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Hey Everyone!

I hope that this current Venus Retrograde is treating you well! It's certainly been an intense time for me and many folks I know.  Just yesterday I had surgery on a torn bicep and shoulder injury for starters...can't believe I'm able to even write this newsletter today! That said I apologize in advance for any typos! If you didn't get the download for the Venus Retrograde you can find a link at the end of the newsletter. The cycle is active until June 27th so be sure to get some coordinates on it asap! 


Yet I really wanted to touch base with all of you, in spite of surgery, to let you know we've extended the early bird pricing until the end of the month on the upcoming 'Making Your Pain Sacred: Healing Your Life through the Power of the Wounded Healer' weekend intensive July 26th-29th in Spearfish, SD!!!  


For those of you that would like to attend but can't because of schedule conflicts we also came up with a wonderful way for you to receive the audio and course materials by sponsoring the attendance of someone else who can't afford to attend but can come schedule wise.  It's a win-win!! Please read below for more info on how to take advantage of that!  


This rare opportunity is all the more poignant as I will not be teaching any weekend intensive workshops in 2013. This so that I can focus my energy on my next book and other media developments--which means this will be the last weekend intensive you can catch me at for 1.5 years!  


Soul Connexions Radio Show Changes and Upcoming Show List! 


I wanted to let you know that I have some amazing radio shows coming up over the next few weeks that I think will speak to many of you. Just a reminder I do two live Soul Connexions Radio shows a week every Monday and Thursday. The Monday show is FREE as a podcast on 'Feedburner' and iTunes, while the Thursday show is free for on-demand listening Friday-Monday after it airs live on Thursday.  


The podcast for the Thursday show is not free however and can be purchased as an individual show in the store or accessed via the Soul Connexions Exclusive Archive Membership which only costs $49.95 for a year of access to over 150 shows!  You can find out more and access the show via this link: 


I'm very grateful that this show has grown enormously popular over the past two years; I hope you'll take advantage of all it has to offer in empowering your life! To help you stay in the loop in that regard what follows is my show schedule for the coming weeks. If you see a show that speaks to you be sure to make a note of it so you don't miss out! You can always find the current show schedule via the link above or my events calendar on  


Also, we are really excited that my Thursday show is now moving from 6pm PT/9pm ET to 11am PT/3pm ET!! The Monday night show will still remain 6pm PT/9pm ET. Both the Monday show and Thursday show will be extended by about 15 minutes in length so as to give me more time to do live readings on air with callers so be sure to note the new number to call in!! 866.200.4449!  


Soul Connexions Radio Here are the upcoming shows! 


Thursday June 14th, 6pm PT/9pm ET (Rebroadcast)
The Difference between Scapegoated and Authentic Responsibilities

Are you constantly feeling responsible for everyone else? Do others expect you to pick up their mess and do damage control for their choices? Are still fixing your children's problem even though they are full grown adults now? If so, look no further than this show for a way out as Robert explains the difference between 'scapegoated' responsibilities and authentic ones! Learn how to honor your 'soul/sole' responsibilities on this empowering show!

Monday June 18th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Spirituality and Politics 


Have you found yourself confused as to whether spirituality and politics mix together? If so, how is that different from religion and politics joining forces? What does/can it mean to take our spiritual understanding and apply it to our participation in politics? Should we? Tune in as Robert tackles this very charged subject in the only he can! You won't want to miss this enlightening show. Be sure to call Robert at 877.230.3062 with your spiritual-political questions!

Thursday June 21st, 6pm PT/9pm ET
The Difference between an Authentic Longing and Desperation 


Are currently you pursuing love, connection, money, or other goals? Is your ambition to attain these things fueled by an authentic longing or ego driven desperation?  How can you tell the difference? If you've been unsure if you're pursuing your dreams out of desperation or a true longing look no further than this show as Robert teaches you how to discern the difference and why you should care! To ask Robert's intuitive counsel on the pursuit of your goals dial 877.230.3062!!  


Monday June 25th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
What it Really Means to Follow Your Bliss 


We've all heard at one time or another that we should 'Follow Our Bliss' if we want to live a destined life, but what does that really mean? What does following your bliss really look like? How do you know what your 'bliss' is? If think you are following your bliss but feel lost or are unsure of your bliss this is the show for you! Tune in as Robert takes a page from Joseph Campbell and breaks down 'following your bliss' Ohotto style! Dial 877.230.3062 to speak to Robert live!



Thursday June 28th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Destiny and the Necessity of Paying Attention

Could your life be moving so fast that you are missing out on the true moment? Are you aware of the essential intuitive guidance that life wants to give you but can't because you won't slow down? Are you ready to 'get real' and take inventory of all the ways you keep yourself sped up and why? Don't miss this show as Robert explains why it's essential to shift into a slower gear if you want to truly change your life. Tune in to discover practical ways you can slow down today and start paying attention to your life!

Monday July 2nd, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Intimacy and Meeting on the Shore of Relationship

Often times when looking for intimacy we want others to go as deep as we do when it comes to love, but is that really necessary to have a true soul connexion with someone? Can others every really go as deep with us as we can with ourselves? Explore these and other essential questions on this paradigm shifting show as Robert explains why often all we can do is meet on the shore of intimacy with each other and share our depths there. You won't want to miss this enlightening show!  Call 866.200.4449 to speak to Robert!

Thursday July 5th, 11am PT/2pm ET
Creating a True Emancipation from your Past

Have you thought that you were free from your past only to have old patterns kick back in again much to your bewilderment? What does is really take to 'break free' from your past? Could it be that in your rush to emancipate yourself from your past you actually have reinforced staying stuck in it? If you'd like to know what it really takes to shift into a new cycle of your life you won't want to miss this show! Robert breaks down the difference between differentiating from your past and disassociating from it and how to finally set yourself free! Call 866.200.4449 to speak to Robert!

Monday July 9th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
Courage, Confidence, and Esteem

Is there a difference between courage, confidence, and esteem? If so, do they all link together and why is each essential to living a destined life? If you've been struggling with courage, confidence, and esteem you simply can't afford to miss this show as Robert explains what it takes to effectively cultivate each so you can take the risks necessary to move your life forward! Call Robert at 866.200.4449 and get an intuitive reading on how this show applies to your life!

Thursday July 12th, 11am PT/2pm ET
The Necessity of Being 'Nobody' in the Dark Night

Are you in the midst of a major life transition and freaking out because you have no idea who you are anymore? Do you find your mind amping up trying to figure out what to do to finally get ahead of this confused chaos? If so then be sure to tune into this show as Robert explains that whenever we enter the 'Dark Night of the Ego' there is an essential phase where we are meant to be 'Nobody'! Tune in and find out why this is necessary for the transformation we are going through and what happens when we fight being 'Nobody' during this sacred time. Destined to be an 'Ohotto' classic, you can't miss this show! Dial 866.200.4449 to get an intuitive reading on how this show applies to your life!

Monday July 16th, 6pm PT/9pm ET
How to Love Your Inner Dragons

So often in our perfectionist shame driven culture we are taught to consider our inner issues to be mean dark dragons that we need to slay. But what would happen if we learned to love these darker parts of ourselves instead? And what does that really look like? To find out don't miss this compassionate show as Robert gives you practical ways to accept and love your addictions, self-sabotage, traumas, perfectionism, and shame in ways you never thought you could. Find out why this is the true medicine that yields the buried treasure inside of you and can make you a 'Mother of Dragons'! To discuss your Dragons with Robert dial 866.200.4449!

Thursday July 19th, 11am PT/2pm ET
How to be Unconditionally Nourished by All Your Connections with Others

Do you have a hard time discerning whether you want to stay in certain friendships, marriages, or other relationships because there seems to be some things that connect and other things that don't--leaving you confused? If you want to discover how to be nourished by all your relationships this is the show for you! Robert will blow your mind by shaking up the old school black and white ideas we have about connecting to others and revealing an entirely different approach to how we can stay unconditionally present to our relationships. If you are ready for a change in perspective regarding your relationships you must check out this show!

Can't make it to the actual Weekend Intensive of Making Your Pain Sacred: Healing Your Life through the Power of the Wounded Healer?

Sponsor Another and Get the Entire Weekend's Audio and Materials Sent to You!

Out of respect for the attendees of Robert's weekend intensives he doesn't make the audio recordings available to the general public and only for those who actually attend the events. The Soul Destinies program was a rare exception in that regard and was offered for a limited time and has since been discontinued.

However because Robert will not be doing any weekend intensives in 2013 he has decided to make a unique exception for this event. If you are unable to attend because of your schedule or other reasons you can still receive a full recording and the materials from the entire event if you are willing to sponsor the attendance of someone else that wants to come but can't afford it!

What you would need to do is sign up for the event via the link below under the 'Single Person Seeking to Share Double Room' selection which is the default. Select the 'add audio' option and then put in the comments field that you are sponsoring another participant.
We will then give the spot to someone who can actually make it but can't afford the main event portion of the weekend AND send you the audio from the entire workshop (including the Chiron portion) with the materials to match your generosity. This option will expire on June 30th and will not be offered again. Nor will the audio from this event be made available to the general public in any other way. The total cost of this option is $1255. We hope you'll take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to pay it forward and get yours!

If you would like to attend the event as a sponsee, then please submit your circumstance for consideration to and if your story is compelling enough we will put you on a wait list should someone sponsor you.

Please note that even if sponsored you will still be responsible for travel to and from the event in Spearfish as well as additional fees for the pre-event workshop on Chiron, the fees for a copy of the event audio recording should you chose to purchase it, and Weds night's lodging should you choose to attend the pre-event Chiron workshop. If you have any further questions regarding this please contact us at the email address above.


Early Bird Discount Extended until June 30th - don't miss out!

Making Your Pain SacredHealing Your Life through the Power of the Wounded Healer

Awaken to the power of your Wounded Healer as Robert teaches you what it means to 'make your pain sacred'. Turn your greatest suffering into compassionate joy as you source the medicine you came here to give Life during this unforgettable 3-day intensive. Learn More 



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