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Just a quick note to let you know that there are only 4 days left to sign up for the 'Discovering your Destiny in the Shadow' 8 week self-paced course at the 20% off discount. Don't miss out on this! Lots of folks are already doing the course and it's absolutely changing their lives. I promise you won't find another course like this anywhere on the internet.

Within this online course you'll get PDF printable outlines for each lesson and guided homework, hours upon hours of streaming video instruction, and four downloadable guided meditations that serve the discovering of your truest purpose and alchemy of turning your Shadow into Light.

Though this course is designed to be 8 weeks, it is primarily self-paced and you will generously be given 5 months access to complete the entire course. The streaming video plays in both HD and a lower resolution for those with slower internet, though you will need a high-speed internet connection to take the course. And yes, you can watch the course on your iPad!

Take a moment to read over the very detailed description of the course below. The 20% off ends on Sunday April 15th!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist

Discovering destiny in the shadowDiscovering Your Destiny in the Shadow : An Illuminating 8 Week Journey to Your Purpose


Why am I here?
Am I living my Highest Potential?
What's my purpose in my life?

When we come to place of pondering these powerful questions, one thing is for certain: our purpose is going through a major shift that resonates with greater shifts in the world at large.
To get our coordinates within this shift, many people turn to various sources of guidance that speak of 'The Law of Attraction' and 'Manifesting' one's potential. But is pasting things up on a 'Vision Board' really all it takes? Could it be that our Destiny has more to do with unblocking it instead of merely conjuring it up? Is it possible that our Highest Potential is more a matter of entering into the flow of our purpose instead of 'Manifesting' it?
Join Intuitive Robert Ohotto as he takes you on an unprecedented 8-week journey of self discovery that will unlock the mystery of your Destiny and show you how to create from your highest place of power! Find out why Destiny is lived when we enter the flow of our highest potential, and that in order to experience this flow, we must first enter our own Shadow!
What is the Shadow part of us, and why do we avoid it?
Why is it the guardian of our power and doorway to our purpose?
You'll discover the answers to these powerful life-changing questions and more during the course of this intensive program! If you want to recognize and release the self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and blocks to your intuition while gaining new love, clarity, access to higher guidance, and a new empowered sense of purpose, then this is the course for you!
Join Robert for an unforgettable 8-week online course
that will teach you:
- About your Life Agreements with Fate and Destiny
- What it means to do Shadow Work and how it is an essential ingredient in Co-creating your life
- How to have a better relationship with yourself and those you love
- How to receive clear intuitive guidance and why the Shadow can distort your intuitive clarity
- Ways to break free from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and false limits
- A new understanding of the 'Law of Attraction' and how it really works in relationships to the Shadow
- How to turn a pattern in your life that is 'Shadow Driven' into a positive force of conscious creation
- Ways to identify your core Archetypal Patterns and differentiate the Archetypes of Soul, Ego, and Destiny while learning how each works in your life
Each week's lesson includes a power-packed online video lecture in which Robert 'brings it!' True to form, his candor, humor, compassion, and poignant, keepin'- it-real delivery will leave you laughing and enlightened! Each lesson also comes with a downloadable PDF full of supportive content, diagrams, and homework. As if that weren't all, the "Discovering Your Destiny in the Shadow" online course also contains four compelling guided meditations to download and do along with the course and long after you've finished!
And there's more...
Week One/Lesson One:
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Cosmic Laws of Fate and Destiny vs. Law of Attraction
    • Why we now need new models of Empowerment that include 'The Shadow'
    • What 'All is One' really means and how to truly live this in the world
    • What Destiny truly is
Week Two/Lesson Two:
  • What are Archetypes?  
  • Three Classifications of Archetypes in our Soul Contract
    • Archetypes of Soul
    • Archetypes of Ego and how the Form
    • Archetypes of Destiny
  • How Karma Works
  • What Flow Charts of Destiny are and how they Work with Archetypes
  • Anatomy of the Psyche
    • Understanding the human psyche as an energy system
Week Three/Lesson Three:
  • The Four Pillars of Ego and how they developPersona
    • Family/Tribe
    • Relationships
    • Society
  • The Axes of Awareness/Consciousness and Power in our Ego
    • As two fundamental aspects of Destiny development
    • Why both need to be in balance to live a Destined Life
  • How the Shadow is Created via External Approval/Rejection System Part I
Week Four/Lesson Four:
  • How the Shadow is Created Part II
  • What keeps the Shadow Energized?
  • How do we become Conscious of the Shadow?
    • Shadow Language
    • Projection
    • Compassion
    • Meditation
    • Guided Inner Work
  • Perception vs. Projection
  • Guided Meditation on How to be with Your Emotions
Week Five/Lesson Five:
  • The Shadow and Projection
  • How we Project and Scapegoat Others
    • How we are Scapegoated via the Shadow of Others
    • How this happens on group and collective levels
  • Innate Archetypes Denied and the Shadow
    • Archetypes that become 'Shadow Driven' and how they sabotage your life
    • How to bring Shadow Driven Archetypes back to the light
    • What Denial costs your System
  • Guided Meditation on meeting your Shadow
Week Six/Lesson Six:
  • The Soul's Schedule and The Shadow
    • Timing for when something is ready to merge into your Ego Identity
      • Reclaiming what's been shamed into the Shadow
      • Developing a new creative force via your growth in the world
      • Emerging of something latent in your Soul that was waiting to surface
    • Must be willing to enter the Dark Night of the Ego
      • What the Dark Night of the Ego is  
  • Guided Meditation on the Dark Night of the Ego
Week Seven/Lesson Seven:
  • Intuition and the Shadow
    • What Intuition really is and what it has to do with The Shadow
    • Intuition, The Shadow, and The Trickster
    • Intuition and Destiny
      • The GPS of your authenticity and Purpose
      • How you block your intuition and why
      • How to unblock your intuition  
  • Guided Meditation on Unblocking Their Intuition
Week Eight/Lesson Eight:
  • Putting it all together: Integrating all that has been revealed during the Course
  • What is emerging now in your life as a force of Destiny? How are you blocking it?
  • Use and trust your intuition - watching out for the Trickster
  • The power of Surrender and Prayer
  • Shadow Work as a Process
  • Compassion and Self-Responsibility
  • What is Destiny?
  • A Story of Destiny
Learn what it means to discover your Destiny in the Shadow, and connect with
the flow of your Highest Potential with your guide, Robert Ohotto!

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Discovering destiny in the shadowDiscovering Your Destiny in the Shadow : An Illuminating 8 Week Journey to Your Purpose



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