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As previously promised this newsletter has a free podcast to download that you're not going to want to miss! In our 'mental' based culture we seldom really touch base with our hearts and the power of this force inside of us. In fact, many of us don't know how to truly enter our heart and instead engage in things that render our hearts toxic. I've seen this in intuitive reading after reading.



Yet our heart is like an attractor beam drawing to us certain people, groups, situations, ideologies, and karma. Are you aware of your 'psychic' heart health? What happens when your heart is infected by a psychic virus? What is a 'psychic virus'? What does it take to detox your heart? What happens to our intuition when our heart has been contaminated with bad juju? Find out via the free podcast below!



Before that take a look at my upcoming Soul Connexions Radio shows for the rest of October! Remember Monday's show goes out as a free podcast on iTunes and Feedburner and you can call in LIVE by dialing 818.495.6927. You can also listen to the show via your phone by dialing that number.


Consultation Dates Open!

For the first time in a while I've also opened up some new consultation and intuitive coaching session dates that may be my last ones for the year. Take a look at what's available and sign up asap, I'd love to work with you personally to help you understand your Soul Contract and reach your highest potential!

Be back next week with some more news, for now pay attention as we are now entering into the 'set up' phase for the next Mercury Retrograde--oh yes, I'll be doing a podcast all about it, stay tuned! If you are new to Archetypal Astrology, get started on the Intro to Astrology Course via the links below and begin to learn this powerful intuitive tool while enjoying a limited time discount!

Enjoy the free download of 'Underestimating the Power of What's in Your Heart'! From my heart to yours...

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Coach, Counselor, and Strategist

Thursday October 18th, 11am PT/2pm ET
Fixing vs. Healing

Are you trying to 'heal' your life but nothing seems to change? Could it be that you are really trying to 'fix' your life instead of heal it and that's what's keeping you stuck? Do you even know the difference? Tune into this paradigm busting show as Robert breaks down the difference between making a real shift in your life vs. putting a shame based band-aid on. If you feel that parts of your life are not resolving this show has some true medicine for you! To speak to Robert about your healing your life dial 818.495.6927!

Monday October 22nd, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Robert's Guide to Love and Relating

Based on the enormous response to Robert's last show on relationships the topic is back on the table! Tune into this show to find out how relationships are an aspect of your Soul Contract and spiritual path. Find out how to be present to the love in your life, why we need to understand the evolution of marriage, and how to track what part of you does your dating and relating. Additionally explore what part of you attracts unfinished business via relationships on this ground breaking show! Need intuitive guidance on love? Be sure to call in live 818.495.6927!!

Thursday October 25th, 11am PT/2pm ET
The Archetype and Price of the Pioneer

Do you feel that you keep getting arrows in your back for taking steps forward in your life? Yet, have you always found yourself unable to follow in the path that someone else created? Or are you in a life cycle in which you must forge a new path? If so, it's time you got acquainted with The Pioneer Archetype! Whether this pattern is a permanent fixture in your Soul Contract or currently a temporary animated guide on your path, find out how to work positively with this powerful force. Move past feeling victimized by the Pioneer so you can get on with it already!

Monday October 29th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
The Reality of Co-creating Reality!

All this talk going around about co-creating reality but what's the 'reality' on co-creating reality?! How powerful can we really be as co-creators and what does it really take to live the life of our dreams? Get ready for Robert to keep it real on this intriguing and powerful subject! Tune in to find out what the true strategies and psycho-spiritual technology are that will really empower you to living your fullest potential!  Be prepared to have your eyes opened with this reality check and dial 818.495.6927 with your questions on how you can be the most powerful co-creator you can be!

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Free Podcast Download!

Underestimating the Power of What's in Your Heart
Originally aired 9/27/2012

When you turn toward your heart, what do you find? What happens when you find love? What happens when you find the toxins of anger or hate? How can you detox your heart? How should you handle the toxic heart of someone else? Be sure to download and listen to this revealing podcast as Robert explains that the state of your heart is like an attractor beam drawing you to certain people, groups, situations, ideologies, and karma. You won't want to miss this life changing podcast! It may just very well be the perfect medicine to keep your heart healthy so that you can live your life from a center of loving kindness. Get ready for this game changer that may cause miracles!

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Intro to Astrology
Intuitive Astrology
Intro to Astrology
Intuitive Astrology
Intro to Astrology
Intuitive Astrology

Personal Intuitive Consultations Dates Now Available!

Robert finally has some time open on his schedule to do intuitive consultations! If you are interested in working with him personally please follow the link to see his available dates over the next few weeks. More and more Robert's time to do consultations becomes difficult, so be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity!
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