Mars Retrograde in Virgo - Getting Your Energy Back via Efficient Action!

I hope that you enjoyed the free download 'You Are Life' in the last newsletter. Initially we had some issues with the link so I'm resending it below within this newsletter in case you had trouble downloading it or missed it the first time!

I'm keeping this newsletter short and sweet as a final shout before I go off the radar for just a bit to teach my upcoming event in Boulder. If you want to come last minute see the info below!

In the meantime, if you are a fan of my work with my favorite intuitive tool 'Archetypal Astrology' you won't want to miss my latest 90 minute podcast on the current Mars Retrograde in Virgo which began January 23rd and lasts until April 13th! Here's a description:

Mars Retrograde in VirgoMars Retrograde in Virgo
January 23rd - April 13th, 2012

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Feeling a bit funky but can't figure out why? Suffering from fatigue, a busy schedule, pressure to meet deadlines, or details that keep weighing you down? Finding you just don't have the energy you usually do or feeling simply 'burned out?' Are you finding that your plans keep getting delayed, or sometimes cancelled altogether and can't figure out why? If so then it may just be time to look to the skies for some guidance!
And this time, it's Mars that might have a message for you as He goes backwards in the heavens in Virgo for two months -- which means he is also going retrograde inside of you!

If you want to know what this current archetypal cycle has in store for you and the strategies to align with it in a conscious and empowered way - look no further! Get ready to use the power of astrological alchemy in your life with Robert's latest words of wisdom regarding this powerful archetypal process!

Some highlights include:
  • Understanding Mars as a force in your psyche
  • What the side effects are of cultural and family wounding of your 'Mars' principle
  • Esteem and your Mars
  • A complete breakdown of the current Mars Retrograde's timing and how to use it
  • How the Universe uses delays, fatigue, frustrations, and a heavy workload to highlight your Mars issues
  • Identifying what your 'will' serves
  • How Mars develops as an aspect of your ego
  • The Virgo Archetype as it relates to Mars
  • How we misuse our Mars to compensate for the past wounding of our ego
  • Taking inventory of what motivates and fuels our ambition
  • How this Mars Retrograde is the beginning of a 'Retrograde Relay' that lasts until June 27th
  • Efficiency vs. Perfection
  • Why latent anger may now be surfacing in your life
  • The message of 'burn out'
  • The Virgin Archetype and Mars
  • The ways we use our energy against ourselves
  • Doing vs. Allowing
  • How Mars Retrograde can help you evaluate your spirituality
  • Mars Retrograde and Destiny
  • Guided questions to help you assess your 'Mars Retrograde in Virgo Message'

And if you can believe it, there's more! To get the full scoop on this cycle and its impact on you, don't delay in purchasing this dynamic 90 minute podcast!

Mars Retrograde in Virgo

I do hope that the Mars Retrograde podcast offers you some rock star guidance! I've got some cool articles and thoughts coming your way very soon - including 'Psychic Hygiene Part II'. Until then be sure to tune into my show 'Soul Connexions Radio' every Monday and Thursday at 6pm PT/9pm ET!

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Reconnecting 2012Reconnecting to Yourself: Intuitively Mastering 2012
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As many of you may know I'm doing a weekend intensive event February 2nd- 5th in Boulder called 'Reconnecting to Yourself-Intuitively Mastering 2012'. We only have about 7 spots left for the entire weekend class, BUT I worked it out with the Boulder Marriott to open space on Thursday night, February 2nd to allow about 20 more folks to come and spend the evening with me giving my opening lecture on what intuition is and what it means to reconnect with yourself. It's a great opportunity for any of you that might be local to Denver/Boulder/Colorado that would like to come for a two-hour lecture and appetizers! Follow the following link to learn more!

Cost of admission is $30 and includes beverages, appetizers, and a two hour lecture.  Learn more >

Reconnecting 2012Reconnecting to Yourself: Intuitively Mastering 2012
February 2nd - 5th, 2012 Boulder, CO

For any last minute peeps out there that would like to come to this event we have 5 spots still available. Here's the info:

It's time to harness the new energy of 2012 and make it your best year yet, so join intuitive Robert Ohotto for a taste of the intensive that will show you how to realize your dreams like never before! In one unforgettable weekend Robert will not only show you a ground breaking way to connect to your own intuition, he'll also show you how to map out a year's worth of solid strategy for realizing your goals with a newly anchored inner intuitive connection!
Put the future back in your hands by learning to identify, trust, and apply your intuition every day of the year. Find out what it takes to be present to your own intuitive guidance system and navigate success in the New Year Ohotto style!
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