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It has been a long time since my last newsletter, nearly three months! I do hope that your summer has been winding down splendidly (or winter depending where you are in the world!). Speaking of winding down, I have been wrapping up my last public workshops for 2012 and am excited to take next year off from teaching public workshops so I can finally begin developing a TV show and other media projects - some of which include more rock star online courses for all of you to enjoy!


I'm also looking forward to bringing some energy back to this newsletter via articles and free downloads to help inspire and empower your life. In fact, I'll be sending out a newsletter next week with a free podcast download to kick off my one free podcast download a month only to be accessed exclusively through this newsletter! Do stay won't want to miss it!

Will I Write an Astrology Book?

As many of you know, astrology is by far my favorite intuitive tools and something I have a profound passion for. Properly understood, in my experience, there truly is no better way to understand your Soul Contract, Archetypes, and the cycles of your Life's Purpose than via Intuitive Archetypal Astrology. For many years, those familiar with my work regarding Intuitive Archetypal Astrology have asked me to write a book on the subject. In fact, recently, as I've been doing podcasts on planetary cycles as a form of intuitive coaching, more and more of you have been sending me emails asking if I would be writing such a book asap! That got me thinking...I kind of already have!

In addition to my Soul Destinies Program, which had been available as a home study for a while, I had created an online 'Intro to Intuitive Astrology' course about 5 years ago on another website which was discontinued about 3 years ago and no longer accessible to the public. While the Soul Destinies Home Study is no longer available, I'm happy to report that 'Intro to Intuitive Astrology-Discovering Your Life's Purpose' is back and better than ever! If you've ever wanted to begin studying astrology 'ohotto style' this is the course for you. To find out more please read the description below. Before that I thought it would be fun to kick off the course with a little article called: Astrological Guidance-Fact vs. Myth! Read on, you might be surprised by how valuable astrology can be as a tool to understand your Destiny!

Much love,
Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist

Astrological Guidance: Fact vs. Myth

I have been working intuitive counselor/coach nearly two decades now and for many sessions use my intuitive tool: astrology! During that time I have had many conversations in which common myths about what astrology is materialize. It seems to me that few really understand the actual intuitive art and science of astrology, and its immeasurable value as a tool of self-discovery. Astrological guidance, properly understood, is of immense value on the path to greater consciousness, self-actualization, and alignment to your life's purpose. Let me dispel the four most common myths about astrology.

Myth: Daily/monthly horoscopes found in periodicals are applicable and accurate to the sun signs they represent.

Fact: NOT AT ALL! Nothing has done more damage to the collective perception of astrology than those lucky horoscopes blinking in the back pages of the daily rag. Here's the truth. We all have what is called a natal chart. It is based on the exact time, date, and place where you were born, and is completely specific to you. You might think of it as a cosmic map of your potential and destiny - why you came to earth school. The chart shows the exact alignments of the planets and heavens relative to your first breath in your new body. It has encoded within its structure your life's patterns, cycles, and soul's intention. I interpret it as a mandala of your Soul Program. Rich with archetypal information, it is a cosmic clock that shows the timing of your personal development and transformations. No one can generalize that into a horoscope based on just your sun sign....this is way too general and, quite frankly, nothing but mere entertainment. Which leads me to the next myth.....

Myth: Your sun sign is what you are innately and it describes your personality the most.

Fact: The sun sign describes some dominant qualities you might have, but these qualities are often not innately yours. In fact, you have earned them. It may also be true that you do not relate completely to traditional descriptions of your astrological sun sign.

Many feel they personify the entire cookbook list of qualities for their sun sign that you find in basic astrology books. Conversely many dismiss astrological guidance because they do not feel that they can identify with any of the characteristics of their sun sign.

So what is the astrological sun sign then? Put simply, it is the constellation the sun was in when you were born, based on the tropical zodiac of western astrology. The sun sign is the archetypal anchor of the natal chart that all the other planets serve. However, it is not the only archetype alive and well in your personal galaxy - there are other planets, houses, lunar nodes, the ascendant, and the moon to consider as well! Then we must look at how all those factors relate to each other in the chart via angular relationships, called "aspects."

The sun sign is the archetypal container of your soul's evolution. It represents the solar hero's journey, in a lifelong process of becoming, but its qualities often have to be earned through life experience. Earth school will always provide all the opportunities for the actualization of the qualities symbolized by the sun sign.

For example, if you have a Libra sun sign, your life will draw in experiences that force you to learn the art of compromise in relationships, how to make peace and mediate, how to be fair/just, how to see both sides of a situation, how to make holistic decisions, how to appreciate beauty, and how to see yourself reflected in others....but most of this has to be learned.

What is intrinsic to your character and most familiar to you is the archetypal energy of your moon sign. I always think of the moon sign as from whence we've come, and the sun as where we keep going. If your moon and sun are in the same sign, then you incarnated in this lifetime to polish and expand in your soul the qualities that archetype embodies. The older you get, the more you will tend to resonate with the archetype of your sun sign - hopefully!

Now that we understand the sun sign a bit, let's move onto the next myth.

Myth: You can judge relationship compatibility based solely on the sun sign.

Fact: No you can't! That's like saying you can judge compatibility based on hair color! Very often I am asked by people, "I'm a Virgo, he's a Pisces.....can it work?" If the sun sign is just one part of the whole in a natal chart, how can you judge relationship compatibility based on only one part?

Interpreting the compatibility of two people is complex business. In astrology, it's called "Synastry." I need to see the entire natal chart of each individual before I can determine the inherent degrees of compatibility and what each could learn from the other. What's more, in addition the two individual natal charts can be combined into a third chart that symbolizes the relationship as an entity/soul of its own. This is called a "composite" chart. From there I can compare the two individual natal charts to the composite chart to see how each individual perceives and relates to the relationship itself.

Myth: The movements of the planets "cause" things to happen.

Fact: Astrology works based on the Law of Correspondences, which states:

As above, so below.
As within, so without.
As the Universe, so the Soul.

So really, the planets simply mirror back what is going on inside of us, in accordance with the law of synchronicity.
I saved this myth for last because I feel it addresses why astrological guidance is so useful and accurate in the first place. Astrology works because it embraces the ultimate truth that "all is one." This is a quantum physics fact. The ancients had already intuited through myth the archetypes that we have associated with the heavenly bodies and planets long before many of the planets were discovered.

For example, let's look at the planet Pluto. The archetype of Pluto existed long before the planet was actually discovered by astronomy. Pluto symbolizes sex, power, death, transformation, and rebirth. Is it accurate to say that the planet Pluto causes death and transformation to happen in our lives?

Not all astrologers agree with me, but I don't think so. The planet Pluto is really an external manifestation that is symbolic of an inner, and simultaneously, universal archetype. Thus, the discovery of Pluto gave us a way to externally perceive a level of cosmic reality, which is inextricably linked to our interior.

That being said, we will often experience the archetypal movements any planet, as both inner and outer manifestations of cyclical change. This is where the true value of astrological guidance begins to shine! I have found that there is a strong correlation between how much an archetype is internally versus externally experienced based on the level of awareness you bring to what that archetype is trying to transform within your life.

When you obtain an astrological consultation or learn astrology for yourself and chart out the current planetary movements relative to your natal chart, you are thereby more empowered to work with the cycles of energy in your life consciously. Then hopefully the Universe won't have to hit you with a brick to awaken what needs changing in your life. Astrological guidance allows you to meet Heaven half-way.

Now, this doesn't mean it will be easy! We all will experience both inner and outer upheaval on the path to higher consciousness and self-actualization. It does mean, however, that the meaning and intent behind the change can be more readily grasped, processed, understood, and integrated. I have seen that this can shed light into the dark night. Bringing meaning to life experience is the healing alchemy that we all seek, no? And that, my friends, is the real value of astrological guidance.

I hope that I've dispelled for you some common myths about astrology, and got you as excited as I am about natal charts as a tool to self-discovery. I hope you'll join me for the re-launch of my online course 'Intro to Intuitive Archetypal Astrology' and begin the journey of decoding your own birth chart in a way that is intuitive, energetic, and archetypal vs. causative and traditional. See full details below!   

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Intro to Astrology
Intuitive Astrology

Each of our souls made an agreement prior to our arrival on Earth to participate within the creative matrix energy field of this solar system; its archetypal patterns, laws, and timing. And yet when it comes to understanding your Soul Contract in terms of a blueprint of these layers of influence within your life, there is truly one intuitive tool that stands above the rest: Astrology.

However the Astrology that can best map our purpose in this new era of quantum and archetypal understanding of reality is often not found in the current astrology books which often speak through the medieval models of the past. Indeed, we need something current and co-creative fast! You asked for it, and Robert has delivered!!

Through over two decades of work and research Robert has developed a new emerging paradigm he calls 'Intuitive Archetypal Astrology', and for the first time ever on you can now begin learning this life changing material for yourself through Robert's introductory 3 Classes/10 Lessons online course: Intro to Intuitive Astrology! Discover how astrological guidance, properly understood, is much more than a set of adjectives describing human behavior or character traits. Rather it is of immense value on the path to greater consciousness, self-actualization, and alignment to your life's purpose.

You'll learn how when we view Astrology through intuitive and archetypal eyes we see can see an exquisite legacy left to us from our ancient ancestors: a cosmic map of the human psyche that extends beyond just the notion of the Ego and personal unconscious into a creative pantheon of forces within each of us. The gods of the ancients found in the heavens are really the gods within!

There are 3 Classes, each purchased in sequence separately which contain their own set of lessons comprised of text, videos, and downloadable PDF's making the entire course seem like a book on Intuitive Astrology come to life! You'll have 6 weeks access to complete each class and can move onto purchasing the next class at your own pace. Each class will contain 3-4 lessons with a total of 10 lessons over the entire course.
In the first class you'll obtain your birth chart (erected based on the exact date, time, and place of our birth). And then with your birth chart -- a cosmic map of where all the planets and zodiacal signs were when you took your first breath - you'll begin taking the first steps in decoding, lesson by lesson, your soul's intention, life's purpose, highest potential, limitations, Fate, Destiny, archetypal patterning, and relationship to your cultural, societal, and familial inheritance.

Furthermore, throughout the course you'll discover how your birth chart has encoded within its structure your life's patterns, cycles, and soul's intention. This is your own personal archetypal map, life purpose blueprint, and clock that show the timing of your personal development and transformations. It is the quantum container which manifests in particle form the potential that exists in energetic-wave form outside of the present moment of your life. This online course is guaranteed to leave you with massive insights and rock your world! Ready to see what's in Class I, II, and III? Take a look below, get your birth date, time, and place ready to submit so we can erect and email your birth chart to you--then get started on your journey of self/soul-discovery!

Class I/Lessons 1-3

Lesson 1:
-Obtain Free Birth Chart!
-Understanding Astrology as a Map of Synchronicity
-The Natal Chart as your Blueprint of Purpose
-Learn the Symbols of the Zodiac and Planets
-Watch Two Teaching Videos!
-Explore the Journey of the Soul
-Robert Defines Intuitive Astrology!
-Download Text as a PDF

Lesson 2:
-Explore the Anatomy of the Human Psyche Astrologically
-Discover how the Shadow is Created
-Watch a Teaching Video on Archetypes!
-Learn what the 'Collective Unconscious' is
-Find out how to become conscious of the Shadow via the Law of Attraction
-Gain a deep understanding of what Archetypes are
-Download Text as a PDF

Lesson 3:
-Explore the Zodiac as an Archetypal Template
-Understanding Your Solar Path of Destiny
-Watch 3 Teaching Videos on the Zodiac Signs!
-Explore the various Archetypes of:

Class II/Lessons 4-6

Lesson 4:
-Watch Three Teaching Videos of the Zodiac Signs!
-Understanding your Solar Path of Destiny Part II
-Explore the Various Archetypes of:
-Download Text as a PDF

Lesson 5:
-Introducing the Planets in Your Birth Chart!
-Exploring the Planets as Archetypal Drives of Human Development
-Explore the Various Archetypes of the Sun and Moon!
-The Sun as your Developmental Pattern of Destiny
-Watch Two Teaching Video on the Sun and Moon!
-Learn how the Moon in your chart symbolizes your essential needs
-The Moon as your Innate Soul Essence
-Download Text as a PDF

Lesson 6:
-Exploring the 'Inner Planets'!
-The Archetypal Principle of Mars/Action
-How the Inner Planets function in your Personality
-The Archetypal Principle of Mercury/Communication
-How the Inner Planets serve the development of Your Sun Sign
-The Archetypal Principle of Venus/Values and Relationship
-The need to align to the Archetypal Instructions of your Inner Planets
-Watch Two Teaching Videos on Mars, Mercury, and Venus!

Class III/Lessons 7-10

Lesson 7:
-Exploring the 'Social Planets'!
-The Archetypal Principle of Jupiter/Intuitive Meaning
-Explore Morality, Guilt, and Shame
-How the Social Planets function in your Personality
-The Archetypal Principle of Saturn/Inner Authority
-Understanding your Saturn wound/task
-How the Social Planets serve the development of Your Sun Sign
-The need to align to the Archetypal Instructions of your Social Planets
-Watch Two Teaching Videos on Jupiter and Saturn!
-Identifying your Jupiter and Saturn Archetypes
-Exploring your concepts of God/The Divine
-Tracking the effects of Patriarchy on your Psyche
-Download Text as a PDF

Lesson 8:
-The synchronicity of planetary discoveries in our solar system
-Exploring the Planetoid of Chiron in your birth chart
-Understanding Victim Consciousness via
-Symbolically understanding Chiron via his Myth
-How Chiron serves your Sun Sign
-Watch Two Teaching Videos on Chiron!
-Chiron as Your Soul Contract with the Wounded Healer/Orphan Archetypes
-The wound of being mortal
-Living in a 'both/and' reality instead of 'either/or'
-Understanding your shamanic initiation into the Soul
-Download Text as a PDF

Lesson 9:
-Exploring the 'Outer Planets'!
-Noticing how your Soul speaks to you
-The Outer Planets as Collective Archetypal Patterns
-How the Outer Planets function in your Life as Personal and Generational Forces
-The Archetypal Principle of Uranus/Higher Genius and Revolution
-The synchronicity of the discovery of Uranus
-How the Outer Planets serve the development of Your Sun Sign
-The Archetypal Principle of Neptune /All is One and Mysticism
-The synchronicity of the discovery of Neptune
-The need to align to the Archetypal Instructions of the Outer Planets
-The Archetypal Principle of Pluto/Death, Shadow, Power, and Rebirth
-The synchronicity of the discovery of Pluto
-Watch Three Teaching Videos on Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!
-Download Text as PDF

Lesson 10:
-Bringing all 9 lessons together!
-Watch Two Teaching Videos!
-What is the Shadow, how does it work with Archetypes
-Understanding your 'Soul's Schedule' of purpose
-Guided Meditation on Meeting an Archetype
-Identifying your Archetypes of Light and Shadow based on your Birth Chart
-You are the entire Birth Chart!
-How to combine all the Planets of the Birth Chart
-Understanding your Fate and Destiny via your Birth Chart
-Downloadable Text as PDF

And if you can believe it there is more! No one teaches Astrology like Robert!! Explore your Soul Contract through this powerful online course and discover the more archetypes that shape your Destiny with Classes I, II, and III!  For a limited time get 20% off the first class to get you started!

Intro to Astrology
Intuitive Astrology

Take Class I Now at 20% Off Until October 12th!!


This online course is progressive in nature and we do not recommend taking any classes out of sequence. If customer chooses to do so it will void any and all possibility for a refund on the Class taken out of sequence. Please begin with Class I and sequentially progress to Class II and then Class III for the best experience of course.
The complimentary birth chart is only available as part of Class I. To erect your birth chart we will need your birth date, time, and place submitted via the sign up form for Class I as well as the email address you'd like it sent to. Please use the US format for birth dates of MM/DD/YYYY. Only one birth chart will be generated for you so please be sure you have submitted the correct birth data which in most cases can be found on the 'long' form of your birth certificate. If you do not know your birth data exactly we suggest going with your parents memory or simply using noon as a time, however for accuracy in using the birth chart for this course it is essential to use the most accurate birth time available.  Please note it can take up to three business days to receive your free birth chart via email.
This course will play on PC and Mac computers, laptops, and iPads. However,
the video will not play on iPhones, Android phones or any Smartphone devices. 
Customer will have 6 weeks from date of purchase of each 'Class' to access
each individually purchased Class and the 'Lessons' contained therein as well as online video material. Each video runs at least up to 15 minutes in length, and is to be viewed in streaming format only.
There are to be no extensions given under any circumstances and the customer is responsible for taking all Lessons within the 6 week window.
This means customer has approximately two weeks to complete each individual Lesson.
CONNECTIVITY is not responsible for any computer malfunction, connectivity,
or bandwidth issues that may interrupt transmission.
Due to the nature of this material, no refunds will be offered
after 24 hours of purchase if Class is purchased sequentially.




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