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Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since I've sent out a newsletter. I hope you liked my last one on the Mercury Retrograde, it rocked right?! Seriously, I hope it was some helpful guidance for you. Turns out my Mercury Retrograde happened after the retrograde with two computer crashes and a ton of other tech glitches plaguing my life!

Tech glitches aside, you haven't heard from me for a while because I've been busy with the launch of my new radio show 'Soul Connexions'! I'm really excited to tell you about it. Don't worry, those of you who are fans of my radio show 'Dialogue with Destiny' won't have to worry about that show going anywhere anytime soon!

Soul Connexions Radio

Last year I launched an online series of workshops called 'Soul Connections'. What started as a six hour first online event turned into two more online events to follow and became a three part series on soul-mates, intimacy, spirituality, sexuality, and more! Yet with even three online events I realized I still wasn't done talking about the deepest longings of our soul to connect with each other in ways that are authentic. So I decided to develop a radio show around the topic: Soul Connexions!

Not only that, I decided to build this show on a completely free platform. Meaning that to hear the show live is free, to hear it on-demand at is free, AND to download the show as a podcast is FREE! Yep, it's all free.

The live broadcast is every Monday night at 6pm PT/9pm ET and can be heard on You can also listen to the show on-demand the next day and sign up to receive the show as a free download via email as well via this link:

Sign up by Email

If you sign up to receive the show for free via email, you'll receive an email with a link to download the show once the new show is archived the next day on our server. All you have to do is click on the link in the email and the show automatically downloads to your computer! Unfortunately there isn't an archive for you to get past shows, BUT no worries! I'm including the first three shows here for you to download so you can get caught up. If you sign up for the free downloads now you won't miss a show going forward! Here are the first three shows - be sure to check out the latest one on Co-depency for sure! 

Episode 1: Introducing 'Soul Connexions' with Intuitive Robert Ohotto!
Episode 2: Soul Contracts and Soul Mates
Episode 3: Are you Co-dependent?

Soul Connexions Radio is also on iTunes!

Alternatively you can also subscribe to the podcast of the Soul Connexions Radio in iTunes where you will also be able to download all past shows in the iTunes archive. So that you don't have trouble listening to the show, be sure to download it into your library first vs. listening as a stream. You can set your iTunes library settings such that the show automatically downloads into your library. Then all you have to do is dock your iPod or iPad and you've got it!

To subscribe via iTunes click here:

Sign up through iTunes

To find out more about Soul Connexions Radio please click on info below to visit the website where you can listen on-demand, subscribe, and see the next upcoming shows! Don't forget, if you listen live you can call in for an on-air free reading with Robert!

Soul ConnexionsExplore the 'X' factor of love, intimacy, relationships, soul-mates, and soulful living in this weekly radio show with world renowned author and Intuitive Robert Ohotto. Listen in and discover how to transform your limiting fear based patterns of loving, dating, and relating. Using his intuitive gifts to empower listeners, Robert will teach you solid strategies for co-creating the lasting bonds you most desire with yourself and others -- soul connexions!

Experience authentic soul connexions every Monday at 6pm PT/9pm ET with Robert Ohotto, his callers, and guests. To speak to Robert live, call toll free within the U.S. by dialing 877.230.3062 during the show. International callers may dial 425.644.5620. Long distance rates apply. Soul Connexions Radio -- what's your 'X' factor?

Soul Destinies Home Study ProgramPersonal Intuitive Consultations Dates Now Available!
I finally have some time open in my schedule to do intuitive consultations! If you are interested in working with me personally please follow the link to see my available dates over the next six weeks. More and more my time to do consultations becomes difficult, so I hope you can take advantage of this rare opportunity! I look forward to working with you!

Click here to see Robert's available dates!


Robert Ohotto
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