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My career has always been and continues to be a constant evolution of change. As such I'm not sure that I'll be revisiting and teaching the material of the Soul Destinies program for some years to come, though it is some of the deepest and dearest material I have ever taught. We had sold our last inventory of the Home Study from 25 to 6 since the last newsletter and I've just ordered production of 10 more which means we now only have 16 left. To send this program out with a bang I'm making it available at 10% off and including a free set of Archetype Cards with the Home Studies that are bought until the end of June or until they sell out.

Below is an in depth description of the 29 CD set Soul Destinies Home Study Program. I sincerely hope that if you are able to take advantage of this offer you will. For all those who came to the program in South Dakota I know it was nothing short of irrevocably life changing and liberating. For those of you who have purchased the Home Study please share with us how it's going via my Facebook Fan Page wall!

Soul Destinies Home Study Program

About the Program

Soul Destinies Home Study Program
Prior to your birth, your Soul forged an agreement with the Universe that shaped the unfolding of your earthly life's purpose and functioned as a contract to enabling you to co-create your life within this dimension of time and space. I refer to this agreement as your Soul Contract. By working within the parameters of Fate and Destiny, your contract--which is by no means random--includes the selection of a unique creative life path, distinct archetypal patterns to be used as creative allies, and the significance of being born at a specific time and place on this planet. These factors effectively weave your Soul into the creative matrix of the Earth's consciousness, cycles, timing, and laws.

Fundamental to fulfilling your creative task, your agreement with Fate demands that you discover within yourself the unique inner design that was etched on your Soul before you were born. This task also requires that you understand the myriad creative patterns that manage reality on this planet. Having a clear sense of these objectives is key because they are infused with the power to define the trajectory of your purpose. Only then can you can begin to consciously manifest the unique grace you came here to deliver through your Destiny.

So, exactly how do we work with these Soul contracts, you ask? I have learned in my work as an Intuitive Life Strategist that although we make contracts with Fate and Destiny before we reach Earth School, we still have a say in the way we live out our Destiny within the design of our Fate. Said another way, we have the freedom to influence the level of potency with which we engage our life's purpose. But our true power isn't found in the ability to control life and 'make' things happen or manifest; rather it's awakened and experienced through the capacity to live congruently with our Soul. And the more aligned we are with our Souls, the more we're able to animate a new flowchart of possibility for ourselves.

However, empowerment isn't the sole factor that determines the shape our Destiny takes. Empowerment is equally determined by the consciousness with which we approach our lives. Personally and professionally speaking, this awareness is awakened and cultivated by an earnest investigation of our Soul's Contract and the intuitive tools we use to decode our purpose. When our empowerment is yoked to our awareness, things become possible that we could have never dreamed of! It's as if we say to the Universe, "I am doing the work of becoming empowered and am ready for the perfume version of my life!"

That said, I am passionate about teaching people to become conscious of their Soul agreements with Fate and Destiny. And as such, I have developed a three-part program that aims to accomplish just that. Each of these intensives builds on the other and offers you the opportunity to engage this material at your own pace. Without question, there's no substitute for studying directly with me in a majestic setting like the Black Hills of South Dakota. And yet, having the entire year's-worth of audio guiding you through each carefully-crafted aspect of the workbook and personalized charts makes this kit the next best thing to being there! That's why the Soul Destinies Home Study option is ideal for anyone interested in exploring deeper layers of the psyche, archetypes, and life purpose.

We are standing at a threshold of immense challenge and change, both as individuals and as a collective, which makes the fulfillment of our Soul Destinies all the more urgent. Even so, our capacity to change our lives and live authentically while honoring our unique calling is proportionate to our ability to perceive our lives as symbolic, mythic, and archetypal journeys. The Soul Destinies program is based on my work with Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology and provides you with a strategy to aid you in discovering what it means to perceive your purpose with new coordinates of Soul. Using your personal astrological birth chart, we'll unveil your Soul's agreements as I introduce you to your own personal archetypes of Destiny. I'll also teach you how to perceive the larger Soul archetypal cycles which direct your purpose. As you follow the course recordings, you'll learn how to access your own intuition, understand the anatomy of your psyche, work with your Shadow, identify and break cultural spells, transform your family legacy and honor your Soul's grace. Most important, you'll be empowered to honor that which is most unique about you, that which you came to give to others. Only then can you perceive beyond the purpose your ego would like to live out and glimpse at your Soul's true creative task.

I invite you to come take new steps toward your life's purpose through my Soul Destinies Home Study program. Join me for sacred revelation, insight, and healing within the comfort of your own home! I look forward to helping you discover the most potent form of Destiny your life was designed to hold in service to this world.


Course Description

Soul Destinies Part I:

  • The incarnation process of the soul and agreements made prior to birth
  • Defining and differentiating Fate from Destiny
  • Identifying three different types of Fate
  • Anatomy of the psyche - identifying Ego, Soul, and your Shadow
  • Why must we go through the Shadow to get to the Light?
  • Discovering your soul's schedule of purpose
  • How to align with the soul's emerging needs with cycles of ego development
  • What are Archetypes?
  • Identifying Archetypes of Ego Development
  • Identifying Archetypes of the Soul
  • How to transition from the servitude in your life to service
  • Discovering your core archetypes of Destiny
  • How to perceive and use your life's synchronicities
  • Understanding the four primary ways we incarnate into life through our ego
  • Are you in the right career or vocation?
  • Negotiating The Dark Night of the Ego (change, transition, and the in-between)
  • Developing your intuitive abilities
  • Understanding the Shamanic Initiation as part of individuation
  • How to integrate archetypal conflict within the psyche
  • Understanding and identifying your Family Fate as psychic DNA
  • What are your socio-cultural generational archetypal patterns, and what are their Fate and Destiny for your life?
  • Introduction to Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology
    • - History of Astrology
    • - Different Types of Astrology
    • - Transitioning from the Astrological Age of Pisces to Aquarius
    • - Intuition, Archetypes, and Astrology
    • - Greek/Roman Mythology, alive and well today?
    • - Four Elements of Astrology as functions of consciousness and perception
    • - The Archetypes and Sub-archetypes of the 12 zodiac signs
    • - The Twelve Houses as developmental stages of human potential and authenticity
    • - The Planets as Archetypal Forces of the Psyche
    • - Astrology as a map of synchronicity
    • - Intro on how to chart and use planetary cycles
    • - How you can best use intuitive-archetypal astrology

Soul Destinies Part II:

  • Deep review of material from Soul Destinies I
  • Introducing the Holographic Nature of the Psyche
  • Meeting the Archetypes of all your planets through internally guided work
  • Understanding your Astrological Generational Archetypes
  • Identifying Archetypal Conflicts in your psyche via Aspects in your Birthchart
  • How do Archetypes Individuate?
  • Developing the discipline of working with your Shadow
  • Learning how to identify your psychic DNA from your family
  • Learning the 'Conscious Choice Process'
  • How to work with Collective Fate and Destiny as Part of your Soul Contract
  • Understanding how the Soul and Ego influence the Subconscious Mind
  • Introduction to Intuitive Development
    • - what intuition is vs. being psychic
    • - understanding how your intuition speaks to you
    • - personal vs. universal symbolism
    • - exercises for intuitive development
    • - how to connect intuition to astrology

Soul Destinies Part III:

  • Review of Soul Destines II Material
  • Identifying the Seven Ancient Planets in the Twelve Houses
  • Connecting the Seven Ancient Planets to the Zodiac Signs and Patterns
  • Review of Aspects
  • Orbs and Moiety
  • Ptolemaic Aspects
  • Integrating the Zodiac Signs and Patterns with Aspects
  • Chart Reading Practicum
  • Revisiting the Outer Planets and their Astrological Signs
  • Our Collective Process of Fate and Destiny
    • - Legacies
    • - Outer Planetary Aspects in your Birth Chart
    • - Guided Meditation
  • The Saturn Cycle
    • - As The 'Quantum Gate'
    • - Action, Experimentation, Maintenance, and Letting Go
  • Archetypal Guardians of Transformation
    • - Child
    • - Victim
    • - Prostitute
    • - Saboteur
    • - Mystic/Addict
    • - Perfectionist
    • - Wounded Healer

Soul Destinies Home Study Program

Soul Destinies Home Study Program