Healing Your Life through the Power of the Wounded Healer

Hey Everyone,

A few months ago I did a radio show called 'Making Your Pain Sacred' that generated the largest response of any show I have ever done to date. I was beyond moved as many of you downloaded and listened to the show and then shared with me your struggle to heal your wounds.

Ever since then I have been ruminating deeply on this aspect of our Soul Contract that includes the experience of being wounded, feeling pain, and then engaging the process of healing. All of which comprise the archetypal pattern in our lives called 'The Wounded Healer'.

During my state of contemplation I became increasingly more aware of the numerous ways we deny feeling our pain instead of embracing it as an invitation to the soul. And, furthermore, how much this denial costs each of us in terms truly healing and expressing our highest potential.

Of course, who among us doesn't engage in various strategies to avoid feeling the pain of past wounding, let alone the loss, abandonment, hurt feelings, rejection, criticism, physical illness, and humiliation we experience just as part of living a human life?


And yet without a mature understanding of the nature of pain's role in our life, in our attempt not to feel it we put our soul on lockdown, never letting our potential exceed what the ego has defined as safe. Furthermore, in doing so we lose the capacity to live fully in a world that, yes, sometimes hurts us.

A New Round of Repressive Defenses against Pain
That said, reminiscent of five years ago I'm once again witnessing another round of spiritual/self-help books hit the market that claim all that's needed to delete our pain is to change our thoughts. I mean heck, if you're sad, don't acknowledge that feeling or follow it to its source, just pick another one that 'feels better' like 'I am joyful'. So in essence these books seem to claim that the key to a joyful life is to deny your authentic experience of it. Really?
Sorry, but in my experience often times all that does is shove whatever might be the source of your sadness, anger, depression, anxiety, deeper into the Shadow where it will fester and come back up with even more vengeance until its voice has been heard. I say better to get curious about your sadness, fear, anger, or anxiety and feel it fully so it can guide you to what's crying out from your unconscious for integration -- which tends to be an aspect of your creativity/power that's been denied because of your past wounding and shame.

Thoughts Create Feelings?

As an aside, as part of these 'replace your real experience with what you'd like to see happen' philosophies we are often being told by those in the know that our thoughts create our feelings, but what if that's not really completely true? What if our thoughts are by-products of feelings we continually deny are there, thus making it our feelings that give rise to our thoughts?

Now I acknowledge sometimes we are just stuck in a rut of negative thinking that we need to examine and shift as it can be a key ingredient in our nasty moods lol! But as an intuitive I know that the human psyche is far more dynamic than these simple 'positive thought' formulas and if you look to your own experience I think you'll find I'm right.

It would be wise to ask if your thoughts are the engine or caboose of your experience of the moment. I'd say they are far more the caboose than we care to admit because if we did admit that we'd actually have to go inside ourselves and take a look and what we are feeling and why - and that means we'd see the true source of our suffering and in turn we'd have to change OURSELVES to change our experience, instead of just changing our thoughts - for as Buddhism teaches us, we are NOT our thoughts.

I've found that no matter the how much we want to 'mentalize' our feelings or pain, the real inner transformation we're being called to engage will continue to haunt us until we surrender to our soul's agenda, not our ego mind's denial.

Perpetuating Our Cycle of Pain

The cycle to me looks like this: We deny and resist our pain, and in turn we are cut off from what it's meant to awaken in us, and then in turn we lose our coordinates of purpose because in our Soul Contract we are each called to shift our pain through 'awakening' and then from awakening we heal. And then once healed we are called to serve others via our healing. See how that works! Lose one link in this chain and you lose a fundamental coordinate of your life's purpose.

Said another way, I've learned that the more I resist my wounds, their pain, and the pain of life, the more I also resist the subtle calling back to my soul to be found within my pain and wounds. Furthermore, having intuitively worked with thousands of clients over the past decade I've come to realize that all of us were born with a 'Sacred Wound' as part of our Soul's journey on the planet.

It is in fact a fundamental aspect of our life's purpose. Yet how does this truth fit within our 'pain averse' culture that's taught us to deny our pain, thus never exploring our wounds as sacred invitations?

Certainly no one wants to experience pain in their lives, but are the numerous approaches we employ to being 'pain free' really working? Based on the ways our culture over medicates itself these days I think we know the answer to that!

Could accepting wounds as part of our journey help us to truly heal them? What would happen if we learned to turn toward and enter our pain with compassion and curiosity instead of aversion? What if we embraced our wounds as an invitation to the Sacred? Might our wounds begin to truly heal? Would we also find our true calling in life?

I'm excited to announce that I'm conducting a three day intensive weekend retreat this July 26th-29th in the Sacred Black Hills of South Dakota during which I'll answer these powerful life changing questions as we explore in great depth the power of your Wounded Healer.

Through lecture, guided meditation, and ritual you will learn what it means to 'make your pain sacred'. Please come turn your greatest suffering into compassionate joy as you source the medicine you came here to give Life during this unforgettable 3-day intensive.

There is a great paradox within the nature of our Sacred Wounds: the only way to heal them is found in accepting that they may never heal. This allows your soul to guide your purpose and not your wounded ego.

The truth is that when we create strategies to block acknowledging and feeling our pain we paradoxically don't heal and, worse yet, we suffer even more. In denying our pain, we experience a deep disconnection from the true medicine our sacred wound was meant to give us: access to our soul and to The Sacred.

If you are ready to profoundly shift and heal your life, this event simply cannot be missed!

This life changing weekend will include: 

  • Exploring the Three Power Zones of the Destiny: Authenticity, Vulnerability, and The Sacred
  • Identifying how the Wounded Healer pattern has shown up in your life and understanding it as the most important part of your highest potential
  • What acceptance and true forgiveness really are and how they release victim consciousness
  • Learning powerful rituals to invoke and connect to the Sacred in your life
  • Exploring the power of prayer while learning to how to receive/perceive the answers to prayers
  • Discovering what true humility is and why it is essential to working with the Wounded Healer
  • Entering the process of 'Shamanic Initiation' and why it's essential to Soul Service
  • Learning how to make your pain sacred through a three part process
  • Finding out why your deepest wounds contain your most powerful gifts
  • How to heal the shame and self-blame that sabotages your life and keeps you stuck
  • How let go of 'Shadow Loyalties' that keep your pain alive
  • Learning how to connect the subconscious mind to the Sacred in ways guaranteed to change and heal your life
  • Creating a new way to work with 'trauma' and wounding that brings power into your system
  • Understanding the Divine Paradox of the Sacred Wound
  • Forging life long bonds with fellow participants

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Making Your Pain Sacred

Come explore this and more in a one of the most beautiful and sacred places on the earth: Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. A place where the ancestors of the land speak to your heart and the canyon cradles your spirit in her arms. Discover what it means to 'make your pain sacred' and truly heal your life. .  Be sure to sign up before June 5th, 2012 to get the amazing early bird discounts!

Space is limited to 70 participants and this event is likely to sell out. This event will be held at Spearfish Canyon Lodge - Spearfish, SD. Price includes workshop tuition, meals, and lodging Thursday July 26th-Sunday July 29th. If coming via air travel the nearest major airport is Rapid City, SD and is approximately 40 minutes from the lodge

Airport shuttle service to and from lodge is available at a discounted rate via 'Airport Express Shuttle': dial 1-800-357-9998 to coordinate your travel to receive best discount of $30 each way.

To stay additional nights prior or post event please contact Spearfish Canyon Lodge at 1-877-975-6343. Ask for the 'Ohotto' discount to receive a great rate we've negotiated with the Lodge!

ILS Chiron Workshop Pre-Event!

Those of you who have completed the 'Soul Destinies' series, whether at Spearfish or as a Home Study are invited to attend the 'Intuitive Life Strategist (ILS) Pre-Event' workshop on Thursday from 9am-4:30pm. The tuition fee is ONLY for the workshop and does not include meals or lodging, thus you'll need to contact Spearfish Canyon Lodge if you plan to book a room for Weds eve/Thursday day ahead of time for this. We've negotiated a great discount with the lodge for you peeps; just ask for the 'Ohotto' discount which can be applied 3 days before the event and three days after - so in effect July 23rd-August 1st. Remember that July 26th-29th's lodging and meals ARE included in the main event fee.

If you didn't complete the ILS Training but would still like to come and have an in depth understanding of Archetypal Astrology please email your background credentials for consideration for this program to comments@ohotto.com.

This workshop will be a once in a lifetime experience. I do hope you'll consider joining me!

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More insights to come soon!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist

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