The Most Essential Aspect of Developing Your Intuition

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Happy Spring for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere!! We've had some crazy weather here in the States these past few weeks, both literally and psychically. Whew...the good news is Mercury has now officially stationed direct. I do hope those of you who purchased my Mercury Retrograde podcast were able to listen to and receive your Mercury Retrograde message!
As Mercury moves forward, now is the time to begin integrating the guidance this last cycle ushered into your awareness. Easy does it though as Mars is still retrograde for another week! If you'd like to purchase my download on that please see the sidebar.

For those of you who are interested and open to going to a workshop at the last minute, I'm going to be at Kripalu next week April 12-15th teaching an intensive called 'Turning Life's Triggers into Opportunities to Change'. We'll be spending the weekend tracking your reactive subconscious patterns and shifting them! It's going to be a powerful weekend that will change your life. There's more info on this workshop later in the newsletter. For now I want to talk to you about something I happen to know a lot about: how to best develop your intuition!

Developing Your Intuition

As someone who has worked professionally in the intuitive arts for over a decade, I'm constantly asked how I developed my own intuition. And my answer to this question always generates a look of surprise and confusion of the face of the person asking!  That said, I've realized that for me there really is one essential ingredient above all others that has helped me develop and maintain my intuitive clarity. 
And no, it isn't the food I eat, crystals in my house, supplements I take, or surprisingly my meditation practice (though that really does help!). Before I name what it is that helps me stay intuitively clear let me just briefly define what 'intuition' even means.

Defining Intuition

When most folks think of intuition they often lump in with this idea of having 'special psychic abilities' that allow us to predict the future and never suffer again at the hands of Fate. Certainly there is something called 'Prophetic Intuition' in which one can peer into what is to come - but in my opinion the real function of intuition is as a GPS of your authenticity.

That said let's look at some various types of intuition:
  1. There's survival gut instinct intuition which is your capacity to sense danger. This is hardwired into all of us as it is for animals.
  2. There's creative intuition which connects us to divine inspiration. Artists know this zone of intuition very well.
  3. There's diagnostic intuition which is something medical intuitives and doctors use. I also use this in my practice of mapping someone's psyche.
  4. There's problem solving intuition which we engage when trying to come up with a solution to a dilemma once our mind's strategies have exhausted themselves, something homicide detectives use all the time.
  5. Then there's something I like to call 'Destiny Intuition' which actually includes all the above previously mentioned four types and connects us to the plan of our Life Purpose: Our Soul Contract. This level of intuition includes Prophetic/Visionary Intuition which is what I use to read someone's Soul Contract and in sensing the movement and manifestation of Archetypal Cycles.

Having looked at some various types of intuition it must be said that everyone without exception is intuitive! The real kicker here is that what most of us apprentice becoming excellent at how to block our intuition far more than how to listen to and use it. Why would we do this you ask? Well...because intuition, no matter which type, is a guidance system and all guidance systems give specific directives on what needs to change in our lives.  And in my experience most human beings resist change in as much as they may want it.

Being Psychic vs. Intuitive--Intuition functions as a Verb

Yes, intuition gives us guidance on what wants to change in our lives so we stay on track with becoming who we were born to be. Herein we find the difference between being psychic and intuitive. Whether it's reading a crime scene, someone's current emotional/psychological state, or the history of a house--a good psychic should be able to pick up and absorb energetic data.

But just being able to feel out someone's vibe doesn't make you an intuitive. Intuition builds on psychic receptivity and then offers guidance on what to do based on the psychic data collected!  And the simple truth is, because intuitive guidance might ask us to make choices that cause change or disruption of status-quo, even when that status-quo is no longer serving our purpose, we tend to become very 'conditional' with the kind of intuitive guidance we're willing to receive!

And, drum roll please, this is why I say that the most essential ingredient to developing clear intuition is Shadow Work!

Intuition and Shadow Work

What is 'Shadow Work'? Well, to define this we must first define the Shadow. The concept of the Shadow as an aspect of the human psyche was first explored in earnest by Sigmund Freud and then deeply elaborated on by Carl Jung. To offer a working definition of the Shadow I'd say it's:  the part of our personal unconscious where we store all the denied parts of our nature/soul that the environment (culture, government, religious institutions, family, etc) wouldn't accept about us and shamed us for. It's also the part of our psyche that stores our psychic scar tissue caused on by trauma and shame of our past experiences.

Shadow Work thus is the compassionate process of entering into this hidden and often wounded part of our psyche to see what we've repressed and buried into it. Why would we want to go poking around in this darkness? Because what we've split off from and buried is creating our lives, albeit at an unconscious and reactive level, which often manifests as self-sabotaging attempts to protect our ego's fixed idea of ourselves and its (low) esteem system.  

Furthermore, for each of us there exists a band of scar tissue, biases, and programming within the Shadow that our intuition must past through as it moves from Soul to the Ego Mind. Thus, when we want guidance for our life, that guidance must pass through this territory in the Shadow and if that guidance should be lucky enough to get through to us at all it tends to arrive incredibly distorted by the Shadow territory it just passed through!

Here are a couple examples to illustrate my point: 

  1. What if I'm a racist? And out of my racism I say something at work about a co-worker who happens to be Asian. This starts to circulate around the office and then next thing you know I get fired. Then I pray to 'God' to show me why this happened, but that guidance from God (you know the guidance that we're all created equal and from the same Source?) can't get through to me because it gets snagged up by my Shadow racist conditioning...and I can't change being a racist because my entire family is racist and may not approve of me if I stop judging folks this way--the low esteem system of the family can't take it because it needs to put others down to feel better. You see how this works! Thus my intuition can't speak to me clearly regarding anything in my life that has to do with race.
    Now, extrapolate from this example where in your life you have some limiting unconscious belief that blocks your intuition from speaking to you!...ahh, yes - Shadow work indeed is the most important aspect of developing your intuition. Still don't believe me? Ok, now for the second example!
  2. Years ago I remember watching on TV a well known psychic tell a woman she was supposedly 'reading' that her mother was a 'dark spirit' and that's why she was so abusive. Immediately an intuitive red flag popped up for me and I thought to myself, 'seriously'? Now let me just say as an aside that my own father was quite abusive to me and many times my very life was under threat - but I've never sensed him to be a 'dark spirit'-a broken man maybe--but dark spirit, no.
    Following my intuitive hunch as to why this psychic would say this I did some research and found out that she (the psychic) has suffered abuse from her own mother and out of that scar tissue could only perceive her mother and other abusers as 'dark spirits'.
    Now I'm not letting anyone off the hook for being abusive here, I'm just making a point that this particular psychic would never be able to  'read' the pain in someone who's abusive that's perhaps causing them to hurt others. As we now know, most abusers were also abused themselves.
    Furthermore, because this scar tissue existed in the psychic's Shadow, it blocked her from receiving any other guidance for this woman who'd been abused. All abusers are simply 'dark spirits' - case closed.
    Now once again, extrapolate from this example where you may be blocking your own intuitive guidance in your life about a person or situation. Can you receive information outside of your scar tissue and biases based on your past experiences? How do you know if you can or can't?


I could give you one example like these after another regarding intuitive clarity and the Shadow.  Though it's not really talked about, the bottom line is that intuitive development and shadow work are inextricably connected. They have everything to do with each other. Your capacity to receive clear intuitive life guidance is absolutely determined by the unresolved and un-integrated aspects of your Shadow. So when you ask for life guidance from the Universe, might I suggest you first pray to be shown what in your Shadow would block it!

And how do we get down to the business of 'clearing and healing the Shadow'. Well I've developed an 8 Week Self-Paced Course to help you do just that: 'Discovering Your Destiny in the Shadow'. The amount and level of content I put is exceptional.  
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Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist

April 12th-15th, 2012

Turning Life's Triggers into Opportunities to ChangeTurning Life's Triggers into Opportunities to Change: Transforming Reactivity into Highest Potential

Join world-renowned intuitive Robert Ohotto for a groundbreaking intensive of insight and transformation as he teaches you how to use the situations that trigger reactive behaviors and choices into golden moments of opportunity. Robert writes: "Most of us struggle everyday with responding to life's challenging situations via old reactive patterns in ways that leave us angry, despairing, and stuck as we watch ourselves self-sabotage again and again. Yet there is a way out! But it requires that we use each trigger as an invitation to discover more about ourselves beyond the wounded shame of our ego. In fact we can create a compassionate new presence with ourselves that transforms our reactivity into the unlived potential inside of us." 


Highlights of this weekend will include 

  • Understanding how emotional triggers function as a chance to change your life
  • Discovering why certain situations cause us to lose power, while others don't
  • Identifying the role your shadow and subconscious mind play in reactivity
  • Examining the back door 'pay off' in staying stuck in your life
  • How to create a new system of compassionate accountability and self-management the engenders a 'conscious choice process' instead of compulsive reactive reflexes
  • What it means to perceive reality in present time and not via our history
  • How to get out of the cycle of shame that is fed by our reactivity and see the psyche as an energy system that manages consciousness
Compassionately release your self-defeating reactivity, love yourself more, and empower new choices in your life during this life changing weekend!

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