it really takes to do an 'Emotional Purge' and why they are necessary
  • The necessity of cultivating a new level of emotional honesty for your life
  • The differences between the emotional territory of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
  • What Saturn means in your personal birth chart
  • Exact dates and timing of the entire cycle and how to use them
  • The primary archetypes that are energized during this cycle and how to work with them including the Addict, Mystic, and Detective

...and so much more is packed into this Audio Series! Get ready for nearly 3 hours of mind blowing Rock Star Cosmic Coaching!!

No one does Astrology like Robert Ohotto; find out why in this life changing Audio Series Podcast comprised of two audio downloads: Saturn in Scorpio Part I and II!  
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Begin exploring the patterns of your Soul Contract!

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