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For those of you in North America, I hope you are weathering this crazy winter weather. Wow, right? My Poor Chicago...I'm sending you my love.  In light of these global climatic shifts which are truly psycho-spiritual, not just weather related, I'm including a free gift with this newsletter for everyone. No matter where you are or what storms both outer and inner are in your life, I hope a free download of a seminar I gave will offer some measure of solace!

Cultivating Esteem from your Soul

Each of us has a unique Fate and Destiny to live in this world as part of the Soul contract we've entered into with Life. In the game of life, Fate acts as the hand of cards we've been dealt and Destiny represents how we play that hand. After years of reading the Soul Contracts of folks as an intuitive I've come to see that nothing influences the way we play that hand more than self-esteem.

The development of both self-esteem and the ego are directly linked and begin at the moment we are born. As we mature an esteem-template begins to form, based on how our parents mirror us, how safe we felt as children, the role we played in our family, as well as our place in the greater society and culture around us. This imprinted sense of self-value is the fuel that initially propels our life's purpose.

Yet, sooner or later many of us realize that fuel is no longer enough to launch us toward our highest potential. As a result, we often feel stuck in relationships, jobs and life situations stemming from a measure of self-worth that comes from and an old way of getting esteem to survive in life.

Meanwhile, our Soul continues to call us to new empowerment. It's then we realize the traditional self-help and psychological models of esteem development that often focus on therapeutic mirroring, achieving small realizable goals and self-affirmations to build esteem are no longer adequate. To achieve the fullest expression of our gifts in this life, we need a new level of esteem; we need esteem from the Soul. But how do we develop that?

The answer to that question is complex and has intrigued me for some time now. I first wrote about the idea of Soul-Esteem in Transforming Fate into Destiny. Now five years later I'd have to say that one of the major factors I look at with each client is the kind of esteem-template they first developed to survive and feel safe in their family/culture. Furthermore, how that's serving them?
Let's face it, our first attempts at getting esteemed weren't based on our need to 'self-express' or 'self-actualize' our fullest potential. We were reading our environment and parents so we could discern what we had to do to be fed, clothed, and maybe get a hug at the end of the day! Our esteem was about ego based survival, not soul directed service.

The formation of this primary way we first got esteem (that saved our ass way back then!) then motivates the 'default' intention and drive for much of what we do in life. Yet sooner or later, it wears out because via our Soul Contracts we signed up for something more.
We realize this when we begin to see that old way of getting esteem has placed us in states of servitude with others and perhaps our jobs. We see the ways we compulsively do everything for everyone in the hopes we'll still feel needed - as feeling needed and rescuing was the only way we got esteemed. Sound like you? Take a moment and think about the ways you first learned to get esteem from your parents so that you could feel safe and survive. Now take a look at your culture. 

Next take a moment and ask your Soul whether that old way of getting esteem serves the living of your highest potential at this point in your life. What would it be like to source your Soul for esteem? How would you even begin to do that? What would your life look like if you did? What kind of intimacy would you have in your relationships with others? Who would even still be in your life if you gave up being 'needed' or 'used' as your source of validation? Powerful questions, eh?

I have found that these questions are in fact the real keys to living the perfume version of your Destiny. After all, aren't you tired of Eau de Toilette?? Ha! That said, I'd like to give all of you a free download of a seminar I gave for Hay House in 2009 (soon to be followed by another on the same subject in a few months).
We'll call this 'Esteem from Your Soul' Part I. Additionally I have organized an intensive weekend to go into more depth on this subject at Kripalu this coming April 7th-10th titled Cultivating Esteem from the Soul: Moving Past Self-Sabotage to Claim Your Destiny. For more information on that read below. I've also included a list of my upcoming radio shows this month and into March. Be sure to tune in if a radio show subject speaks to you!

I do hope you'll take the time to download and listen to this free hour and a half seminar. Feel free to share it with others you think will find it of benefit. It is my gift to you with the hope that it helps you truly live a life of soulful value in this world, enjoy!  I'll be in touch very soon.

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist


April 7-10, 2011

Cultivating Esteem from the Soul Cultivating Esteem from the Soul: Moving Past Self-Sabotage to Claim Your Destiny

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Join intuitive Robert Ohotto for a groundbreaking weekend intensive of insight, transformation, as he teaches you what it means to cultivate esteem from your Soul. Discover a new way to empower yourself and arrest the unconscious self-sabotage that leaves you driving with the brakes on. Connect with your inner mystical esteem and find out why it has the power to reshape your entire Destiny and energize new opportunities in your life.

During this intensive weekend of teaching and guided inner work, Robert will share his illuminating intuitive perspectives and help you create new strategies to unleash your highest potential. Some highlights of this weekend include:
  • Defining and understanding the difference between guilt, shame and remorse
  • Identifying the role you played in your family to get esteem
  • Realizing how religious guilt and shame are still influencing your life
  • Understanding the necessity of meeting your Shadow
  • How psychic inheritance of unresolved low selfworth unconsciously keeps you stuck
  • Guided meditations to release burdens of inherited guilt and shame from your family and culture
  • Understanding how self-esteem influences the expression of your archetypes and creativity
  • Coming to terms with your self-sabotage
  • Becoming aware of unconscious (Shadow) loyalties and how they keep you stuck in the past
  • How esteem relates to your 'flow chart of Destiny' and Soul Contract
  • Transforming perfectionism
  • Identifying and healing the cultural wounding of your esteem
  • Assessing unconscious and negative core beliefs about yourself
  • Embracing Forgiveness and Compassion as keys to higher self-regard
  • Confronting and transforming the parts of you that really don't want to change
  • Cultivating esteem from the Soul by creating good psychic hygiene and boundaries
  • How to love, not shame yourself forward in your life
  • Discovering true grace and power of the Soul, and how you can express yours via a calling
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Dialogue with DestinyDialogue with Destiny

Thursdays at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

In this weekly program Intuitive Life Strategist Robert Ohotto explores what it means to be a 'modern day mystic' and shows us how to live with courage and   grace according to our Soul's purpose. Listen in each week as he reshapes the conventions of mind, body and spirit by engaging his intuitive skill, understanding of archetypes, and expertise in mapping the cosmic cycles of time. While using his intuitive gifts to help callers, Robert will show us how to unleash our own true purpose. Get in on the conversation. Join Robert Ohotto and his guests live each Thursday at 6pm PST for Dialogue with Destiny!
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Show Schedule

Thursday February 10th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

Relationships as Verbs not Nouns
Are you married or in a long term relationship and wondering why your relationship feels dead? Or have you just recently committed to a relationship and want to know how to keep it alive? Listen in as Robert explains that all relationships are verbs not nouns and how to create true on-going intimacy with others as part of a soul contract. Through Robert's insights you'll also come to see that you are a verb not a noun! And if your single, don't worry, he'll show you how you can become your own Valentine!
Thursday February 17rd, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

Discerning Your Authentic Needs vs. Ego Wounds
All this talk about getting our needs met, but how do we know a true need from an ego wound? When are we chasing our value instead of having it mirrored back to us in our relationships? If you've struggled with confusion as to whether you are empowering your co-dependency or asking for what you truly need from others to feel safe - you must tune into this show!
Thursday February 24rd, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

What Does it Mean to Relate to Others with Integrity
On this human journey called life, we've all made many mistakes in our process of growth and learning. We strive to cultivate a sense of 'integrity' so that we can be 'better' people. But what does integrity really mean? Is it always based on doing the 'right' thing? Tune in as Robert defines what integrity is in ways you may have never considered and explains why it's essential to develop it. Discover how you can act with integrity in all of your relationships - especially the one with yourself.
Thursday March 3rd, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

Robert Takes Your Questions and 'Readings Only' Wildcard Show!
Do you have a question that you've always wanted to ask Robert? Looking for some insight into a specific area of your life via a reading? This is the show for you! Feel free to write your questions to Robert at '' and be sure to listen live for a chance to call 877 230.3062 for an on-air reading! Or just tune in and listen to how the synchronicity of this show will speak to you! You never know just how guidance might find you on this wildcard show.
Thursday March 10th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

Soul Contracts and Soul Mates
What is a Soul Mate? Do we have only one or many throughout of lives? How does the idea of having a Soul Mate meld with having Soul Contracts? Want Robert's take on the whole 'Soul Mate' business? Then tune into this show as Robert explains the concepts of Soul Mates, Soul Groups, and Soul Contracts and explains how you can determine who is a Soul Mate and who is not in your life!



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