Mercury Retrograde in Leo - Risking What it Takes to be Uniquely You through new Courage, Confidence, and Esteem!


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Yep, that's right...we are in the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde in Leo that began on July 14th and finishes on August 7th. I have a new 90 minute podcast and PDF Guide out on this that you can check out via the links below. Also be sure to check out below the crazy deal we're offering on my upcoming event, 'Making Your Pain Sacred-Healing your Life through the power of the Wounded Healer'. Read below and find out how you can get 30% off!

For now I wanted to offer all of you an excerpt from the Guided PDF on redefining Courage, Confidence, and Esteem that I hope you'll find useful! Enjoy and I'll be back with more news/insights next month!

The following is an excerpt from the downloadable Guided Transcription 'Mercury Retrograde in Leo' which can be purchased with the audio MP3 below:

Courage, Confidence, and Esteem

As I began tracking the energy of this MR in Leo while it was in its set up phase, one theme emerged as quite dominant via these questions: When did we all stop believing in ourselves? Why did we? How do we know if we've ever believed in ourselves? And that theme can be summed up in a word--confidence.

This led me to ponder, 'What is confidence?' ...and this led me to ask 'What is courage? What is esteem?' Courage, confidence, and esteem are huge forces that are connected to this cycle to be sure. Let's look at each and explore why...


Courage as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: Ability to conquer fear or despair.
So essentially conventional thinking is that courage is an 'ability'. This speaks to why too often we think of courage as something we must have enough of before we can take that first step toward what scares us--as something that banishes our fear.

However, I've found the opposite to be true and would define courage as: a willingness to take a risk without knowing the outcome and in spite of our fear to do so. Courage is taking a risk in the face of uncertainty.

So when it comes to this MR in Leo, we may indeed be afraid to risk showing the world who we really are in some way, and may be challenged during this time to confront this false notion that we should wait until we're not afraid. You might be waitin' a long time if that's your thinking - just sayin'!

This MR asks us to go inside and evaluate where we might keep this false belief about courage alive so we can stay safe in a small life, instead of grow into a bigger more connected one! Yes indeed, it takes courage to shine--and the kind of courage I'm talking about is a grace that rises to meet you and pours into your system as  you come out with who you really are!

So if courage means taking risks in spite of our fear, what happens next? We develop something called 'confidence'.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines confidence as: Trust, reliance, boldness, self-assurance.  I actually really like this definition and feel it's quite accurate in many ways, but nonetheless would like to give you a definition ala Ohotto to pull this forced called 'confidence' into the discussion!

I define confidence as: A fundamental belief in oneself to handle the uncertainty of Life which allows one to choose and act with self-assurance. Confidence is a capacity to know that whatever life throws at you, you can handle it, while also being aware that no one is opted out of the pain, loss, and intermittent hardships of life.

Thus confidence becomes a necessary force if we are going to let our uniqueness out of our cages. Where courage allows us to do so even though we are afraid, confidence lets us know that no matter what the consequences are for 'coming out' - we can handle them and we'll be ok. How confident we are is determined by two things:

1.    Having a trusting relationship with uncertainty.
2.    Having competency in what we do because we've entered into uncertainty before and learned that we were ok - it all worked out somehow and we're still alive.

For example, the very first time I hosted a radio show I was very nervous and fearful I'd mess up or not be received well. I was afraid, but I did it anyway (courage!). I had enough confidence to know that no matter what the outcome I could handle it. And then after a few more radio shows I had built my confidence up because I had become competent at it!

But just because I now know that I can put together and broadcast a rock star radio show doesn't necessarily mean that I like, value, or love myself...anymore than a pro athlete or talented singer who is amazing at what they do likes/loves themselves just because of their talent.  And here comes the final piece in this trifecta that is nonetheless up for review during this MR in Leo: Esteem.


While courage can lead and is connected to confidence, both are connected to esteem. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines esteem as: high regard, to set a high value on.

Naturally this begs the question 'How much value and regard to we set on ourselves?' And this leads us into the territory of 'self-esteem'. When I was writing my book Transforming Fate into Destiny I realized that what most of us think of as self-esteem is really 'ego-esteem'.

Meaning that as we develop into an ego as a child, which is a NORMAL aspect of psychological development, we develop a value of ourselves based on how the environment (parents, teachers, religious traditions, community, culture) teaches us our value (or lack thereof).  I call this ego-esteem and there is nothing wrong with it at all, it's the first esteem we come to know.

The challenge is that ego-esteem is based and dependent on what others think of us, and for that matter what they think of themselves and how that informs what they modeled for us as kids. Ego-esteem is quite fragile, and if we are meant to come out with an aspect of ourselves that is unique and authentic so we can creatively engage life, our fearful ego-esteem isn't likely to let that happen if we sense others might not like it!

Ah yes...this is how esteem connects to this MR in Leo and why this cycle is asking us to source something other than ego-esteem so we can courageously risk being who we are, build confidence in doing so, and know that no matter what happens our intrinsic value can't be diminished.  And this, my friends, leads us to something I like to call 'Soul-esteem'...


Once we spiritually wake up to more than just our conditioned human personality we are cosmically asked to cultivate a new value for ourselves.......To find out more about Soul-esteem and its role in having more Courage, Confidence, and Esteem in your life - plus find out how the current Mercury Retrograde pertains to you-- purchase the entire Guided PDF and podcast below!  

Mercury Retrograde in Leo
Risking what it takes to be Uniquely You
(July 14th - August 7th, 2012)

Mercury Retrograde in Leo


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