Redefining Community in Your Life - Soul Contracts and Soul Survival

Hey Everyone!

It certainly has been a long time since you've heard from me via this newsletter. In spite of my intentions to give some guidance for some of the recent cycles we've been through, the Universe has had other plans for me! In fact the past couple months have been filled with enormous challenge. Most notably, there was a massive wildfire called the 'Fourmile Canyon Wildfire' that swept through an area west of Boulder where I live and forced me to evacuate my home.

Fortunately the fire never made it to my house, but this fire, which began on September 6th, was the most severe fire in Colorado history in terms of homes lost: 168 homes were destroyed. To say that experiencing the threat of losing everything I own to a fire was traumatic for me would be an understatement, but the trauma and loss experienced by those who lost their homes is utterly heartbreaking.

As you know, I'm not one to take experiences at face value. In fact, my career is based on my capacity to intuitively 'read' the meaning in the life events of my clients and connect it to the greater unfolding of their Destiny. So naturally I've been ruminating on the deeper meaning this devastating fire has brought to my life, the lives of those who've lost their homes, and the greater evolution of the collective we are all part of...


That said, the main theme that has surfaced in my consciousness relates to our ideas of 'community' and how our entire archetypal experience of it is going through a much needed transformation. As I watched the fire burn and how Boulder residents responded (or didn't) to the crisis, I was observing myself and others and our relationship to this idea of community. I mean, what does community really mean to us? How do we define it? What do we do when a disaster strikes? Do we help our fellow human beings, shut down, go into denial, open our homes and hearts, open our wallets, join the rescue efforts, or bury our heads in the sand?

The reality is that none of us really knows what will do in any given situation until it happens. I saw both an outpouring of support as well as a turning away from the situation - and experienced both personally with those that I would have considered part of my community of friends. And that got me to thinking about what creates the glue that binds us in this time of online social networks like Facebook, etc. I found myself searching for heart and soul of what truly defines community and questioning whether some of the communities I'm part of perhaps lack both.

As I was experiencing my own trauma with this event, I realized that the entire world is experiencing a trauma. Whether that's job loss, unemployment, shifts in climate, natural disasters, or war...we are at a crossroads that demands we come to understand community as something that needs to be redefined -- something that needs to be re-ensouled.

During any collective crisis we often all hear stories of amazing folks that jump in and save the day, offer support, give money, and open their homes. I saw much of that here in Boulder and was incredibly moved. But I also became curious about the folks that didn't help or seem to care. I thought why would someone look the other way with a fire burning right in front of them?

Then I had to take an honest look at myself and ask the very same question...I mean how many times had I seen a natural disaster on the news and sent a quick prayer, only to then change the channel? Why haven't I gotten more involved in communal efforts to help in various situations? Talk about taking a good look in the mirror...ouch! What I realized is that I'm often too scared my heart will break if I really touch into that kind of loss and pain - as I sense most of us are.

When it comes down to it many of us don't want to risk the vulnerability of identifying with someone else's pain because we fear that loss may come knocking on our door next. And don't we have enough heartbreak to deal with? So, we may say, "though I haven't lost my job yet in this economy, I don't want to acknowledge your loss because that may move me one step closer to the employment guillotine." Though there are obviously many other reasons besides our fear that may cause us to hold back in situations that need our aid, without a doubt we are at a time when we must look at our shadow and ask ourselves what the truth "All is One" really means to us. Furthermore how will we make choices that honor that truth in the days, months, and years to come?

I mean are we really going to continue to buy into the polarizing political ads (aren't you sick of this theme?...geesh!), the Democrat vs. Republican game, or the my God vs. your God charade? Aren't we ready for a different option in how we define our collective capacity to look out for the common person and advocate for an altruistic future? Many of us said, "Yes we can!" - But can we...really? I sense that perhaps the real question at hand is 'How can WE?"

A Call to Redefine Community

My dear friend and brilliant colleague Andrew Harvey says, "The only heart worth having is a broken one." I love this because it implies that through a broken heart we can truly connect with each other, see each other's struggle, and embrace each other's vulnerability. We can come to honor "All is One" through our capacity to see each other with the eyes of the soul. And from this perception we can recreate community based on a collective urgency born out of the need to heal our broken hearts.

Right after I was allowed to return to my home after the evacuation I was inspired to do a radio show on community. In synchronicity, prior to the wildfire I had been thinking a lot about how our ideas of community are evolving and needing to shift if we are going to reform politics, embrace a new revolution that democratically redistributes societal wealth and power, create renewable energy, and get through this next phase of our planetary evolution and globalization.

Below I am offering a link to download for free the radio show I did post wildfire in which I explore these themes in depth. I greatly encourage you to take the time to download and listen to this show, share it with others, and then let yourself be called by your heart to help your community out in some way that's authentic for you. I deeply sense that we will lose our souls if we forget that the ultimate manifestation of our highest potential is to serve each other through our unique inborn grace.

So what breaks your heart the most? If you're feeling disconnected and depressed, maybe it's your soul's way of whispering that it's time to find a way back to building community in your life. And to those who are already deeply involved in healing your communities I say THANK YOU! I know many of you are already using your grace as sacred alchemists - keep on transforming Fate into Destiny!

It's great to reconnect with all of you, I promise to be in better touch and hope you enjoy this radio show download on the evolution of 'community'. Thank you to all who prayed for me and Boulder as we experienced the challenges and gifts of the wildfire. I love you all and am so grateful that you're all part of my community.

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

Free Download: Redefining the Archetype of 'Community'

Dialogue with DestinyRobert shares his recent personal experience of the Fourmile Canyon Wildfire in Boulder and why we must embrace a new understanding of what 'community' means. Whether you are going through a personal crisis or your own 'financial wildfire' in the current economy, this show is not to be missed. Robert will give you specific guidance on how you can reconnect to the help you need and serve others with your own grace.

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Soul Contracts and Soul Survival:

Using Intuition and Synchronicity to Live Your Highest Potential and Perceive After Life Communication

Robert Ohotto and John Holland

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We each have a soul contract: a uniquely designed Destiny agreed to before birth to be lived that defines the core of our purpose. But how does our soul contract speak to us and how do we come to know it? How do we know if we're blocking the design of our purpose?

We also have loved ones who've passed on from this life that were part of our soul contract. Are they trying to communicate with us? Can we learn to make contact with the other side and perceive these afterlife communications?

These intriguing questions are sure to be answered during an all day intensive with two world renowned experts in spirituality who are teaming up for the first time: Intuitive and bestseller of Transforming Fate into Destiny, Robert Ohotto and Psychic Medium and bestseller of Power of the Soul, John Holland!

In this ground breaking all day session Robert Ohotto and John Holland will show you how to use your intuition to perceive the synchroncities of your life as both keys to your unlived potential and messages from loved ones on the other side.

Robert will teach you that there are various types of synchronicities that occur in your life. Some serve as wake up calls showing where you're blocking your purpose, while others represent significant choices points and opportunities to live out your soul contract in its highest potential. He'll teach you how to discern the different synchronicities of your life and use these them to move through your road blocks. With Robert's 'keeping it real' style and client stories he'll demonstrate how to use your intuition and synchronicity to wisely risk for your Destiny!

John, with his own memorable style and classic sensitivity, will show you how to discover your innate psychic strengths and fine-tune your connection to the other side. John will provide astounding demonstrations of live readings with messages for some of the audience members. And then he'll teach you different forms of afterlife communication that come through your life's synchronicities so you can identify the signs your loved ones are sending you!

As a bonus John and Robert will be teaching together on the subject of intuition and synchronicity, sharing insights based off the joint wisdom of their individual work. Come spend a day discovering your life's purpose and how to connect with the other side. The dynamic duo of John and Robert is not to be missed!

In this all day intensive you'll learn:

  • What intuition and synchronicity are and how to use them to live your highest potential
  • The difference between the synchronicity of Fate and synchronicity of Destiny
  • How to honor your intuition and the way it speaks to you
  • Ways to enhance your psychic abilities
  • How the other side speaks to you through your intuition and synchronicity
  • Techniques for connecting to the other side
  • What a soul contract is and how to know and honor yours
  • And Much More!

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Holland & Ohotto - a dynamic duo, will share their insights based on the joint wisdom of their individual work to help you discover your life's purpose and how to connect with the other side.

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Robert Ohotto is a renowned writer, teacher, and professional intuitive. He has a diverse background of study in mythology, Christian mysticism, Kabbalah, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, Eastern Philosophy, and Western Hermetic teachings. As a pioneering new voice within the field of multisensory development and human consciousness, he is highly sought after worldwide for his dynamic lectures and intuitive consultations. Robert has taught regularly with world-renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss at her CMED Institute in Chicago and has founded his own institute of intuitive, archetypal, and astrological studies. Robert is also the author of the groundbreaking best-selling book, Transforming Fate into Destiny . Visit
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