The Gratitude Drive!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a little while since I touched base with all of you and yet here we are nearly at the end of the 2011. It's been an incredible year and a lot has been on my mind lately so get ready for some forthcoming great content via this newsletter! From 'psychic viruses' and how we catch them to the upcoming Mercury Retrograde -- I've got some things to say!

But for now I'd like to share with you something we're doing this month called 'The Gratitude Drive'. Many of you are listeners of my radio shows 'Soul Connexions Radio' as well as 'Dialogue with Destiny'. I started doing radio nearly 5 years ago with my first show 'Dialogue with Destiny' and absolutely love it! It's an amazing medium through which I can teach all of you my insights on how to live the fullest expression of your Destiny as well as connect with the love you want to experience in your life.

That said, there is a substantial cost I incur in producing these shows, from using the platform of CTR to paying my web technicians, to hell...even writing this newsletter! My current system is much like public television in that I rely on you, the listenership to fund these shows as I currently do not sell advertising space through them and in that vein this month we have launched 'The Gratitude Drive' to help financially support the continuation of these shows.

Please look over the smokin' deals below that we've put together in an effort to raise money for these shows. As always I so appreciate the incredible support of my work you have given me over the years and hope that you'll take advantage of whatever in these offerings speaks to you as a way to help me keep showing up for you. You get a great deal and I get to keep bringing you great content, how cool is that?

Most notable of these deals are the Soul Destinies Home Study which is on sale at its lowest price yet and includes an additional report that forecasts your year, AND all downloads of my Dialogue with Destiny show are half price! See what speaks to you and thanks in advance for your support!

I'll be back next week with some fascinating insights on what a psychic virus is and how we catch them, it's gonna be good! Also be sure to take a look at my next upcoming workshop in Boulder, CO in 2012 found at the end of the newsletter. Can't wait to touch base again next week, until then...enjoy these deals which are only good until the end of the month.

Lots of love and gratitude,

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Counselor, Coach, and Strategist


As an independently-funded labor of love, Robert Ohotto brings his cutting-edge, psyche-shifting material to thousands of listeners from every walk of life and from all parts of the globe. Each week, his popular radio shows "Dialogue with Destiny" and "Soul Connexions" deliver powerful content that's unparalleled across the airwaves and consistently groundbreaking in the challenges they present to the outmoded paradigms of culture.
In order to keep the Dialogue and Connexions thriving, we've created the Gratitude Drive. The heart of this promotion is aimed at offering you--Robert's listeners, students, fans and friends--a host of ways to show your support for this much-needed work and to keep his singular voice going strong! The Gratitude Drive also gives us an opportunity to extend some great savings on an array of bundled products that can help shift you into a new level of empowerment and transform the way you live.
Lots of you have asked us how you might be able to show your support for "Dialogue with Destiny" and "Soul Connexions" Radio in different ways. Toward that end, we created the Radio Fund. And to show our gratitude to you, we've slashed the prices of all Dialogue with Destiny downloads through the end of November! Thank you for your support!

In addition to all of these great Gratitude Drive packages, you can now get ALL of the Dialogue with Destiny Radio Shows for just $2.50 for a limited time!

Click here to be taken to the list of radio shows now!

If you'd like to show your support for Dialogue with Destiny and Soul Connexions radio by making a contribution to the Radio Fund, click here!

The Gratitude Drive


Home Study DeluxeHome Study Deluxe Package

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Shift into high gear with this transformational package! Robert's book, Healing Perfectionism CD set, and 2 Audio Downloads of his past Hay House Seminars complete with PDFoutlines and diagrams!






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