Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Sagittarius - Embracing Inconvenient Emotional Truths


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First and foremost I want to give a shout out to all my peeps on the East Coast who have been through the devastating Hurricane Sandy. You are in my prayers and thoughts non-stop. Having been through numerous wildfires here in Colorado over the years I know firsthand how challenging a natural disaster can be. That said, I have decided to donate a percentage of the sales from my current Mercury Retrograde podcast to relief efforts helping all of you in need right now. : )



Speak of which! Oh yes, Mercury is going to station retrograde on Tuesday November 6th, 2012 and go back out of Sagittarius into Scorpio until November 26th. Did you catch that...? Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day here in the US!! It's a very very very important synchronicity. I've put together an in depth podcast on this which you can read more about and purchase via the details below. As just mentioned a portion of the sales will go to help those in need on the East Coast, so not only do you get to help yourself via some rock star astrological guidance in purchasing the podcast, you get to help others as well!


This Mercury Retrograde will no doubt trigger some core territory in all of us to rise to the surface. What do you expect; it's in Scorpio after all! I hope you'll take advantage of downloading these crucial coordinates!! Check out full details below.

Ghosts and Hauntings...
In other news I recently did a 'Halloween' themed radio show/podcast on 'Ghosts' and what haunting really are. This show ended up being one of my most listened to shows ever and generated quite the buzz as I took on the subject from an Intuitive's point of view shattering much of the well believed and established paradigms on the subject. Did you know that you may be haunted and not even know it and ghosts may not be what you think they are? And that there are reasons why you are being haunted that you're not even aware of? If you want to find out how to really 'clear' a haunted space you must download this show. And the good news is that you can for FREE!! Just look below the list of my upcoming Soul Connexions Radio shows for the download link!

I'll be back with more insights next week. Enjoy the new Mercury Retrograde podcast and free Soul Connexions Radio show download. Hang in there East Coasters and much love to Everyone!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Coach, Counselor, and Life Strategist


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Sagittarius
Embracing Inconvenient Emotional Truths
(November 6th- 26th, 2012)

Are you living a life of Truth or Illusion, how do you know?
What is the difference between the Core Self and core wounds?
Why do we need to redefine what our 'light' is?
How can you transform your trauma patterns into empowerment?

Find out as Robert guides you through the latest Mercury Retrograde in this illuminating podcast!
If you want to know what this current archetypal cycle has in store for you and what strategies you'll need to align with it in a conscious and empowered way, then look no further! Get ready to use the power of astrological alchemy and timing in your life with Robert's latest groundbreaking insights!

During this 85 minute podcast Robert covers in enormous depth the Scorpio pattern and its blend with Sagittarius this cycle. All of this is done 'Ohotto' style illuminating why it's essential to consciously engage this powerful Retrograde. With his classic words of wisdom on how to use the energy and timing of this powerful archetypal process, Robert will gift you with insights that empower, transform, and stay with you for the rest of your life.


- The complete alchemical psychic process of the Scorpio pattern and what it means for the Mercury Retrograde
- Why it's now essential to embrace your emotional truth and move out of emotional denial
- How the Mercury Retrograde bridges from Scorpio and Sagittarius with its archetypal energy
- The best way to use the energy of this current Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Sagittarius
- How to cultivate a new approach to your Shadow Work and check in with your intentions
- The difference between the Core Self and core strategies you developed to defend your vulnerability and ego wounding
- Evaluate what patterns of illusion you identify as yourself and how to wake up and break free from them
- Why this cycle demands we embrace inconvenient truths about our lives with full willingness to change
- Why the archetype of the Alchemist is a big player during this cycle
- Deep penetrating questions that help you move past your defense mechanisms and reactivity to new essential awareness which offers new choices
- How to engage the Cosmic/Divine intention of this Retrograde process and work with it to uncover your own Mercury Retrograde message!
- The role of shame in forming our sexual desires and 'Erotic Template' of attraction
- How to embrace the vulnerability of 'neediness'
- What your 'light' really is and how not to be polarized with your Shadow by it
- Exact dates and timing of the entire cycle and how to use them
...and so much more is packed into this MP3 all for just $13.99! Get ready for some Rock Star Cosmic Coaching!!
No one does Astrology like Robert Ohotto, find out why in this life changing podcast!

Mercury Retrograde
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Monday November 5th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Fixing vs. Healing

Are you trying to 'heal' your life but nothing seems to change? Could it be that you are really trying to 'fix' your life instead of heal it and that's what's keeping you stuck? Do you even know the difference? Tune into this paradigm busting show as Robert breaks down the difference between making a real shift in your life vs. putting a shame based band-aid on. If you feel that parts of your life are not resolving this show has some true medicine for you! To speak to Robert about your healing your life dial 818.495.6927!

Thursday November 8th, 11am PT/2pm ET
Robert's Guide to Love and Relating

Based on the enormous response to Robert's last show on relationships the topic is back on the table! Tune into this show to find out how relationships are an aspect of your Soul Contract and spiritual path. Find out how to be present to the love in your life, why we need to understand the evolution of marriage, and how to track what part of you does your dating and relating. Additionally explore what part of you attracts unfinished business via relationships on this ground breaking show! Need intuitive guidance on love? Be sure to call in live 818.495.6927!!

Thursday November 12th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
The Archetype and Price of the Pioneer

Do you feel that you keep getting arrows in your back for taking steps forward in your life? Yet, have you always found yourself unable to follow in the path that someone else created? Or are you in a life cycle in which you must forge a new path? If so, it's time you got acquainted with The Pioneer Archetype! Whether this pattern is a permanent fixture in your Soul Contract or currently a temporary animated guide on your path, find out how to work positively with this powerful force. Move past feeling victimized by the Pioneer so you can get on with it already!

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Are Ghosts Real, Are You Being Haunted?
Originally aired 10/29/2012

Are ghosts real? Do you feel that you may be haunted? Or have you been feeling an unwanted presence in your living space? Join Robert for his first ever 'Halloween' themed podcast as explores the subject of hauntings and ghosts! You won't want to miss this fun and yet deep show as Robert explains how you may be haunted and not even know it, and what you can really do to release your ghosts. Robert's take on this subject will blow your mind; get ready for a ghost story and more!

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