Spirituality and Humor- Can You Laugh your way to Enlightenment?

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About a month ago I was getting hip to the phenomenon on YouTube known as the 'Shit People Say' videos...so far my favorite is the 'Shit Yogi's Say'...too funny! That got me thinking about how often times in spirituality and self-help we tend to get soooo serious and rigid in our pursuit of our highest potential. I feel much of this is driven by our perfectionism and shame which are both a cultural epidemic. We get so fixated on the pursuit of healing all our issues that we fail to take a pause and see we are already Buddha!

As I was reflecting on the lack of humor found in what I like to call 'Self-Precious Spirituality' an idea was born, I had to make my own 'Shit People Say' video! Scenarios kept running through my head like wildfire of things I've seen in my genre that when perceived outside of shame and perfectionism are pretty damn funny!

I then began to reflect on how sad it is that so many of us take ourselves way too seriously, so much so that often times we miss the point of living. I know I do from time to time as I get amped up in the business of my work as an intuitive/teacher, personal issues (oh yes, I have em!), and wishes for the future (got those too!).

I realized that I too need to laugh more in my life and be present, perhaps even ease into some of the more painful pieces of myself through a little humor. I wondered, 'Can we laugh our way into Enlightenment, Could laughter in fact be one of the best ways to bridge us into our Shadow?' With those questions in my head and heart, I enlisted my character performer archetype and then got busy storyboarding my idea...

The bottom line is we are all in need of a GOOD LAUGH, no? To that end I went and created my own video 'Shit People Say to Psychics!' Oh yes I did! Click below to watch it and feel free to share the video with those you know who might need a good laugh in their lives right now. I hope you enjoy it! My team and I had a blast making it, in fact there was so much funny material we will be producing two more episodes over the next couple weeks out of our original video shoot. Subscribe so you can keep your eyes on my YouTube channel!

YoutubeClick here to watch "Shit People Say to Psychics"

Laugh more!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Life Strategist (and Comedian?)

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