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Hey Everyone!

First and foremost, thank you for such wonderful support regarding my last newsletter on "community" and my experiences with the Fourmile Canyon Wildfire. Your prayers have been so appreciated. I do hope you enjoyed the free radio show download on community that was available exclusively through my newsletter. Thanks again!

Speaking of radio show downloads! My team and I have finally launched the entire archives of all my radio shows since 2008! There are currently over 80 shows and counting in the archive. Joining the Dialogue with Destiny Archives as a member will give you access for an entire year to all current and upcoming shows. You can download them to your computer, mp3 player, or even listen to them directly in the archives! This will give many of you who cannot listen live the ultimate flexibility in how and when you tune in to my show - I'm super excited to offer this to you after a nearly three month process of building it out.

The annual membership fee is $96.95, which means that each downloaded show will cost less than a dollar throughout the entire term of your membership! And to incentivize you more, I'm throwing in the next on-line event, Soul Connections III, in for free to those who sign up by November 9th! (You can read more about Soul Connections III down below).

Of course you can still tune into the live show each Thursday night at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT and listen to the show on-demand for free until the following Sunday. Individual shows will also still remain available for purchase as downloads for $5 each. However, in the long run the archive membership is truly the best deal for downloads!

What follows is a list of my upcoming shows and a description the upcoming Soul Connections III live on-line seminar. Be sure to save this newsletter and mark your calendar for any shows that might interest you! Also be sure to check out my upcoming day seminar with John Holland in Chicago on November 20th, Soul Contracts and Soul Survival!

My next show this coming Thursday is on the current Venus Retrograde! Last week I did a show on "Remodeling Your Esteem Template" that is still available for free on-demand listening until Friday. If you'd like to check it out click here to go to my radio show page!

Dialogue with Destiny Archive Membership

Since the launch of his radio show in 2008, Robert Ohotto has been broadcasting shows that empower and enlighten while challenging the traditional mind-body-spirit paradigms. True to his talent for 'keeping it real' Robert brings his synthesis of practical life strategies, intuitive perception, psycho-spirituality, archetypal understanding, and life cycles to each ground breaking show with humor and grace. This archive contains over 80 of Robert's shows and counting!

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Additionally, get free entry and download of the Soul Connections III live online event until November 9th when you purchase the Dialogue with Destiny Radio Archive Membership! Just add Soul Connections III to your membership purchase before checking out of the online store!

Upcoming Radio Shows for November!

To Listen To Dialogue with Destiny live or on-demand click on the icon! To call in live to speak to Robert dial 1-877-230-3062.

Thursday October 28th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Venus Retrograde - Understanding the Evolution of Your Needs and Values

Join Robert as he returns to his favorite intuitive tool: archetypal astrology! If you want a map of the archetypal themes and energy of the current Venus Retrograde this show is not to be missed! Explore why the power dynamic in your current relationships is being challenged and what it means to 'self-reference' with others. Learn how this cycle is a call to evolve your values and get your authentic needs met!

Thursday November 4th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Do We Collectively Co-create Fate and Destiny?

Are all events that happen in the world the result of a predetermined design? How do the concepts of Fate and Destiny apply to nations, groups, and the environment? Do we co-create natural disasters? How do we reconcile something like the 'Holocaust' and Darfur with ideas of co-creation? Get ready for this thought provoking show because Robert is going there folks! Tune in to understand how we collectively engage in the processes of Fate and Destiny, and why you should care!

Thursday November 11th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
The 'Readings Only' Wildcard Show!

Yep that's right, this show will be a wildcard as Robert only takes live calls and does readings the entire time! This show will let 'synchronicity' do the talking! To call in live for a reading dial 1-877-230-3062. Be sure to tune in as he's sure to say something to his callers that will also speak to you!

Thursday November 18th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Understanding and Using the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Perhaps you've heard of the subconscious mind before, but do you really know what it is? Listen in as Robert explains how the subconscious works as a part of your psyche - and how it integrates with the personal unconscious, Shadow, and Soul! He'll also explain the best way to use it to break your bad habits and self-sabotage! You've never seen the subconscious mapped this way before, be sure to tune in!

Thursday November 25th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Gratitude - The Strongest Muscle of the Soul

Most of us have heard that gratitude is a healing and powerful force. Yet, it doesn't always seem available when we're looking at loss, a disease, an addiction, or any painful reality in our lives. Listen in as Robert explains why gratitude is indeed the strongest muscle of the Soul that can lift you to higher ground. Find out how you can shift to a state of appreciation and thanks, even when your 'life chips' are down! And Robert will also do a guided meditation to boot!

Soul Connections III - Creating Intimacy through Healthy Vulnerability and Boundaries

November 10th, 6pm PST/9pm EST

For a limited time, free entry and download of the Soul Connections III live online event until November 9th with purchase of Dialogue with Destiny Radio Archive Membership! Just add Soul Connections III to your purchase of the membership in your shopping cart!

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Central to the core experience of being alive is a deep need we all share for love. And while we may define and experience love in different ways, we ideally want to relate to love as an archetypal healing force that flows to us through our relationships, helping us feel connected and safe.

Yet the truth is that many of us feel unsafe and disconnected in our most significant relationships as our boundaries get violated over and over again, leaving us exasperated and asking, "Why does this keep happening?"

It often never occurs to us that on some unconscious level we are replicating the early childhood wounding of our ego in many of our relationships, leaving our very souls in a state of unhealthy exposure that doesn't foster true intimacy. Instead, we experience an emotional radioactive toxicity that we have come to define as love.

To defend ourselves we then erect an impenetrable wall around our hearts only to realize that now nothing can get in. Additionally, we also are unable to give love freely and let anything out. Effectively we've once again disconnected ourselves from the love we most want!

In reaction to shutting ourselves off in this way, we then tear down all of our defenses and engage in a 'reckless vulnerability' that allows the same violations to occur again, often in even more extreme ways! If you're tired of this endless cycle of disconnection and toxic exposure, Soul Connections III is for you.

Join intuitive Robert Ohotto for this live online event as he maps out the path to balance and shows you how you can have both vulnerability and boundaries! Discover how to break your own cycle of reckless vulnerability so that you can finally have the love and intimacy you most want in your life!

During this three hour live online event you'll learn about:

  • Intuition, Safety, and Vulnerability
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Healthy compassion
  • Why you compromise your boundaries
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining them
  • Boundaries within Healthy Sexuality
  • Vulnerability as the heart of intimacy
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Vulnerability in Relationships
  • Safety and your Child Archetype
  • Boundaries as a Personal Honor Code
  • Recognizing your Inner Alarm System
  • Identifying your 'post-esteem anger' and how to release it
  • Vulnerability and the Power of the Soul
  • How managing your boundaries and vulnerability affects your Destiny
  • How to see a relationship archetypally as a Soul Contract
  • Why your esteem -template determines how you manage your boundaries

And much more!

You may also download the event if unable to attend it live, but must purchase the event by November 10th, 3pm MST to do so. All attendees will also be able to download the event within 48 hours of its conclusion.

Please note there are no refunds offered on this course. If you your Internet connection is lost during the event, please log back in to rejoin the session. Neither Robert Ohotto nor Ohotto.com or any of its affiliates are responsible for end-user technical difficulties, equipment malfunctions or failings, which might prevent participation in this course. If, for any reason you cannot attend, have difficulty participating, or are unable to resume your connection to this workshop, please visit Ohotto.com after the event conclusion to download the recording.

Soul Contracts & Soul Survival

November 20, 2010 / 9:00am - 4:30pm

Reach your highest potential using intuition and synchronicity and perceive afterlife communication with John Holland and Robert Ohotto.
Learn more >

Booking Personal Intuitive Consultations with Robert

My schedule has finally freed up enough to add new consultation dates for the public in November. If you are interested in booking a personal session please follow this link to see what dates are available: Check Dates Now!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist


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