Your Core Wounded Ego Strategies vs. 

Your Soul  

Hey Everyone!

I'm back and on the mend from my shoulder surgery. Thank you so much for your well wishes and prayers, I really could feel them while I was going through surgery and since I've been recovering. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm healing well and hope that this is it in terms of surgeries for at least two decades! Two surgeries within four months is enough for a while, just sayin'!

Now that I'm back in my groove I'm also back on the air! See a list below of my remaining Soul Connexions Radio shows for 2012 and be sure to mark your calendars for the shows you don't want to miss! Speaking of which, there is a show I just did this past Monday that you must hear and I'm offering it to you as a free download in this newsletter.

Every so often I do a show that resonates so much with the listening audience that I can literally feel all of you while I'm live having a major shift and AHA download. This was that kind of show to be sure...the kind of show that I know you MUST hear, even if you think it won't speak to you - yep this is THAT show.

One of the most striking things I've witnessed in clients I work with and myself if our propensity to mistake our self-sabotaging patterns as who we are. When we (re)act of these survival based adapted strategies our capacity to make conscious soul based choices is hijacked, we sabotage ourselves, our esteem weakens, and our shame energizes. Then when all is said and done we are left claiming these patterns as our identity.

So I ask you, are you an 'Addict' or someone going through the experience of an addiction as a maladapted strategy to manage past trauma? Are you a 'Co-dependent' or someone suffering from co-dependency as a way to get back to a sense of safety in your life out of an unsafe childhood? Extrapolate from these example questions whatever would apply to you.

To be sure, it's quite useful as part of a healing process to name our patterns and claim them - but too often they end up claiming us! For example, one of the first steps of recovering from an addiction is realizing that you are 'an addict' and admitting that but it's essential to understand what that language really means to you and your psyche. What's true is that you are an addict in the sense that you have a soul contract to move from the Addict to Mystic/Alchemist Archetypes...but what's also true is that in your essence and soul YOU are not an addict, rather a soul under contract to experience a healing and spiritual awakening through the Addict archetypal pattern.

This is the essence of what I explored in the show I'm asking you to download. Take the time to do this for yourself! All you gotta do is click on the link below the show description. Here are some comments I've received from the folks who caught it live. was game changing. I have done the shadow work, identified my archetypes, and have been watching for triggers trying to change my behavior to come instead from a place of authenticity. Already, in the days following, there has been real movement from my soul. That's what you do for people like me, Robert, beloved teacher and friend, you help set off the sparks around you with your light. It could only be through grace that I found your radio show five years ago.  -N.S.

...I realized how important it is to see and change patterns that aren't working for me through compassion and NOT through shame.  I realize how often I feel motivated to change my behavior and my life when I'm feeling disgusted, angry or disappointed with myself or another.  Thank you, as always, for your work.  Your podcasts change my life in such a positive gratitude, Steph

...I just finished listening to the Monday show and found it really helpful as a way to think about including a pattern without identifying with it, both internally and also when talking with others. And what really hit home for me was when you talked with the caller about Risk and her family's psychic comfort level with it! I felt you were talking directly to me, and my pen started moving and didn't stop until you did.   - Lena

I hope that this show helps you as much as it has helped others already! Be sure to spread the love and share it with anyone you feel may also benefit. I'll be back next week with another free download too that I promise will rock your world!

In the meantime don't forget about the Oholidays sale of 25% off whatever you put in your shopping cart, and this includes getting a reading with me!  See more on that below. Also be sure to take advantage of the massive discount on the 'Co-creating Your Destiny in Present Time' workshop that is only good for a few more days! And get ready as this weekend I'll be recording a new Archetypal Astrology podcast on Saturn in Scorpio...stay tuned!

Happy Oholidays and Namaste,

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, and Life Strategist


Is it Your Core Essence or a Wounded Strategy?

Do you feel badly about yourself because of your continued relapses back into your old patterns? If you're really honest do you mostly think of yourself as a failure/piece of sh*t because of the way you continue to engage in self-sabotage? If so, relief is on the way! Listen to this loving free audio podcast as Robert helps you understand the difference between the strategies you created out of your core wounding and why these are not who you really are. Warning, this show may cause compassion!

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Robert's Holiday Coaching Show and Ending 2012!

Get ready for the grand finale of 2012 as Robert recaps the arc of his shows over the past year while providing you with sanity saving guidance and coaching for your Holiday Family Reunions! You won't want to miss this final show of 2012 guaranteed to stimulate your mind and open your heart. Robert will also give you guidance on how to best end 2012 consciously and clear the slate for 2013! Don't miss out on this dose of LOVE.

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