Healing Perfectionism -  The Art of Becoming Whole within Yourself

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Happy July! It's been a little while since I've sent out a newsletter, but you'll soon see why a bit further down in this newsletter! Nonetheless I thought it would be good to touch base and say a little sumthin' as we are now in the set up phase of our next Mercury Retrograde (more on that in my next newsletter!)

I've been in the process of shifting many gears regarding my work. As such I've been developing some very exciting things and wanted to share some thoughts with you regarding a project I just finished. For years folks have been asking me to do a 'guided meditation' audio having experienced profound shifts at my workshops in which I've led guided meditations and various forms of group hypnosis.

The problem for me with doing a guided meditation audio was that those meditations and hypnotherapeutic suggestions where embedded within intention of a weekend or day intensive supported by a combination of lecture material, coaching, course work, and journaling exercises.

 I've always thought a guided meditation audio would be a great idea but the problem for me was that those meditations and hypnotherapeutic suggestions where embedded within a weekend or day intensive supported by a combination of lecture material, coaching, course work, and journaling exercises. Thus I've felt it would be irresponsible to take folks that deep without the similar support a workshop space offers. I mean, you know how I roll right? I go pretty deep into things most of the time! If I'm gonna shake you up via guided inner shifts you will need some support!
And yet, after some thought I've come up with something I'm very excited to tell you about, something that approaches transformation and empowerment in an  incredibly holistic way that will change your life. I'd like to introduce you to 'The Inner Shifts and Coaching Series'!

Healing Perfectionism - The Art of Becoming Whole within Yourself

There is more to say about what comprises this new series which I'll mention below. But for now I'd like to talk about my very first topic in this series: Perfectionism.
As a self-confessed recovering perfectionist myself I knew immediately that this was the first topic to be addressed for this series. After all of my years of teaching and intuitively reading clients I would have to say that most of us suffer from the disease of perfectionism -- often in ways we aren't even aware. How bad might you have it you ask? Well please take a look at the following list of questions and see how many of them you answer yes to!
  1. Are you constantly dieting, always thinking that once you finally get down to the ideal weight you'll finally be ok and that losing it will make you a 'better' person?
  2. Do you find it difficult to appreciate the work you've done, are you always seeing what could have been done better?
  3. Do you resist doing anything new unless you can do it perfectly? Do you find it difficult to take a new class without first trying to learn everything about it before you step into the classroom?
  4. Is it difficult for you to sit still and just relax into what is happening in the moment, or do you find the need to get up and go fix something in the room?
  5. Do you feel you have to lose 20 lbs before you can even step into the gym to workout?!! Right??!
  6. Does your need to be 'right' and win arguments trump a capacity and willingness to understand someone and be understood? Be honest....
  7. Are you constantly competitively comparing yourself to others?
  8. Are you unable to ask others for help for fear of appearing weak, incompetent, or flawed?
  9. In spite of having read 10 books on a subject or studied something for years, do you feel you still don't know enough to open your mouth and talk about it, teach it, or practice it?
  10. Do you think you need to work through every issue you have before you are finally 'good enough' and ready for a healthy loving relationship?

Ok, I think you get the picture! If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading....

The truth is that the side effects of Perfectionism are devastating. As I was recording this audio series I realized the Perfectionism truly is 'The Art of Breaking Your Own Heart'. And as such becomes an act of self-violence driven by our deepest sense of shame.

In a culture steeped in shame, Perfectionism is everywhere. Just turn on the TV and look at all the advertisements that constantly tell us to keep striving for that elusive 'perfect self'. Or watch two political parties try to make the other 'wrong' instead of aspiring toward understanding each other such that policies of compromise and sanity are created - yes 'either/or' thinking as its roots in Perfectionism.

What's more is personally many of us downloaded Perfectionism into our psyche as a subconscious coping pattern to survive and get esteem in our families!  Even some of the bonding we do with others and groups we're part of is based on Perfectionism. This pattern runs painfully deep in us indeed and is fueled by a need to control Life to be invulnerable. Invulnerable to what?...to looking less than 'perfect' so that we are never judged and diminished in the eyes of others. But there is a way out - a way to begin a shift in healing this pattern.

So what does it take to begin healing Perfectionism?
  1. Compassionate awareness of just how this pattern functions in your life is the first step. You have to be willing to see the pattern without judging yourself. I mean, you can't get perfectionist about healing your Perfectionism! Yet you must take a rigorous personal inventory of how this pattern has manifested and done damage in your life.
  2. Acceptance after awareness is essential, you can't change what you can't accept and embrace.
  3. Action and transformation are next. Shifting patterns is complex business that must also involve working with the subconscious mind.
  4. Support is the final ingredient. We all need help in maintaining a new way of being and integrating a shift into our lives. Healing is a verb and ongoing process, especially with something like Perfectionism.
In my "Healing Perfectionism" series I cover all these components via the following elements:
  1. Three hours of lecture, coaching, and homework to help you identify your Perfectionism and its effects on your life.
  2. A guided meditation through which you dialogue with your Soul and are led to see how perfectionism has patterned your life on all levels (culture, society, family, and personal) while also meeting your own Perfectionist.
  3. Super Learning via Subconscious Hypnotic Reprogramming. In this portion of the audio I induce you into a state of hypnosis with the aid of binaural frequencies, and then through various suggestions I help your subconscious mind begin to relearn a new way of being outside of Perfectionism.
  4. The ongoing support offered is that this series is itself a tool that can be used and accessed at any time there's a need to check in on this pattern. In fact you'll need to keep working with the Subconscious Hypnotic Reprogramming for optimal results as it takes some repetition to create a new dominant program in the subconscious mind (I'll be doing an article on this topic soon too!)
Additionally, in 'Healing Perfectionism' I deeply explain why Perfectionism is one of the biggest blocks to developing your intuition and receiving clear intuitive guidance for your life. That's right; I've brought my entire game to this series!

Follow the link below to check out and purchase "Healing Perfectionism - The Art of Becoming Whole within Yourself". I'm offering it in two formats, both as an mp3 download as well as 4 CD set for the old schoolers like me that prefer to have the hard copy! Do note that there is a 72 hour time limit from time of purchase to download the entire series. Please contact customer service if you experience any issues with downloads during that time.

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Healing Perfectionism: The Art of Becoming Whole Within Yourself

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