Essential Psychic Hygiene Part I - Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Podcast

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you ready to evaluate your 'psychic hygiene'? What better time than now as the Holidays swing into gear and bring back our old family patterns, right?! Additionally we are beginning a Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day (November 24th)! Better get your attitude of gratitude muscle ready for some action! I've included a link at the end of the article to access a podcast I've created for those who are interested in guidance on that.

Family Patterns and Psychic Hygiene

Now then, there's a lot of talk and ritual within the self-help/spirituality community around keeping our aura's clean and smudging out bad know what I'm sayin'? Yet, in this newsletter I'm going to take an approach that you may have never considered in terms of how to take care of yourself, manage your energy field, and stay psychically 'clean'.

Indeed in self-help and spirituality we speak a lot about good energy, keeping our boundaries, and having a clear space within our psychic field. Whether it's wearing gemstones, lighting certain candles, adorning ourselves with amulets, or smudging ourselves with incense -- we've all got our rituals and strategies for good psychic hygiene. I know I do! But does all this really work to keep the junk out of the trunk?

In my experience with all of our tricks and charms I've come to see that yes they do in fact have their use, BUT that said they also are often superficial attempts to ward off the bad vibes we unconsciously let into our lives every day.  If you really want to master balanced psychic hygiene then the most crucial thing to do first is take an honest look at your wiring and the patterns that keep letting in the 'dirt'!

I mean, how do you actually get psychically filthy in the first place? You can employ all the chants, jewelry, and smudging you want but if you don't really learn the discipline of managing boundaries--from the point of knowing your shadow and realizing when you're letting  in the funk--then you're defeating your best attempts to stay clean. You're going to keep engaging a cycle where you get really toxic and frustrated, then perhaps detox and achieve some measure of 'cleanliness', only to come back into the toxicity again! To be sure I believe that a good aura cleanse can help, but nothing is going to help more than identifying the patterns that land you in the dung heap to begin with, ohhhhkay???  lol.....

Soul Sensitivity and Family Patterns

I want to present to you a pattern I've seen with clients after doing readings all these years. It may greatly resonate with you in terms of your own wiring. Now, we all come to Earth with our own distinct energy. We're not just born as this tabula rasa, a blank slate upon which family and society create our identity. Rather, we arrive on the planet with something native to our soul that functions as soul disposition, or, I could also say, our pre-birth wiring.   

That said, some of us came to this planet with an intrinsic sensitivity that renders us very psychically open to the environment. It's not anything that we cultivated; it just organically came with us as we crossed from the other side to here. If you arrived on Earth intensely and constantly feeling the moods of your parents and the vibration going on in the home then this is you! And I'm sure that's a lot of you reading this newsletter.

How does this relate to your psychic hygiene? Stay with me now...There's something that needs to be understood about this kind of sensitive wiring and how it shapes our patterns as adults. As children, most of us weren't taught how to understand, let alone manage, our sensitivity. For example, if we're four years old and our mother's severely depressed and frustrated, in our hypersensitivity we may experience her feelings as our own without any awareness, skills, or strategies to understand that her energy may have nothing to do with us.

Furthermore, because of this we were likely to internalize her state of being as our fault! Next we may have taken it on as our mission to try and to help her feel better in whatever way we could. For some of us this meant trying to be the 'perfect' child, for others this may have meant trying to be 'invisible' if we felt that our presence upset our mother. Whatever pattern we employed, we hoped that this would make her feel better so we could also feel better as we were tapped into her because of our sensitive soul! Thus if Mom feels better, I finally get to too! And most important, if Mom feels better then I feel safe...

From Child to Adult

What's learned for us sensitive souls in the previous dynamic is essentially this: To stay safe we must track the emotional states of others and manage them. And what's more, when we engage this co-dependent version of safety we have NO BOUNDARIES!! Do you think saging and crystals are gonna save you from that?? Ha! Truly, you can extrapolate from this one example to other numerous patterns in your life that land you in the toxic dump of others funky juju.

Moving into adulthood, the tendency through this old patterning is to track, absorb, and manage other people's energy so we can get back to our own sense of safety. The paradox is that in this pattern we are actually rendered more 'unsafe' and soiled in the psychic mud of others. Is it any wonder that we are rendered feeling exhausted, vampirized, and funked up?! Give me a flower essence STAT!

The real truth is that if we want a balanced energy field we have to learn how to create a sense of personal safety in a new way. And folks, this has nothing to do with smudging, lighting candles, and calling in angels - I'm just sayin'. One thing that has to be assessed to achieve and maintain good psychic hygiene is the shadow pay off we get from carrying other peoples funk in our trunk. Ah yes, for many of us taking on the toxicity of others was the primary way we got esteemed as kids, as crazy as that sounds. So long as we absorbed the side effects of our father's addiction or mother's co-dependency we were needed as the rescuer and in some warped way many of us learned that we mattered. It never occurs to us that as much as we'd like a shiny aura, we're not really ready to give up the role of being the blood donor to the toxic vampires in our lives because, hey, they need us...and though they drain us dry, we are validated by their need of our blood.

So, you want to disinvite the vampires in your life from your home you say? Ok...I'm down with that. But let me tell ya, garlic and crucifixes ain't gonna cut it, not really! Because before too long, once you smudge them out, you'll be re-inviting them back in again unless you can find another way to source esteem for yourself. And herein we find the true source of why our psychic hygiene is so sucky! (pun intended, ha!)

Other Sources of Funky Juju

Not all of us had that crazy sponge-like sensitivity growing up that eventually led us to become blood donors, but our boundaries may have been constantly battered in ways that rendered us defenseless to the bad vibes of others. Whether that was through physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or criticism--many of us experienced violations that eroded our capacity to have a sense of self and boundaries within which we could feel safe and centered. We then grow up believing that not having good psychic boundaries equals love so we let the sleaziest of sleaze into our house and call that an authentic connection only to wonder why our energy is so contaminated.

Additionally, in an attempt to manage our wounded vulnerability many of us have turned to addictions to ease the pain of our suffering, right? And nothing can render you vulnerable to toxic contamination like an addiction because addictions begin to erode all boundaries. Before long there's no boundary to what we'll do to our body, psyche, and spirit in the engaging of our addiction. Once I called out a friend of mine who had just done this elaborate ritual to cleanse her house, but then went a lit up a cigarette! I said, "why are you so concerned with 'banishing' all the negative vibes from your home when you're just fine inhaling to toxins of that cigarette??" Agghhhh! Addictions will rob you of your discernment and boundaries every time weakening your energy field far more than any 'bad spirits'!     

Understanding Energy

Speaking of your energy field, to maintain optimal psychic hygiene we need to become conscious of how energy fields work because energy is everywhere and it's everything. Energy is a vibration, too. There are denser energies and lighter energies--and there's no need to make a moral judgment about it. However, there are low level energies out there that can seriously take you down compromising your own vibration. We can be strengthened or weakened by the energy fields we mingle our own energy with in ways most of us have never considered before, and if we get weak enough we can become susceptible to what I call a psychic virus!
In the same way our physical bodies become vulnerable to viral infection when they become run down and weakened, so too can our energetic and psychic body. I can't wait to talk about that, but that will have to wait until my newsletter coming out next week! I did say that this was Part I after all. For now use the questions below to evaluate how your well you're maintaining your psychic hygiene. Clean yourself up before you engage your family members! And even though they may get you dirty - may you be grateful for them anyway!!
  1. Take a look at the people you keep company with. Do you walk away feeling drained like you just donated some blood?  Assess the shadow reasons why you are hanging out with these folks and what that has to do with your esteem.
  2. Know your wiring, know when you're feeding wounds and recognize what gets you into situations with addicts, co-dependents, narcissists, and be able to identify your own issues with that. You've simply got to know that terrain within yourself to really understand why you're getting so toxic.
  3. Identify the ways you leave your own boundaries to manage others so you can feel safe. Know that when you do this there's no one home in you guarding the fort so all sorts of funky juju can come in!
  4. Be mindful of what engaging your addictions costs you in terms of psychic safety. Track the ways that your addictions compromise your boundaries rendering you vulnerable to letting bad vibes into your system. Make a note of what that negative energy is and what it takes to clear it out again and reset your boundaries when you 'get sober'.
  5. Everyone wants to talk about incense, candles, and ritual baths, which I'm a fan of, but the following questions are really where it's at in terms of good psychic hygiene: How do you get psychically dirty? How are you wired in your sensitivity and how did that play out for you as a child? How do you manage your sensitivity now as an adult in terms of your psychic hygiene? What sort of boundaries did you have as a child? How do your childhood boundaries compare now to your adult ones? Have they changed or do you primarily still function with the same boundary system you had as a kid? Were your boundaries violated symbolically, literally, energetically, psychically when you were younger? How has that defined your psychic hygiene as an adult? Can you now leave situations and environments that feel bad, or do you stay to be 'polite'?
Having good psychic hygiene is essential to stay attuned to your essence. I hope that this first installment has given you some food for thought in terms of what dirties up your radiance. Next week I'll not only address how we catch psychic viruses but also the new psychic hygiene necessities that are urgently needed to manage the vibes we pick up via our new technologies!
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Until next week...Namaste,

Robert Ohotto

Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Strategist

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