Reconnecting to Yourself-Intuitively Mastering 2012, Free Holiday Download!

Hey Everyone!

The Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius is officially over, yay! I hope it was easy on you. Now I know, I're waiting with baited breath for my next installment on the Essentials of Psychic Hygiene, right?! I've been busy with other things, but it's coming, I promise. However, in the meantime I wanted to let you know that I've got some news, a holiday download gift for you, and some deals that are about to expire!

First of all and speaking of deals about to expire, I'm doing a workshop here in Boulder, CO this coming February 2nd-5th called 'Reconnecting to Yourself: Intuitively Mastering 2012'! This is my first time giving a public workshop on how to develop and harness the power of your intuition. I'm not only excited to teach this material for the first time, I'm also elated to help you use it in charting and attaining your authentic goals in 2012.

The most essential ingredient to perceiving and receiving clear intuitive guidance for your life is engaging the art of staying connected to yourself. But what does 'being and staying connected to yourself' really mean? Immediately you might conjure up an image of meditating, eating well, and doing yoga daily, and in part you'd be right, but only in part.

The truth is that staying connected to ourselves is much more dynamic and multifaceted in ways most of us never even consider. I've seen folks do all the meditating and vegan dieting in the world, yet still remain largely disconnected from themselves. Conversely I've also watched others drink alcohol regularly, eat red meat, and smoke yet remain very connected to themselves...who knew?

That said I do hope you'll join me in Boulder to find out what it really does mean to cultivate a connection to yourself and how essential that is to developing and enhancing our intuition. I'll be teaching what it really takes to create an 'intuitive connection' with your life.

If you'd like to come to this workshop at a discounted rate you only have one more week to take advantage of the 'early bird' discount. After December 20th the tuition jumps up $70 from $395 to $465 - so don't miss out on this deal! Additionally the workshop is already 75% sold out with a cap of only 65 participants.

Here's some more information about this upcoming amazing workshop I've got planned for you:

Reconnecting 2012Reconnecting to Yourself: Intuitively Mastering 2012 with Robert Ohotto

February 2nd-5th Boulder, CO  Sign up now! > 


If you'd like to harness the new energy of 2012 and make it your best year yet, then join intuitive Robert Ohotto from Thursday February 2nd - Sunday February 5th, 2012 in Boulder, Colorado for a weekend intensive that will show you how to realize your dreams like never before! In one unforgettable weekend Robert will not only show you a ground breaking way to connect to your own intuition, he'll also show you how to map out a year's worth of solid strategy for realizing your goals with a newly anchored inner intuitive connection!



Put the future back in your hands by learning to identify, trust, and apply your intuition every day of the year. Find out what it takes to be present to your own intuitive guidance system and navigate success in the New Year Ohotto style!


This workshop covers the following topics:
  • What it means to Self-Attune and why it's fundamental to realizing your Destiny
  • How to develop and access your own intuition
  • What intuition is and what it isn't
  • Recognizing and working with higher guidance
  • How to identify 'soulful goals' vs. the wishful thinking of the wounded ego
  • The process of clearing intuitive blocks
  • What it means to live by energetic ethics
  • How to work with emotional guidance as a facet of intuitive development
  • 'Pre-conference' homework for 2012
  • Strategies to stay connected to yourself throughout 2012
  • How to track your intentions to their true motivation
  • What it takes to truly transform, not just manage your life
  • Healthy psychic hygiene and self-care
  • Applying your intuition to the year ahead

Additional Event Details:
  • Promotional registration rate of $395 good through December 20th, 2011
  • After December 20th, registration rate is $465
  • Event will be held at the Boulder Marriott with discounted room rates
  • Lodging and meals not included in registration

Seating is limited and event is already 75% sold out, register early!

Co-create a life worth loving - Energize your intentions - Resolve to make your resolutions real in 2012!

Sign up now! >

Reconnecting 2012Happy Oholidays Deals Only Good Through December!

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Radio Show Changes and Free Holiday Download!

News, news news! So there are some changes coming to my radio shows! First starting in January, Dialogue with Destiny and Soul Connexions Radio are becoming ONE show! After much consideration I've realized that it is time to combine the shows under one umbrella, thus going into the New Year there will only be one name for both shows which is going to be 'Soul Connexions Radio'.  

Monday's show will still be available for free on-demand listening and podcast, and Thursday's show will still remain free for live listening, however will no longer be available for free on-demand listening.

So effective in January, Thursday's show will be LIVE or ARCHIVE, meaning you can only hear it if you tune in live or are a paid subscribed archive member.  I know that may be a bit of an adjustment for some of you, thus we are offering a great deal you may want to consider as part of the Oholidays Sale - our Archive Membership is now 40% off through December (see below).  With an archive membership you get a full years access to listen on-demand or download all 130 and counting shows in the archive!

ArchiveHappy Oholiday Dialogue with Destiny Archive Membership

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Speaking of Dialogue with Destiny Archives, I recently did a show that I'd like to give all of you for free as a way of saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The show was called 'Commitment as a Necessity in Relationships and Fulfilling Destiny'. I thought that this would be a great show for you to take into the New Year as you begin to commit to new goals!

Shows like this one can only be found exclusively in the Dialogue with Destiny Archive, so do consider becoming a member. I hope you enjoy this gift! Feel free to share it with others who you think will benefit from its message, share the Ohotto love!

Ending 2011...

Lastly, as we end 2011 I highly recommend you give deep consideration to doing so consciously with the aid of my new audio workshop 'Endings - A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year'. This is only available until the end of the month and can be used perpetually at the end of every year as a way to consciously close one chapter of your life before you begin a new one. You will love this, I promise!

EndingsEndings: A Conscious Inventory and Release of Last Year

Awaken to your future by putting your past to rest!   

Learn More > 





I'll be back after Christmas to check in with you. I sincerely wish you the safest, rock star-est, merriest, connected-est, and best-est Holiday ever! Enjoy the free download and be good to yourself.


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Strategist

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