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Hey Everyone!

As the summer here in North America begins to wind down I've been reflecting on the powerful current of transformation that is whipping through our lives right now. Can you feel it? Holy crap I can! Many of us are being asked to change in irrevocable and unprecedented ways. The message from the Universe lately seems to be, change is inevitable and it's choice or coercion, which would you like? Well, I tend to dabble in a bit of both choosing and being coerced, how about you?!

Part of my work always involves having my finger on the pulse of what's happening both within the psyche of the world and the individual living in it. And let me tell you, the soul of the planet and our soul contract with Her is causing all of us to come to terms with the ways in which we have meticulously disconnected ourselves from both Her, ourselves, and each other.

When we entered this challenging and dark time two years ago via the economic crisis, conventional wisdom and our instinctive reaction was to armor up and protect our vulnerability to survive. This makes sense as our culture has taught us that survival power is found in being invulnerable to chaos and crisis. Yet, I'm sensing that paradoxically what the soul asks of us is something quite different in terms of the quality of power and strength needed to weather such times of crisis. In fact the soul says 'let down your guard and be vulnerable enough to let others know you need help and what's going on with you.'

The concept of vulnerability has been a major theme in my own life the last six months due to many events that have transpired. I have gone through a 'death cycle' and yet with each death cycle always follows a rebirth. And luckily this cosmic law applies not just to me, but to all of us - so keep the faith if you are feeling like you're in a death cycle. You will be reborn! 

That said, I did a radio show last week on vulnerability that, in part, truly is the fruit of my own struggles this past year.  I would like to take this moment and encourage you to listen to it. It may be the best 45 minutes of your time you've spent in quite a while.

In these times when we all feel an enormous sense of disconnection and fear, it might seem that what's needed is another coat of armor and another layer of denial to protect us. Yet I say what's needed is to open your heart, cultivate your vulnerability, and then let yourself reconnect by speaking the truth of your life situation to others -whatever that may be.

Please take a moment to listen to my latest radio show on demand for free until Saturday and please share your thoughts with me at

We are all in this life together and truly need each other. I hope that this radio show inspires you to cultivate your vulnerability in healthy ways as the ultimate act of intimacy with yourself and others. And if you feel so inspired, please share this radio show with others who may need some inspiration!

Cultivating Vulnerability as an Act of Intimacy

Dialogue with DestinyAre you feeling disconnected from others and can't figure out why? Do you struggle finding friends or deep relationships that can really fulfill you? Maybe what you need is a dose of healthy vulnerability in your life! Listen in as Robert explains why learning to be vulnerable is the ultimate way we can connect with others in soulfully intimate ways.

Listen now! >

Radio Show Downloads Now Available!

Though all broadcasts of my radio show are available for free on-demand listening for up to six days after the original broadcast, for those who like to download the archives I'm pleased to announce that all of my past radio shows on CTR are currently available for download exclusively on!

The cost for each download is $5 which not only supports the cost I incur broadcasting the show, but a percentage of all radio show download profits also supports a charity. The current nominated charity is Unicef and their efforts to bring aid to Darfur.

All downloads are received within 15 minutes via a link automatically generated and sent after completion of purchase. Thank you for supporting my show and making a difference with your purchase! See all available show downloads >

Within the coming months ALL my past radio shows, including old Hay House shows will be archived and available for download. I will also be establishing a yearly exclusive membership which will give members access to all archives for download for an annual fee. Stay tuned!

TV Show Pilot Participant Search!

If you are struggling with a serious relationship issue, perpetually single and can't find love, trying to get over a break up/divorce, or looking for love in all the wrong places OR know someone who fits these criteria and needs some serious help LISTEN UP!

I'm in the process of developing a TV Show series and we will are looking for participants that would be willing to be considered for the pilot episode. We will be filming the pilot in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado.

To be considered for the pilot episode you must live in the Denver/Boulder area or be willing to come to the area at your expense (sorry!). We will be shooting the pilot in mid to late September.

To be considered for the show, please submit a 5 minute video via YouTube and one page written description of your situation (or describe the folks you want to nominate for the show) in an email to us.  Your video and written submission should include:

  1. A little about yourself (or those nominated) -- where you live, you age and general background, including what type of work you do, your current relationship status, etc.

  2. What relationship issue or pattern you are struggling with, how it is impacting your life and relationship (unless your issue is being single or trying to get over someone), how long it has been going on, and why you want help.

  3. What are your relationship goals?

You must be willing to have me intuitively read you on camera and sign a waiver to use the footage for TV. Also please note that all submissions sent to us will not be kept confidential and may be shared with and used by the TV production staff as well as with any third parties that may elect. Be sure the videos are no longer than 5 minutes in length and the written description should be no longer than one page.

Please send all submissions to! Be sure to include a link to your YouTube video in your email. After reviewing the submissions a producer will be in touch with you only if they feel your case merits some intervention!  And still those who are contacted may not be used for the pilot.

All submissions must be received by August 30th, 12pm MDT to be considered. Thanks in advance to all who take the time to share their stories with us!

That's all I got for now! I'm off to Kripalu this weekend to teach on the Modern Mystic's Call. If you are up for a last minute getaway click the link below and come see me! Enjoy the free radio show replay on vulnerability and check out my next Hay House I Can Do It below.


Kripalu: Answering the Modern Mystic's Call - Co-creating Your Highest Potential in a New Decade - August 6th - 8th, 2010Answering the Modern Mystic's Call -
Co-creating Your Highest Potential in a New Decade
August 6th - 8th, 2010
Learn more >

Robert Ohotto
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Robert Ohotto is a renowned writer, teacher, and professional intuitive. He has a diverse background of study in mythology, Christian mysticism, Kabbalah, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, Eastern Philosophy, and Western Hermetic teachings. As a pioneering new voice within the field of multisensory development and human consciousness, he is highly sought after worldwide for his dynamic lectures and intuitive consultations. Robert has taught regularly with world-renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss at her CMED Institute in Chicago and has founded his own institute of intuitive, archetypal, and astrological studies. Robert is also the author of the groundbreaking best-selling book, Transforming Fate into Destiny . Visit


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