The Necessity of Ending 2012 Consciously

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you had a fantastic Holiday! I know for many of us the Holidays aren't always about fun and gifts, but sheer! That said, I hope that your Holiday was both fantastic and you survived!

As we now draw a close to the year that was 2012  (and yes we are still here in spite of the many who were banking on a Mayan Apocalypse!) many of you may immediately begin thinking of the year ahead while considering your goals and what it means to turn the page on this current year. Hell, some of you may very well want to go ahead and slam the whole damn book on 2012 and crack open 2013 asap! After two surgeries and so many challenging changes I can't keep track I know I kinda feel that way, lol!
Yet, I want to suggest just the opposite... If you can, really sit still awhile and contemplate on all the changes and growth you've experienced in 2012. Make some time to slow down and take a very conscious inventory of this last year - What did you learn? How did you love? What did you create? What did you cultivate in the garden that was 2012?

Our culture--so busied by filling up with the next thing that will make us 'happy' and so afraid to rest in the empty void of space between breaths--doesn't really teach us to take a conscious inventory of the things that are ending in our lives. So sit down and take another look at your 2012 garden and assess what is dead, dying, and/or ready to die. Can you admit that to yourself? How does it feel to know that something, if not many things, in your life is/are ending?

I have always treated the end of each year ritualistically as time in which I examine the year ending, and then I usually spend the first couple weeks of January hanging out in the space 'in between' years. In fact it's usually not until mid-January that I even begin to think about my coordinates for the New Year ahead.

That said, I invite you to join me in this same process. To help that along last year I created an audio workshop called: 'Endings-A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year' which I based on my own personal annual process and what I intuitively know are your blind spots when it comes to what it takes to let go and consciously put things to rest.  

This audio workshop has a lecture portion and guided meditation segment. Yet it also has a guided ritual too! All of which thread together exquisitely to create a conscious transformational way to end the year like you've probably never experienced before.
What's more is I designed this audio workshop such that you can re-use it at the end of every year going forward as a powerful way to consciously end each year, whether that be based on our collective calendar or your birthday!

If you already purchased this audio course last year I invite you to pull it out and cue it up. Then go ahead and listen to it all over again! It's so essential for us to clear the slate upon which we have written down our dreams and visions from 2012 before we begin writing new ones on it for 2013.

Here's a more detailed description of this audio course. I really feel this may be the best contribution to next year's potential that you can make, that and well...also checking out my latest Archetypal Astrology Audio Series MP3 download 'Saturn in Scorpio' for which there is a link listed below!

Even if you decide not to purchase either series, please consider slowing down and consciously ending your 2012 and hang out for a while in that 'in between' empty space that exists after you exhale out last year and before you inhale 2013.

Much love and THANK YOU for allowing me to guide, inspire, and transform your life in 2012. I hope to continue our essential work together in 2013 with new radio shows, new audio series, a new book, a new blog, a new TV show, and much more!

Have a conscious and contemplative New Year's Eve - and ok, party a little bit too!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, and Teacher

Endings: A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year

Awaken to your future by putting your past to rest!
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So often we look to the New Year as a time to launch new plans and revive old goals, but what becomes of the unfinished business that gets swept aside throughout the year as we turn our attentions forward? Join Robert for a thought-provoking 3-part seminar, "Endings: A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year" and learn how invoking the power of ritual to bury your past can help sow seeds of the future you intended!
This 3-part seminar contains a Lecture, Ritual, and Guided Meditation to engage at your own pace. Throughout the Lecture, Robert encourages you to stop, reflect and journal your way to breakthroughs like you've never experienced them before! Make no mistake; this Endings event requires your conscious participation to make the experience meaningful. The Guided Meditation and Ritual will lead you into a new awareness of the ways you may have been resistant to letting go and offers a profoundly compassionate path to resolving the past.

Learn how a Ritual of Ending and soulful reflection can help heal your past, empower your present, and illuminate the future of your choosing! Although this audio program is geared toward teaching you let go of the unresolved aspects of last year, it's a powerful tool you'll want to return to again and again!
This audio course contains the following downloads*:
*    1 Lecture MP3 (appx. 2 hours.)
*    1 Guided Meditation MP3 (appx. 1 hour)
*    1 Ritual MP3 (appx. 1 hour)
*    1 PDF
*Much of this program is interactive and self-paced, which means it may span more than the total 5 hours.

Robert covers the following topics:
*    Understanding the personal and cultural value of endings
*    Learning to let go
*    Why death is a creative aspect of renewal
*    Death as transformation
*    The vision board vs. the death board
*    Rituals as a pathway to the heart
*    Getting to present-moment guidance
*    Inventorying the endings of your life
*    Ego Safety as resistance to change
*    Writing new chapters to your own story
*    The lip service of change
*    Transformation and hard work
*    What your goals mean to you
*    Inner goals vs. outer goals
*    Resolving unfinished emotional business
*    Post-esteem anger
*    The Ritual of Endings
*    Saying Goodbye with compassion and commitment
*    Guided meditation and journaling
*    And more!  

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Whether you invest in this yourself via this audio workshop or not, please do yourself the greatest service by not entering into your goal setting for 2013 whilst lugging the 'dead' of your life around at the same time, impeding your momentum and distorting your clarity!

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